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Published: Monday, May 7 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT


"They didn't play a single ranked team. Even in the "championship game."

Fact Checker: Pitt was the #3 ranked team in the country and BYU beat them on the road. Also, the Holiday Bowl committee tried to get a top 10 program to play BYU and was turned down by 7 highly ranked teams (including the #2 Washington Huskies and #4 Boston College).

In hindsight it looks pretty clear that schools like Washington and BC were afraid to play BYU and lose and preferred to instead whine and complain afterwards.

Ironically, BYU played Boston College in the Kickoff Classic to start the 1985 season and beat them 28-14 and followed that up by beating the Washington Huskies shortly after that 31-3. Not much to whine and complain about after that.

Bountiful, UT

"It is still talked about, for good or bad, and probably always will be. All other college athletic moments in this state are only even discussed by arguing fans of the two schools. BYU's National Championship is a nation wide discussion point to this day."

Which is why I think BYU's National Championship is a bigger deal than the Olympics. Nobody talks about the Olympics anymore and 90% couldn't even remember anything in particular regarding the individual events and the winners. Yet like you said for good or bad fans still talk about BYU's National Championship still today and not just within the state of Utah either.

How big of an all-time moment is it if nobody talks about it or can remember anything salient about it?

Bountiful, UT

"I don't even know why Jimmer would be a choice. Andrew Bogut won all the awards Jimmer won and was the #1 overall pick of the NBA, and I wouldn't even put Bogut as a choice for Utah's top sports moments."

It's probably because the year Bogut did it, it was a really weak year for POY candidates in Div 1 and he was the default winner and probably the weakest #1 pick in quite a few years. Also, because he played for the utes, he played in relative obscurity and the UofU did a horrible job (as usual) of promoting him on a national level. Nobody really knew who he was and he didn't do anything really remarkable.

Had he come out in the draft this past year he would've been lucky to have been picked in the top 10.

Jimmer OTOH was a national sensation and a nightly fixture on ESPN Sportscenter highlights, in high demand for interviews, and expanded the English lexicon by adding the verb "Jimmer" in all of it's forms (Jimmer, Jimmered, Jimmermania, etc).



"Fact Checker: Pitt was the #3 ranked team in the country and BYU beat them on the road."

Fact Checker: If you consult a calendar you will notice it is no longer pre-season 1984. This means we actually know exactly where that Pitt team ranked among the top 25 that year: no where. They won 3 games, and lost seven.

It's great that BYU went undefeated that year. You just need to acknowledge that they did it without beating a single team who was considered to even be among the 20 best in the sport at the time. It is extremely rare in any college sport for a team to be considered a 'national champion' without even having to prove themselves once against any of the top competition. This is why it's controversial.

Bountiful, UT


You said: "They didn't play a single ranked team. Even in the "championship game." that's what I was going off of. You can turn it and say that they didn't play a team that finished the season in the top 25 and then that would be true.

The kicker is you want to use today's standard for judging a National Championship and roll it back to apply it to 1984 when that wasn't the standard they used then. Should we then take Utah's 1944 NCAA Championship in basketball and say it's invalid because if they had played in today's tournament they would get crushed and wouldn't even qualify for the tourney?

Teams fluctuate over the course of a season and some get stronger and more united while others lose their edge and get worse, they never stay exactly the same week to week. Should we invalidate Utah's Sugar Bowl win over 'Bama because the Tide was depressed and lethargic after losing their shot at a NC when they lost to Florida and you didn't play them when they were undefeated and on top of the world? (cont)

Bountiful, UT

The standard in 1984 was finish with the best record and get the most votes in the Polls by the sportswriters, coaches, etc. If all those sportswriters and coaches didn't think BYU was the best team they all could have voted for the Washington Huskies. Both the AP and the Coaches Polls voted BYU #1.

The Huskies and 6 other nationally ranked teams had a chance to play BYU in the Holiday Bowl that year and they all balked at it. 7 ranked teams had the chance in the last game to end the debate and they ran away. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Teams can't refuse to play a team and then later hold that against them.

ute fans (aka BYU haters) are just going to have to get over their hatred.

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