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Published: Monday, May 14 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

This guy down the street told me he's as good as Austin Collie.

South Jordan, UT

Who am I sir?

If the Desnews predicts both Utah and BYU at 8-4, which 8-4 record is better?

Kearns, UT


"Frankly utah is more upset they didn't get Shumway than BYU is about Hansen."

Another sneaky late jab by the Duck!

Yeah, clearly BYU's offensive system wouldn't fit a player like Hansen. It's clearly setup for a pocket passer to succeed, not a dual-threat QB like Hansen. There's not a chance BYU would have given a kid with those tools an opportunity to play QB.

Signed Riley Nelson!

The truth that Duck can't admit is that Hansen is a better version of Nelson, and would be able to do even more than Riley has been as far as an offensive scheme goes.

Only trouble there is he chose to play at Utah, where he'll likely be moved to defense after his mission, instead of accepting BYU's BIG late push to bring him in after they saw how Nelson was successful with similar skills.

Lone Star Cougar
Plano, TX

Welcome Talon! Enjoy your mission and we look forward to having you with us when you return.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Writing that he is not that good or that Utah did not really want him ---After--- he has decided to go to BYU. Very funny...and telling.
Utah did want Talon badly and they get a little egg in the face for losing out to BYU on this one. He is one of the top in-state recruits for 2013 and someone who Utah offered early and went after aggressively.

Great get for the Y.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm sure Utah wanted Shumway but it sounds like there was some hesitancy. They may look back and wish they'd have cared a little more and I hope for Shumway's sake that's how his collegiate career turns out.
Most likely Utah knew he was headed to BYU all along which is why he felt Utah didn't show him the same kind of love.
Bottom line ... congrats to Shumway and the Cougs. Utah probably would've liked him but won't won't lose sleep over it. The loser here is USU, I'm sure they'd have loved to have him suit up for them.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

This whole article is almost unbelievable. According to some of the self-proclaimed prophets who post on this site there is absolutely no way a high school recruit would turn down a scholarship offer from a program belonging to the conference of champions/BCS team/we were once losers now we're in the club.

Nevertheless, good luck with life Talon.


Congratulations Talon. Good luck in your college career.


Duckhunter - don't be offended, but is your opinion on Shumway being a better athlete than Hansen perhaps biased?

Rivals rated Hansen a 5.8 as an "athlete," and Shumway a 5.5 as a "WR."

ESPN gave Hansen a 78, but hasn't awarded a score to Shumway yet.

Scout gave them both 3 stars, but rated Hansen the #44 OLB, and Shumway the #91 WR.

I look forward to reading ESPN's evaluation of Shumway, but Rivals clearly is more impressed with Hansen than they are with Shumway.

Anyway, good luck to Shumway, and good luck to both programs!

Highland, UT

@Cougar Passion

Yes I know the details and no I will not post them here.


You in particular don't know anything about either of them. I coached them both, in multiple sports over many years. I've known both since they were in 4th grade, Talon's family held him back in 5th grade which is why he is a year behind Chase in school. Shumway is definately the superior athlete in all of the measurable attributes. He is faster than Chase, he is quicker than Chase and his vertical is far superior to Chase's. That is not selling Chase short who is a terrific athlete and I have posted that fact on here many times. But simply put Talon is far more explosive in the measurable athletic attributes. It isn't even debateable. Hansen is a thicker kid and weighs more, I'd say he is more powerful. Both are the same height.

They are different types of players, Hansen will become a LB because he has more size. Talon has offensive skills that are top notch.

Highland, UT


Talon's father is Jay Shumway. He was a long snapper at BYU in the mid 80's.

Highland, UT


I didn't say Shumway was a better football player than Hansen, Hansen was Mr. Football for the state this year. I said Shumway is a better athlete and he is. In all the measurable attributes of an athlete Shumway is better, speed, quickness, vertical, etc.

Shumway's sophomore year he played wr, and rb, as well as defense for Lone Peak. He also started at qb, and won all the games he started, when Hansen was injured his jr. year. He is much more versatile.

Both BYU and utah offered him as a sophomore and utah recruited him very hard, they wanted him badly. He had a rough patch over the situation with his dad and I think for a time he wanted to not have anything to do with his dad and considered not going to BYU but BYU had been his dream since he was a child so he obviously came back to that.

He was injured last year which is probably why he doesn't have full recruiting grades yet. That will change this season. Remember Talon also has D1 basketball offer's. That is the quality of athlete he is.



Thank you for the clarification of your earlier statement, but some of the "measurables" you mentioned aren't posted on the recruiting sites yet.

By no means do I believe that the recruiting sites' are infallible in their evaluations of the players, but their opinions shouldn't be dismissed too lightly.

As I said, I look forward to reading ESPN's evaluation of him. Maybe they will agree with you on your comparison of the two athletes in question...

I have no problem with Shumway "dreaming" of playing for BYU. I just wish he would dream bigger and play for the Utes!

Bloomington, IN

RE: Utah'95

Thank you for posting on these boards. It is nice to read posts from a rational and civil fan, even if you do cheer for the wrong team.



Frankly utah is more upset they didn't get Shumway than BYU is about Hansen.

Give me a break.

Frisco, TX

Tanner Mangum throwing to Josh Weeks, Dylan Collie and Talon Shumway is going to capture the headlines in four or five years.

Frisco, TX

"Scout gave them both 3 stars, but rated Hansen the #44 OLB, and Shumway the #91 WR."

U may want to tell Hansen you are moving him to LB, and see how quickly he heads South. He went to Utah to play QB, not LB. Where did Scout rate him as a QB?

Your comparisons are meaningless. Both are incredible athletes and will likely make an impact. I wouldn't be surprised if either of them ended up playing a different position, since both are very capable.

West Jordan, UT

Talon's dad is a great guy from a tremendous family of his own. I played HS ball with Jay. In addition to being the studentbody president, he was an excellent kicker and a good athlete. He made himself into the valuable deep snapper on the '84 national championship team. Best wishes to both Jay and his son.

Great choice to be a Cougar!

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

This is the last piece of the puzzle needed for another National Championship.


Why on earth would the DNews mention internal family rifts? This is poor, poor form and completely avoid of the news that he has signed an athletic scholarship.

Good luck to this young man at BYU.

Saratoga Springs, UT

To compare Talon Shumway with Chase Hansen...Isn't that kind of an oxymoron? On offense neither would have been as big as they were without the other. Hansen was a huge threat running or throwing the ball, and when he did throw it, his eyes were always looking for Shumway. I don't think you can say one athlete is superior to the other, they both play different positions and have different builds and techniques that makes them unique to their own game. Although I agree with one poster that suggested that Hansen will be on the defensive side of the ball. I am a UCLA fan and I would hate the thought of having to face Hansen and that wicked hard hitting #4 Brian Blechen. Those two in the deep would bring some serious pain to QB's and WR's alike. I hope my Bruins can get out of their funk but that would be two mean DB's for the Utes. Congrats to Shumway and Hansen, I wish them the best in their college careers.

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