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Published: Friday, May 11 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

I sure wish that many of you would be just as quick to point out the erroneous, non-religious political statements by our politicians.


@ no comment:

Which "uniform" do we get if we don't read the newspaper?

Well anyway, we are having fun and its all good for a laugh, including the comments, if nothing else.


Far East USA, SC

"hope everyone knows that activists have been hired to hang out in comment sections 24/7 to promote Obama"

JM, are you the only one privy to that information?

Perhaps you could back up that gem with some substantiation.

Kaysville, UT

I believe this reporter could have done better but most people wouldn't know the difference in what was said unless they are LDS. Technically incorrect but basic facts are there. She did enough research to be able to discuss the items but I am sure with all the hopefully getting with her from the Church communications directors at various levels, she may have it right by the time of the Convention or at least by the election in November.

the greater outdoors, UT

Oh Joe Blow, go blow your horn. We do point out all the silliness that comes from the lips of Biden, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, Schumer, Frank, Waters, Jackson-Reid, Sharpton and all the others. You just ignore it.

And there was an article that stated that Rubio was baptized as a youth in the LDS church but has since been a practicing Catholic from teenage years.

Maybe it was LDS Lib who called her with that message??? LOL!!!

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The article is really not much different from the comments made daily in these forums. Some posters who regularly attack other posters almost always "pretend" to be stalwart members of the LDS church, even though their comments show their complete contempt for that church. How is that different from a writer who was too busy picking up her paycheck to verify the facts?

Most people don't know enough about any church to determine whether a writer got it "right".

Most people, reading these comments, on this thread or on other threads, don't know when they're being lied to.

Journalists, who should know better, get it wrong. Editors who should know better, get it wrong. The public is too lazy to check things out. What we end up with are lies and misrepresentations. Hard work is too hard for both the reader and the writer - and that's why so many posters post things that no editor would ever approve.

When the Internet is just one click away, it's easy to verify facts. It's easy to see who's lying and who's just lazy. It's easy to separate the sheep from the goats.

Bordeaux, 00

Sometimes I wonder if some journalists realize that people actually read their papers! It seems to have become the main principle of journalism for journalists to make a fool of themselves, or of their readers, by feeding nonsense and sometimes outright lies that any critical reader can read through. Because it is Mormonism, people feel the ethics of journalism do not apply. That's a pity for the profession.

Harwich, MA

She's not all that far off. When you haven't "grown up" in the Church trying to explain the 3 hr. block and many of the LDS daily activities can be a challenge to be spot on. Frankly when you travel around the world not every ward/branch/congregation does things exactly the same anyway. The article was written being a little overly sensitive.

SoDakota Yote
Vermillion, SD

I'm a faithful and active LDS in Ohio; Hey, she did some things wrong, but I don't feel she was being hateful or mean-spirited! She just needs a little more education about us--maybe some elders could teach her 1-on-1!

Fern RL

I also read Maureen Callahan's original article, and in spite of the bits of misinformation here and there, I think she should be applauded for trying to write an enlightened and unbiased report. Yes, she could have done better research; and it would have been better if she hadn't caved to paranoia over the crank call which logic would tell me was from someone who knew her and had seen her there. That is really not the point. We should "mind our own business" and be kinder to those who struggle to understand Mormonism where so many get lost in all the conflicting hype over it.


This journalist did not write from misinformation. She wrote with the intent to sensationalize and with no intent to inform. She is looking for a rise from the community. Nothing else

Mount Pleasant, UT

The news media should first insert foot into mouth until they are absolutely sure the information they are putting out to the world is true. But unfortunately there are those news media who don't care where it is true...they just want to express their ignorance. I don't know that I will live long enough to know that when I hear or read the news that it will be fact and not fiction.

Salem, ut

WOW! What an opportunity to correct the MSM growing ignorance on Mormonism. Why not invite her to meet with the Mission President in the area along with Mitt Romney being pesent and address any and all of her concerns?

