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Published: Monday, May 14 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

here's a question - would you want Obama to run your company? Yes if today it was announced that Barack OBama would be your new CEO would you stand and cheer or start updating your resume? Obama has ZERO credibility on the economy and all his distractions are only going to cement in peoples mind the ugly truth - this man has no clue and at the end of the day people today care about their jobs - their homes and the economic future and OBama has nothing but more of the same to offer.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Since 2010, conservatives in state legislatures all across the country have literally passed and/or proposed more than 1,000 bills that curb women's health rights, the democrats address this issue head on (including Obama), and the democrats came out on top in terms of public support. High five for us liberals who secretly plotted to have conservatives pass legislation that we find repulsive just so we could play a "distraction campaign!"

MItt Romney had previously pronounced his open support for an Amendment to the COTUS (I thought it was a state issue thing, conservatives?) to define marriage as pertaining only to one man and one woman. The Obama Administration provided a rebuttal last week to Romney's stance (ironically, Obama conceded he still thought it was a state issue). The Obama Administration seems to have won that public battle too. Bwahahah, our liberal plot of "distraction campaigning" is nearly complete!

Wait a sec, did I just read in the NYTimes today that Obama released a new ad directly addressing Romney's job creation at Bain? Is that report directly disproving the juvenile points made in this article? Man, we liberals almost had it. If only we.. squirrel!

South Jordan, UT

Sure Obama's understanding or real-world economics and job creation is atrocious, but if you look at some of his successes, like for instance the time he. . . SQUIRREL!!!

Mission Viejo, CA

The President can only do so much on his own to create jobs. The failure is the inaction of Congress, specifically the House who openly said their number one priority was to keep Obama from being reelected. If you want to blame anyone, blame the Republicans for holding any real action hostage in the name of staying in power.

Farmington, UT

Obama is strong on rhetoric and short on public policy that has anything meaningful to it regarding any class of people except those that expect the government to care for them from the cradle to the grave.

Most voters will see past this charade come November.

Layton, UT

The problem is that Obama's record spending on new programs really clouds his ability to be taken seriously as one who attempting to help our economy. No one would love an economic rebound more than Obama, but he wants it for the wrong reasons. So he can spend more...

Farmington, UT

@ DanO

The Republicans aren't in power. If they were you'd have never seen Obamacare pass. The Republicans are trying to get their power back. Now if those in power hadn't spent the country blind for generations yet unborn, I'd be more ionclined to vote for them. A by-partisan approach to healthcare was never on Obama's plate, nor was sound economic policy. For over three years every misstep was "Bush's Fault" and finally those chickens are going to come home to roost. Ask yourself this: If the Democrats were so responsible, why haven't they passed a bugdet when they owned both houses of Congress and the Whitehouse? There is no answer to that, my friend, only political excuses.

Sutherlin, OR

Obama is as sharp as a marble.

Mission Viejo, CA

toosmartforyou, You may want to check your calendar. The affordable healthcare act passed in 2009. You seem to have missed there was an election in 2010 where the "tea party" took the house and took away the super majority in the senate? The House is republican controlled and the republicans constantly filibuster anything in the Senate.

Flying Finn
Murray, UT

Re: DanO Mission Viejo, CA
"The President can only do so much on his own to create jobs."

Bill Clinton's campaign slogan was "It's the economy stupid". Now it is the Republican's turn to use it, and excuses just aren't going to cut it with the voters this November.

You can spin it anyway you want but the economy is in trouble and Obama just isn't up to the task he was hired to do.

Newport Beach, CA

"Squirrel" -- Perfect.

Re: Bain, their overall record is positive job creation. More than the President can boast of (he's still down over a million from when he started).

I don't think the guys who gave Solyndra the better part of a billion dollars in federal loan guarantees the year before it went bankrupt and threw 1,100 people out of work, have much business kvetching about better men's business judgment.

Farmington, UT

@ DanO

Yes, the reform in congress started in 2010. But what about the years previous when the Democrats didn't even propose a budget, let alone pass one? All they could do was sopend us trillions of dollars into debt. Does that take any kill to spend money you don't have? And now they hauled out and dusted off their rhetoric that everything wrong with the country is the fault of the Republicans. Maybe if the Democrats were reallly trying to accomplish something in a bi-partisan way they'd get some support. How much supporrt from the opposite party did Obamacare receive? (Compare it with the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960's if you dare.) And why is it likely to be found unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court? Why can't Dem's own their mistakes instead of everything being the fault of Republicans, Georgw Bush or the Tea Party? What nonsense they spew.

Maricopa, AZ

And today I'm reading where Obama conference called several of his trusted spiritual consultants only hours after making his announcement on supporting gay marriage.
Though I doubt that reverend Wright was among them, go figure.

They were leaders of several African American congregations, who I'm sure he was hoping would support and defend his decision.
To their credit, they did not. Nor have their congregations.
The days of Obama's smoke and mirrors are about to end.
The fog is clearing and sunshine is beginning to pour in.
His moon walking just stepped into a bear trap.
The dance is over Obama. Time to turn in your shoes.


yet another childish "compilation" with an even more childish headline by the DN what happened to actual news stories?

Mission Viejo, CA

Flying Finn, please tell us what the President can do on his own without Congress passing legislation. The President and Congress got a lot done in the first two years before the loons in the tri-corner hats took over (who incidentally ran on fixing the economy, yet have been promoting nothing but social issues since).

I know Republicans like to rewrite history, but I'm amazed you'd go so far as to try and rewrite the present.

Salt Lake City, UT

The distraction campaign, aided by the media, is the only strategy that will work. Obama's broken promises of 2008 are not the stuff of re-election. His sycophants in the press would rather talk abut Romney's high school activities (not forgiven by the press) rather than Obama's high school alcohol, weed and cocaine (forgiven by the press). How did Obama get into college? His transcripts and records are not available. The press seems strangely silent until they have a chance to find out that Romney messed up someone's hair in high school. And we brag about freedom of the press.

spring street

its funny if you actually read other news sources outside the DN, fox, and "conservative bloggers" you will see that obama has actually talked about the economy several times in the last two weeks alone.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


If the president can only do so much, and if it is ok for you to blame Congress for economic failures (for Republicans taking control of the House 2 years ago), then I would guess that you have no objection when people say that since the president can only do so much, then it is Congress's fault for the economic collapse because the Democrats took control of the house 2 years earlier.

"toosmartforyou, You may want to check your calendar. The affordable healthcare act passed in 2009."

I highly recommend that YOU check the calendar. The healthcare bill was signed into law Tuesday March 23rd, 2010 (only 2 days after it passed in the House, less than 48 hours later, despite Obama's campaign promise to post every bill he gets online and give the public 5 days to read it and tell him what they think before he signs it: YEAH RIGHT!).

Have you noticed that Obama seems to be turning attention away from his healthcare bill as well as the economy? Two things he pretended for so long to be his biggest "successes" are really starting to hurt him.

Mission Viejo, CA

toosmartforyou, Did you do know the individual mandate was the republican's compromise?


Funny how Obama campaigns are distractions and Romney's are okay. Anything against Obama and for Romney becomes an article in this paper. Where's the unbiased media at?

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