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Published: Monday, May 14 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Deep Space 9, Ut

To "UTAH Bill" according to the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Coventants, the persuit of riches is a desirable thing if the person doing the persuing is doing so with the intent of helping the poor.

If you want to look at things is a broader Christian sense, think of it this way. Which is better, to give a man a fish or hire him to work on your fishing boat? You have to have wealth to own the fishing boat. Now imagine you have 15 fishing boats, you can now help even more people out of poverty by employing them. Isn't that what Christ taught, first get yourself out of a hole, then help those who are still there?

Wally West

@ Redshirt 5/15 12:52 p

Have you never paid attention to AM Radio, Fox, or A GOP Press Conf?

@ Redshirt1701 5/16 11:04 a

Have you never heard Osteen & his ilk promoting the "prosperity gospel" Newsflash: God wants you to be Happy not Rich.

Further, Why do you think MLM's that emphasize minimal work & max profits are so popular here in Utah?

Time For A Tea Party
Ogden, UT

Leadership often requires an individual to make the right decision, regardless of the short-term consequence. Romney's religious background certainly provides him with a long-term focus when making these tough decisions. His professional experience demonstrates that he knows when to make the unpopular shifts in order to create a healthy economic condition.

Without Romney and Bain, many of the businesses they purchased would have likely gone under (leaving everyone without a job), being bloated like our Federal Government. Being profitable, with few exceptions, leads to proper pay and benefits for the proper amount of labor force. Healthy businesses make money, this is not a crime nor is it immoral. If it were, any profit would be considered "Predatory". Are you prepared to return all of your profits as ill-gotten gains?

Calgary AB, 00

I served a mission in France at the same time as Mitt Romney. At the time I was there, he was Assistant to the President (AP) and he and his companion picked me up at the airport on my first day in Paris. Frankly, I hope he becomes President, just so I can tell my grandkids that I was once escorted around Paris by the President of the United States!

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