The MSM has a sadly growing reputation for poor and false "reporting" about so many things. This "ignorant" reporter is just a small drop in the pool of ignorance and hatred that is going to be directed towards the LDS Church in the next six months and more to follow.

Satan's angels are doing an excellent job. Time to cowboy up and send them packing.

Medical Lake, Washington

There will be exceptions to the rule; for which we are grateful, however, for the most part, the goal of the media is not to take over the responsibility of spreading the gospel message. Our missionaries and missionary minded members will continue to do that and usually in spite of outside attempts to paint us in a bad light.

As others have stated here, the misrepresentations were fairly tame. That won't always be the case, and probably usually won't. It would also do well for some of our own members to check into the accuracy of misrepresentations. I have known many members during my life time who are thrown by statements no more threatening than these.

We just all need to try to be civil with each other and also be willing to laugh at ourselves frequently.

Lee Summit, MO

We may as well brace ourselves, this isn't the first misrepresentation and won't be the last. Our best option is to arm ourselves with the truth so that those who want the truth can find it.


The NY post article was a lifestyle article, not hard news. There are a lot of people like this lady. She's doesn't know much about the church and quite frankly I don't think she really cares all that much to find out more but made a fairly casual attempt. The "Indefatigable air of piety" comment was her honest assessment of those missionaries and I am sure there are quite a few people who share the same view.That should be instructive to the LDS church and it's members.

So the lady is going to understand how temples work as opposed to meetinghouses just because the information is on the church's website? How many members of the church go to Vaticans website to learn the difference between a Cardinal and a Bishop? or a diocese and a parish? Besides, how would she fact check the church's website against other sources.

What I don't understand is where the offense was with this article. She's actually giving some very valuable information. Like, despite the millions spent on PR, your message isn't getting through.

Blackshear, GA

These misrepresentations are mild compared to those being stated by some misleading authorities who bluntly, blatantly, and erroneously state that Mormons are not Christians, do not believe the Bible, and believe in a different a Christ; usuallly, without giving any reason for their grossly misleading statements.

For those reading who may be misled by these untruthful statements: Mormons ARE Christians, Mormons DO believe the Bible, and Mormons BELIEVE in the same Christ of the Bible; who is the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary; who atoned for the sins of the world and was crucified; who on the third day arose from the dead; thereby making it possible for all who believe and follow Him to be free from sin and death, and return to live with their Father in Heaven.

How many times do we have to say it? We believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible. We are Christian: we just have more of the Word of God than others do, from The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Please Read it, before making false accusations. There are over three thousand references to Christ in its 531 pages.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Nora Nell
Olympia, WA
Did I just read what i thought I did?????? Sen Rubio is actually a member of the LDS Church also?? Is he active?? Just wait til the media picks up on that.

no comment
New Orleans, LA
Rubio is not LDS. He is Catholic. This is just more media misinformation.


no comment - You are wrong, look it up - it's all over the internet.

Nora Nell - Yes, Rubio was baptized LDS as a child, but became in-active shortly there after....as far as I know, he is still a member of record.
As an adult, he is a praticing Catholic

Boise, ID

Readers must surely know by now that the story line is more important than the facts for much of the mainstream media. Some is deliberate but I suggest most is lack of professionalism.

Provo, Ut

The whole point is that this DNew's article is titled "Columnist misrepresents LDS Church doctrine and policy". Did she get some facts wrong? Does it matter? Well, perhaps but only slightly. If I were her editor, I would pull her aside and suggest that her reporting wasn't up to standard, but that's about it. Should Mormon's be bothered by this? Not at all. Where was the doctrine and policy misrepresentations that this DNew's article alleges? That is the big question. It wasn't in there. Was she a little malicious in her comments? Yes, but in those places where her opinion came through, it was clearly just opinion. A follow up article to this one would be called, "Deseret New's Columnist misrepresents Callahans Misrepresentations".

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