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Published: Friday, May 11 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Mark from Montana
Aurora, CO

OK, so I can see it now. In an effort to keep the disruption to a minimum, Romney would not attend meetings every week. On those weeks he didn't attend, opening excercises in Priesthood Meeting would go something like this;

Bishop: We need to take the Sacrament to Sis. Johnson at the assisted living center and to Brother....er President Romney at the White House. Who would like to volunteer?

Brother: Bishop I would be happy to visit Sis Johnson this week, but I really don't want to go the Romney's place again. Ever time I go there my son and I both get stripped searched.

Temecula, CA

Just a Reminder: Mr. Rubio, United States Senator Florida, is a practicing Catholic. And he is not Vice President. No scoop here!

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

"The optics of a sitting president walking into an unassuming brick building, mixing with and being ministered to by fellow congregants from different backgrounds, would be the best free advertising the religion's had since the Osmonds."

So I guess it's okay for other presidents to be seen going into their church's... but if it were a Mormon it would just be horrible.

Wow, and people really tell themselves they aren't prejudiced. I'd rather they at least admitted it. But no, why can't they do that? One reason only. See, if they admitted to hating other people, less people would listen to them. Their agenda would be out the door and their worldly popularity would diminish. Critics basically act the exact same way the Book of Mormon says they will.

If people want to know what Mormons mean, they should read the Book of Mormon and attend a few LDS meetings. Whether they convert or not, they'd at least know the truth for themselves and have a competent opinion. Whether they agree or not with the church on anything, they at least stop judging and become friends. Now THAT is a better approach.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

I went to the online article and fired back. I did something.

sick of this nonsense.

Mesa, AZ

Isn,t her editor responsible for checking the facts before publishing the article?

Provo, Ut

What "facts" are wrong in this article?

1) She confuses temples with chapels a little. She notes there is a distinction, but mistakes the sealing room for a ward building classroom. An error, but hardly a misrepresentation of "doctrine and policy". Just a slight confusion, that does nothing to harm the Church's image.

2) She confuses titles. She misunderstands that male missionaries carry the title "Elder" not "Brother". Again, this is a trivial issue, as "Brother" is the title we use in all other setting's in the Church. Again, not exactly an big "misrepresentation". Particularly nothing to be upset about. If it matters, a simple clarifying email should suffice.

3) She speaks correctly as to how the home teaching program and Ward assignment's work, but is taking a little bit of a liberty in assuming that Romney will participate in a local Ward as a normal member. This is probably her most eggregious error, but even this is not all that significant.

4) This can't even be called an error, but I don't know what to make of her story about being called by the "Prophet". Who know's what this was about????

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

I read the article. Take the time to read it. It's good for a few laughs...

About Temples:

"There are rooms for Sunday services (these tend to have two facing walls with large mirrors, to give a sense of infinity), as well as rooms for baptisms (the fonts resemble miniature above-ground pools), weddings, and another airy, stately room, filled with sofas and chairs and done in a palette of pale pinks, to sit and think."

The story would not have made it through an English 101 class at the U.

Lehi, UT

She's doing pretty well if that's all she got wrong... : ) PS, in reference to some of these comments, hope everyone knows that activists have been hired to hang out in comment sections 24/7 to promote Obama (hoping he will promote the activist agenda, they are big donors to his campaign), sometimes they pretend to be uneducated or otherwise offensive LDS, pretend to be evangelicals, etc, most of them are atheist activists.

Idaho Falls, ID

As a "journalist" she had to work really hard to get so many of the facts wrong. The tenor of her speech in the article radiates bias, also explaining the high level of inaccuracy.

Phoenix, AZ

Get your facts right lady. You might find we are good people to hang around.

Charlotte, NC

It really is frustrating that so many of these reporters are so uninterested in facts -- especially when they are so easy to obtain by just going to the church's website!!! Click Click ... Is that too much work?

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

There was a time when the press was truly our country's fourth branch. Now it' s a joke...

Give Me A Break
Pullman, WA

Too funny. Sounds like she could use a visit from the real missionaries if not just to straighten out a few of her erroneous misunderstandings. Or they could just mess her mind some more. That would be fun too.

Be Practical
Sandy, UT

It does make you wonder, though, about the practical aspects of what would mean if a Mormon were elected President. For example, if he wanted to attend the Temple, would the Secret Service have to carry Uzis under their temple clothes? What calling would you give him? I think a merit badge councilor would be perfect, imagine the value of having the President's signature on your Citizenship in the Nation merit badge card. Or maybe a Young Men's President, "Ok boys, today we're going for a ride on Air Force One." If he gave a talk in Sacrament meeting would it make the front page of the New York Times? If he wanted to just attend church would everyone else in the congregation have to go through metal detectors first? What if he wanted to volunteer for a welfare assignment, would the liberal press want to make an issue of him hoeing beets while farmers were complaining about farm subsidies?

I'm sure there are many other issues to consider but these are just some things I've wondered about.

Overton, NV

Some of the reader comments seem to be stating that the errors in this lady's column are pretty minor. That may be. But as the Deseret News article pointed out, the errors could have easily been corrected had she consulted the Church's readily available resources. The point is, she erred because she didn't bother to do her research.

On another note, I hear she just got an interview with the New York Times. Seems they were quite impressed with her story telling capabilities.

And for those who think the Post must automatically be Conservative just because Rupert Murdoch owns it: he may own Fox News, but he is not a Conservative. He is very liberal, just like the majority of people who work for Fox News.

Tooele, UT

Like this article stated..this NY reporter should have looked on The LDS Church official website for accurate info for her article..always better to go straight to the source not look for loop holes or shortcuts.

Nora Nell
Olympia, WA

Did I just read what i thought I did?????? Sen Rubio is actually a member of the LDS Church also?? Is he active?? Just wait til the media picks up on that.

There was a funny email going around awhile back about all the things that would happen if Romney was elected. Green Jello served at all State Dinners. Basket ball hoops installed in the East Room, etc., etc., Wish some that has that still would post it here.

I understand that lots of US Marshal's and Secret Service are LDS. That could be a bonus.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

Mark Twain said that anyone that doesn't read the newspaper is uniformed; and anyone that does read it is misinformed.

Still holds true 150 years later.

Orem, UT

This article really was not necessary. The Church Communication Department could have easily corrected this reporter. There are so many articles that to a lesser or greater extent may misrepresent the Church, often inadvertently although some may have an agenda. We would spend a lot of wasted time trying to correct each one of them. If there are egregious errors, again the Church Communication Department could deal with that.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

Rubio is not LDS. He is Catholic. This is just more media misinformation.

Rumor has it that his parents had a couple of discussions with the missionaries, and may have attended church once with them.

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