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Published: Wednesday, May 9 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

what a waste of money. utah had an extesive pony express trail also. i dreamed of going back to that.

Atlanta, GA

I did much of the forecasting for this project, and it should get excellent ridership and expand the market for non-motorized trips. It will end up making money for the city in the long run, and far more than had they improved 2100 south.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

long run? just what does that mean? forecasts for trax and frontrunner haven't been working out too well. there are many more pressing financial needs than this. just another example of someone"s "dream" coming true. sounds like a train to nowhere.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Too bad they're building this 2mile waste of money...why not expand light rail that way? And who does this really benefit, running only 2 miles? Are we all so lazy now that we can't walk a mile? $55M down the drain.

Mesa, Az

I can't believe it. No desire for a streetcar? I thought that there was a street car named desire.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

So the government is spending $55M on a 2-mile streetcar boondoggle that nobody wants in the name of public transportation/green travel? And all it will do is reduce the flow of traffic so cars in the area will take longer to get where they're going and release many more tons of pollutants than the streetcar is saving?

I warned you: This is what happens when you vote Democrat!

Provo, UT

@ute alumni- a lot of people complain about the funding that goes to public transit. Where are the complaints about the tremendous subsidy given to individual automobile transit? Compared to that, public transit expenditures are a drop in the bucket. We spend a ridiculous amount of money on road construction and we still have horrible traffic problems and our valleys are perpetually full of smog. If road construction costs were borne by users in proportion to their use- e.g. with toll roads or a much higher gas tax- almost everyone would be going by bus or train or streetcar again pretty soon. (Some people are under the illusion that their gas taxes pay for the roads; revenue from the current gas tax is less than a third of UDOT's >$1 BILLION yearly budget and that doesn't even count many of the federal expenditures.)

@Johnny Triumph: do you walk every time you need to go 2mi or less? Didn't think so. Almost half of all car trips taken in the USA are under two miles. I'm all for avoiding car trips by using human power, but it's unrealistic to think that solves everything.

No One Of Consequence
West Jordan, UT

More like going back to the past. There was a reason that the rails were taken up. They were in the way of people living and getting things done. Trax kills people. This will kill as well, just give it time.

Why do we need 4 incompatible modes of public transportation so people can waste their lives away waiting for transfers?

And why does it cost $55 million to build a 2 mile railroad? Sounds like a lot of room for corruption and kickbacks in that much money.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

your key word is a lot of people. just tell me how many people with use this. think before you write

Western Rover


I will grant all your points about the subsidies given to roads, the number of short car trips, and so on. I will grant that TRAX and FrontRunner, not to mention UTA buses, enable a lot of people to take trips without cars, not worry about parking downtown or at the U, etc.

All that said, is this really the best place to expand the valley's rail network? $55 million to go from 300 W to 1100 E along approx 2300 S?

If we're going to build more rail, it should not look like a bus route with stops every couple of blocks, and it should be a lot longer than 2 miles. There have got to be transportation corridors that would be a much better place for more rail than this one.

Sneaky Jimmy
Bay Area, CA

@Johnny Triumph: I doubt you have ever walked farther than from your TV to your refrigerator.
@Ute Alum: Many enlightned recent U graduates would welcome public transit. Your govt. does not have the money to build the roads necessary to convey the population in 2050. This is a very wise expenditure and will make the Sugar House area more desirable as a place to live and shop. By the way, there is no room along the Wasatch Front for anything other than rail transportation.

@no one of consequence: The reason the rails were taken up is because GM was paying vast sums of lobbying money to get their buses adopted for public transportation at the expense of light rail.

If light rail would have been left in place there may have been orderly growth, not the disaster that is Utah county, davis county and so. salt lake county.

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