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Published: Tuesday, May 8 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Any energy policy that has the effect of causing yokels to sputter about "extreme environmental movement" while actually increasing oil production, well, I'll take that to be a step in the right direction.

Learn to take "yes" for an answer, Mr. Ryan.

Corn Dog
New York, NY

Ryan is right.

When someone places play-time activities, leisure, and hobbies like outdoor recreation ahead of meeting the fundamental energy and raw material needs of society provided by natural gas, something is terribly wrong with that person's sense of priorities.

The lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum.


To complain about having to compromise to get 3600 new wells sounds like a spoiled brat reaction, but I would expect nothing less from an energy industry insider.

Go Utes!
Springville, UT

I do not understand why the state of Utah allows itself to be robbed of resources repeatedly year after year. The amount of land that the federal government owns in Utah is criminal, the fact that they did not pay for it and do not allow us to use the resources on those lands is absolutely unconscionable. The fed needs to back off and let the states practice the sovereignty that the Constitution guarantees them.

Springville, UT

So, an industry insider complaining because the government took a balanced approach rather than lettin oil companies rape the land. Imagine that.

Iowa City, IA

OK whats going on? When the Sierra club and SU wilderness alliance is ok with this, there is dirt in the details. Who is getting paid off? Serious, this has got dirt all over it.

slc, ut

The energy company go great leases, more gas for us, sensitive land are protected and jobs are created. I guess there will always be a whiner who can't be pleased.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Just goes to show,

No matter what the Obama Admisnistrations - even when it's what they wanted -
Even they discover the cure for cancer....

Republicans STILL want to complain about it.

Daytona Beach Shores, FL

Is there any land anywhere on the earth that is not "sensitive"?

Ogden, UT

Maybe I'm not reading this right but, I see this as another Fed-fueled twist on Wilderness policy. Make it wilderness, shut out the public, then let special interest groups dance around the law to get their way.

I'm all for finding different energy sources, but as a population, we need to learn to be more efficient with all energy consumption, be it personal or business. That said, this ties in with shutting down roads in wilderness areas and not allowing access on existing roads/trails for the citizens of Utah and the rest of the country. But they can cut new roads to access gas/oil wells. This also is in direct line with the UNs Agenda 21/ sustainability program. Look it up if you don't already know about it. It has and will effect us all in the end. The Feds are laying the groundwork for the UN to take over control of OUR public lands. Shut the locals out, but let their cronies buy favors for the corporate... just my $.02

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Repubs are completely out of touch. Obama INCREASES oil drilling, more than Bush did, and they claim he's an environmentalist.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Playing both sides of the fence!

Obama allows off shore drilling and attaches regulations so onerous that you can't make a profit drilling off shore. Pure hypocrisy!

Why did BP drill into 5,000 feet of water into an oil pocket pressurized to 164,000 psi? Regulations would not allow them to drill in areas that made more sense. Why were those regulations in place? Because they wanted to allow drilling only in places where you couldn't drill.

Taking credit for allowing drilling that will never happen.

This agreement in Utah prevents more drilling than it allows. Two Faced Policies once again.

America is nearing national bankruptcy. All wealth is created in manufacturing, mining and agriculture and our government regulates manufacturing, mining and agriculture almost to the point of destruction. Indeed most manufacturing has fled our shores. Mining (including drilling) is almost extinct and even farmers are feeling the pinch.

Then the government has the audacity to complain about low tax receipts.

Let business make a profit and they will hire people. If people have jobs they will not need a government hand out.

This is not rocket science.

Roosevelt, UT

Cudos to anadarko for pulling this one off.

They are the ones who had to find the resource, and figure a way to get the government and the natives to agree. They did all the hard work. Good job Anadarko.

Wouldn't it be nice for someone to come up with a local use for all the natural gas?

Duchesne and Uintah counties need to get a larger share of the royalties from these and other wells. Not many teachers in the state get a lower salary than those in those counties and the cost of living is high due to increased demand for housing and limited resources.

Provo, UT

Someone wants to get reelected pretty bad

Durham, NC

"It has and will effect us all in the end. The Feds are laying the groundwork for the UN to take over control of OUR public lands"

You knew it was coming.... protect American resources is all a ploy for the UN to take over America... You knew eventually this would come back around to an anti UN dicsussion. Good grief.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that life if full of balances and compromises. If we lived in tiny little bubbles and what we did didn't impact others, sure, we could do what ever we want, like spoiled little kids. But in the real world, we aren't all Momma's little darlings, what we do does have consequences, and we need to respect others rights just as much as we demand our own. Our need for cheap energy should not trump our kids rights to enjoy the same benefits we have enjoyed ourselves. We should not mortage their futures.

Technology exist to extract those resources without doing long term damage. Timber industry has figured it out... these guys can too.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

@Ernest T. Bass

A friend of mine is in the oil business. He buys old wells and brings them back on line. Very small time operator. He also drills new wells in places that make sense.

The government has made it very difficult or not impossible to drill on public land. The government's attorneys are also doing everything they can do to prevent drilling on private property. The oil boom in North Dakota is taking place for only one reason: The land is privately owned and they have to fight the government at every turn. This is not environmentally driven. It's legal costs not environmental litigation that is causing the problems.

Obama is not an environmentalist. He is an obstructionist.

Cowboy Dude

Ernest T. Bass "Repubs are completely out of touch. Obama INCREASES oil drilling, more than Bush did, and they claim he's an environmentalist."

You can't spin this one when it is so close to home. Vernal was a boom town until the Obama Administration shut down the new wells in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Unemployment took over and many many people lost jobs and homes as the companies went to private lands. Many readers here will have family members that lost jobs and homes.

This announcement will help restore what was lost but companies will be more timid to work in Utah. It is slow growth, but finally after three years of losing, any growth is good.

Take a look at Orin Hatch's response to the new wells. He has the stats that show what destruction has been done to Utah's jobs due to Obama's obstruction.


I can't but help find the politics in this decision. Three years of shutting Utah and Wyoming down, jobs move to South Dakota. American public wants an explanation why public lands have been shut down during gas inflation. Then six months before the election, energy policy is to restore the Bush plan.

If Obama is re-elected watch these wells get shut down again. You better rent not buy in Vernal.

Far East USA, SC

"Regulations would not allow them to drill in areas that made more sense"

You make it sound like the shallow water in the GOM is not being drilled.

Look at a Rig map of the Gulf of Mexico. There are over 3000 of them.

Manti, UT

Yes I will complain about this agreement. It is the added cost of meeting radical demands driving prices up... It didn't have to happen that way and consumers would be better off.

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