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Published: Friday, May 11 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Abe Sarvis
Cedar City, UT

"'What they've done is give him an issue that highlights his strengths,' [Woodard] said."

Or his weaknesses, depending on your position on government regulation of marriage.

one old man
Ogden, UT

I'm LDS and not at all comfortable with Romney.

Maricopa, Az

Old guy. Then I guess Obama is your guy.

Bakersfield, CA

For some reason, the DN cannot seem to get this issue right, no matter how many posts, phone calls and letters are sent clarifying the reasons for the evangelical concerns about Mitt's religion. To be fair, the mainstream media hasn't gotten it right either, nor Senator Lieberman, etc.

Let me help clarify, as I am evangelical and sent letters and concerns to Liberty and the DN.

1. No major religious leader has ever said that they have anything against Gov. Romney's fine character traits, family life, and political prowess.

2. Rev. Jeffress, Mike Huckabee and other personalities maintained from Day 1 that they would support Romney, should he garner the party nomination. Many expressed their personal opinions to their congregants, that when given the opportunity, they felt Bible Christians should vote for a Biblical believer.

3. The complaint at Liberty was about a non-Biblical Christian giving the Commencement message. It had nothing to do with Romney's inspiring message and advice. But any secular humanist can encourage a crowd to perservere, be honest, etc. That speech would be great on a regular day.

4. Would BYU invite Billy Graham to deliver their graduates' advice?

ed in atl
Duluth, GA

at One Old Man
Then vote for Obama. I'm LDS and not at all comfortable with Obama and let the spending go on. Maybe Mitt will change things especially, the economy.

Semper Fi
Bakersfield, CA

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Evangelicals have no problem with Mormon politicians. We share the same ethical values, fight the same social battles for morality and Biblical principals, and love your awesome patriotism, education and family emphasis, work ethic, charity and defense "of all that is good". We vote for your politicians as often as you do for ours.

Both sides know theological divide is impassable, so let's keep the political issues separate.

The problem we have in our communities is that the majority of non-LDS do not know what those differences are, because you use Biblical terminology with LDS definitions. We just seek to clarify the definitions, and keep the distinctions clear.

We are on your side with the goal of educating the public as to what Mormons believe. We pass out BoMs, hold community panels with both sides participating, and seek to give our community accurate options. When missionaries show up on our porches with Bibles in hand, it is confusing. We know what all of your leaders have said about its veracity, so this is seen as "baiting" the unawares. God's Word says to be Bereans when it comes to "other gospels".

And we will.


I am L.D.S and very comfortable with Romney.

American Fork, UT

They're pretty much stuck with him.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Anyone who has good morl values should be completely comfortable with Romney.q

Central, UT

Won't it be wonderful to have an honest, faithful, intelligent,hardworking, true to his wife President?
Go Mitt!

Hua Ken Po
St. George, UT

Does being a "Christian" mean devoting oneself to precepts found in the Nicene creed? If a person says they believe in Christ do we have to doubt that? Every single person on the planet has a slightly different perception of what Christ means to them. Do we have to divide ourselves and magnify the differences?

Eugene, OR


We already have one. His name is Barack Obama.

Las Vegas, NV

Mitt a person with experience and terrific record of creating jobs vs BO is still on job training has no clue what to do, zero leadership skill - I mean there is no comparison

Go Mitt!

Sandy, UT

Capella, "Would BYU invite Billy Graham to deliver their graduates' advice?"

I have little doubt that Rev Graham would be welcomed, he would join Dick Cheney, Roger Rosenblatt and Jehan Sadat as recent BYU commencement speakers.

Hayden, ID

@ Capella. I am confused by all the different Christian denominations who quote the same Bible but interpret is so very differently and say if you don’t interpret the Bible like me, then you are not a Christian. I have attended meetings with Assembly of God and I can tell you they worship and believe very different than the 7th day Adventists, or the Catholics, or the Methodists or the Baptists or the Mormons. Who then are the REAL Christians who decides that? Are “evangelicals” the only “real” Christians and if so, who decides that? To me, is a mass of confusion!

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

Do they really have a choice? He's the Republican's choice...has to be theirs! They'll really get warm on election day...that or they'll stay home.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Any chance of getting a posthumous endorsement from Jerry Falwell?

Twin Sister

@ Capella. For some reason, no matter how many times it is pointed out, evangelical Christians don't seem to want to accept the fact that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ARE Biblical believing Christians. Members of our faith thoroughly study the Old and New Testaments in our Sunday School curriculum, study the Bible individually in private study, quote from it, and live its teachings. Therefore, no evangelical Christian should hesitate to vote for Mitt Romney based on his religious affiliation alone since Mitt Romney is a Biblical believing Christian.


To say Evangelicals believe so and so about Mormons is as ignorant as to say Mormons are not Bible Christians.

Every Evangelical friend of mine, (from living in New York and the West) has never questioned Mormons as Bible Christians. The media shifts through the masses and display the out-liners to put on the air and so forth. There may even be a majority of anti-Mormons in certain communities but this is certainly not the case everywhere.

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have built bridges between Mormons and Evangelicals and there are many more. But the media isn't talking about them.

Even the Student Body President at Liberty University was surprised by the questions from CNN and said he considered Mitt Romney as a brother.

Cowboy Dude

Being anti-Mormon, anti-Catholic, or anti-semitic is not being Christian.

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