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Published: Monday, May 7 2012 10:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Jimmer will be fine, he just needs time.

Man in Charge
Washington, DC

Very predictable outcome. At least the Kings got a point guard in Isaiah Thomas.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

James Taft Fredette is a good guy. He is extremely well spoken and very humble. His biggest problem is that he played for BYU. That didn't benefit him one iota. Fredette is so not NBA material. He's too slow and short. He did not make one basket with a hand in his face at Sacramento. No NBA team will buy his rookie contract option next year. Good luck in Slovakia Fredette.

Salt Lake City, UT

Probably the best thing that Jimmer had a rough dose of reality in his rookie season. Now, Jimmer-mania can die down and he can get back to focusing on basketball and getting better.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ SoonerUte,

There are far too many devout LDS men who live "vicariously" through James Taft for "Jimmermania" to die-down soon. He is their idol, PERIOD. After next year, when Fredettes' rookie contract expires......REALITY will set in. He is not NBA caliber in any way.

Ann Arbor, MI

The good news is that you can get a lot of home for the money in Poland.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ hedgehog..........James Fredette will clear a couple $million after taxes after his contract expires. He'll be able to start a "financial" firm and make a $100 million EASY. What person in Utah County wouldn't give their money to Fredette?

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah-Hawaii Alum said "After next year, when Fredettes' rookie contract expires......REALITY will set in. He is not NBA caliber in any way."

I was trying to be nice.

Actually, for me, Fredette's rookie season was summed up by one play... a few seconds left in the game, down by two, chance to beat the Jazz in Salt Lake, Jimmer with the ball outside the three point line, the crowd gasps because they've seen him do this a thousand times in college, it's up, it's up, it's... an airball.

Iowa City, IA

He'll be fine...and in the league for at least several years. I'd rather have him than somebbody like Raja Bell anyday, and that dude's been around a long time.

In fact, maybe Sactown will make a trade now that they have their man in Thomas. The Jazz need somebody that can hit a three....

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


at the trolls; no matter how hard they try to desperately bash Jimmer, there's NOTHING they can do to ease the pain of that trainwreck on the hill,

Dave Rose Era (2005 to present)
BYU 185-54(77.4%), 7 straight 20+ win seasons, 6 straight 25+ win seasons and NCAA tournaments
Utah 101-119(45.9%), 7 straight seasons of double-digit losses, only one NCAA tournament

BYU 26-9, #45 RPI, #13 points, #21 rebounds, #6 assists, #43 FG%
Utah 6-25, #274 RPI, #339 points, #337 rebounds, #325 assists, #304 FG%



Fillmore, UT

jimmer started with a coach in Sac that seemed to know what he had in jimmer. unfortunately, that guy was sacked, and the new guy (the same one that let jeremy lin sit on the bench last season and then get traded off) worked his same majic on jimmer. he just needed to play.

one of three things need to happen: 1) Sac, sack the coach, or 2) knock some sense into his head, or 3) trade jimmer to a teacm than knows how to use him.

Springville, UT

There are two specific things that I really like about Jimmer, actually there are more but for the sake of 200 words I'll limit it to these two.

1) The half court shot at half time against the Utes in their precious HC.
2) Every article that appears about Jimmer I know it irritates the naysayers.

Oh heck, let's add 3 more.

3) He made it to the NBA when the naysayers said he wouldn't.
4) I hear him on the radio and I know that irritates the naysayers.
5) He was awarded the Consensus National Player of the Year award.

One of kind kid that BYU had the great privilege of having, something that will probably never happen to Utah.

Salt Lake City, UT

Looks like Snack PAC and sammyg were confused by the title of the article. Jimmer Freddette did some fun things in college, but the article was looking back at Jimmer's first season in the NBA, not college. I doubt the coach of the Kings decided his line up each night based on who was once a college national player of the year.

Cougars - Wise Older Brothers
Anaheim, CA

No confusion on the part of BYU fans, just on the part of Utah fans who desperately hope that a less than stellar rookie season in the NBA will somehow detract from Jimmer's college basketball career at BYU.

Omaha, NE


"1) The half court shot at half time against the Utes in their precious HC."

Couldn't have said it better myself!

Jimmer was a gold mine find I remember, but it took him 3 years to really start to shine at the next level. Give him time in the NBA and articles will be completely different. Love to see him be a Steve Nash type player...great guy that makes his team better. Who hates Steve?

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