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Published: Monday, May 7 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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The Rock
Federal Way, WA


"Want to lower the number of abortions? Sex education and contraception are the keys, yet conservatives don't seem to like preventative measures. History of humans shows abstinence is a fantasy, even in religious cultures."

If the goal is to prevent pregnancy they your method might work. That would be an acceptable position to those who regard pregnancy as the problem.

Religious people consider unwed pregnancy to be a problem to be sure; however, they consider it to be a symptom of the real problem: Sex outside of marriage.

When I expressed my objections to sex education and they way they taught it in the schools the sex ed teachers always said; "If you don't think your kids are having sex you are deluding yourself." The message: Sex is inevitable.

From the view point of those teachers premarital sex is inevitable. They almost certainly did it. They could not resist the temptation. They don't think it is possible.

People like me who waited until marriage know that it is possible to resist the temptation. We did it. We know it can be done.

Both sides know, from experience, that their position is true.

Mansfield, Qld

This was a law made by males, I can tell.

Every two years there should be a day on which the good citizens of Utah can vote for or against certain measures brought before the State Legislature. Those laws voted on in the State Legislature that have their roots in core laws (marriage, life and death, taxation, property rights, state citizenship, etc) should be ratified by the people.

Elected State representatives should not have the right to make absolute any law that impinges on those five areas of citizens' legal rights. They should only have rights to refer them to a State-wide referendum.

It may be eye-opening for some males to see what a balanced male-female voting outcome would be in this instance.

Layton, UT

72 hours? That's it? Wow. I was hoping for two weeks at least.

Salt Lake City, UT

A member of my extended family, at the ripe old age of 18, became pregnant. She was struggling with major self-esteem issues, money issues, drugs - she was a basket case. Her boyfriend at the time was the kind of lowlife you'd want to keep miles away from a child. The idea that she would take the pregnancy to term would be horrifying to anyone who knew this young woman. So she, her mom, and her mom's doctor had hugely dramatic conversation and they decided that for a variety of compelling reasons, an abortion was the right thing to do.

That was a few years ago. The girl is now in her early twenties and getting her life sorted out. Still a long road, but progress is being made. Her not spending nine months being pregnant and delivering a baby (who would almost certainly have been alcohol and drug saturated at birth) was a smart decision.

If you don't like abortion then by all means don't have one.

Otherwise, stop acting like you know what's best for women you don't even know.

Cardston, Alberta

I happen to fully agree with 1 Cor 6: 19-20 "ye are not your own...ye are bought with a price". 72 hr waiting period is not outrageous. Agency notwithstanding; 72 hr waiting period is not outrageous. Pres Kimball quote from 4 decades ago still applies: "abortion is the most damnable heresy in the world today". 72 hr waiting period is not outrageous. "Teach them correct principles....let them govern themselves". 72 hr waiting period is not outrageous.

Clearfield, UT

The principles on which the Roe v. Wade decision was based--an individual's freedom of choice, as well as freedom from government intrusion into personal matters--need to be reaffirmed. The fetus is not yet a person and its rights do not outweigh the mother's right to choose. Decisions about such a personal matter as whether to continue a pregnancy must be left to the individual who is most directly involved, the pregnant woman. An extended waiting time is useless as most women have already thought their decision over thoroughly. Like any other difficult situation, abortion creates stress. Yet the American Psychological Association found that stress was greatest prior to an abortion, and that there was no evidence of post-abortion syndrome. Nearly all abortions take place in the first trimester, when a fetus cannot exist independent of the mother. The concept of personhood is different from the concept of human life. Human life occurs at conception, but fertilized eggs used for in vitro fertilization are also human lives and those not implanted are routinely thrown away. Is this murder, and if not, then how is abortion murder?

So many unsupported comments show so little understanding!

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