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Published: Saturday, May 5 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

Updated: Sunday, July 17 2016 12:22 a.m. MDT

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Florissant, MO

Provo Scientist, yes the church does have a lot of money. And your point is?

Central, Utah

@ A Voice of Reason, "....If you have something productive to say, positive, or helpful- I and I believe others here would welcome it...."

Although it wasn't A Scientist who told me, but they admitted it was "fun" seeing what they could say just to see how stirred up they can get others, therefore they are not looking for those things that might be considered positive or helpful.

I have friends who belong to the Community of Christ Church and they have been really nice people. I too thank them for keeping the sites and being willing to sell them to the LDS Church. I hope that we are able to keep them in support of history and those who came before us who made history there.

Good deal, especially if both parties are pleased with the transaction.


Hey bros and sisters, I think "scientist" got the last laugh, just the responses that he wanted, lol. Leave the skeptics alone, heh, haha.
I am glad to see the prophecies all taking place...you know,,,,adam-ondi-ahman....we will own all the land and be comfy there one day with a world in chaos.


We don't know the faith of "scientist." He may teach at the BYU, lol. He is correct..."the church has a lot of money".....fact.....and you all are correct about what the best uses of money are.

Salt Lake City, UT

If you think "The Church has a lot of money" is a "scientific" statement, makes me wonder exactly what qualifications you use to justify your moniker. You must have gotten a really awesome degree. I suppose that would qualify as a scientific statement as well?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: A Scientist Provo, UT
"I appear to have touched a nerve"

And what nerve would that be? You made an observation that is absolutely correct. The City Creek development cost the LDS Church approximately $1.5B. Just think of the return on that investment they will earn.

Richard Allan Jenni
Ocean City, NJ

An answer to my heart's prayerful desire! Ever since I visited the Haun's Mill site a few years ago, I've eagerly anticipated our purchase of that historic landmark- its sad significance notwithstanding. That "sad significance" in all its power. by the way, can still be felt by simply standing there. At least, that was my personal experience. Hoorah for Israel!

Cedar City, Utah

voice of reason said to scientist:"I can reasonably induce from your previous comments (as you are a frequent critic of the church), that your comment here is also implying some sort of criticism"

This observation is more scientific than scientist's, which was the whole point. people like a scientist just like to keep poking the bee hive to watch the bees stir. perhaps he would like to perform a scientific test: what will probably happen to one who keeps stirring up the bees?

Bluffdale, UT

What a deal. It would have cost so much more for the maintenece and taxes of these properties for the last 100 years. A changing of the baton between two groups that only want preservation not financial reward.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

A Scientist,

lol! A nerve? No. I simply wondered what justification you would offer to criticize others.

If a criticism, it is undefended. If not, then the burden of proof is on you to explain how it isn't a criticism based on your pattern of criticisms of the LDS Church. If not a criticism, then what? Restating the obvious? To what end? What telos? Making trivial and pointless remarks isn't scientific either.

Why criticism fails-

Science isn't about simple facts or observations- it's about exploring the unobserved. The moment an atheist says "You are wrong" they abandon reason (by neglecting the possibility of others having subjective experiences) and have left debate and become hostile. Gaining knowledge isn't about proving others wrong but investigating the unknown. The Lectures on Faith touches illustrates this and how faith is not blind, but a reasonable motivation to expand our knowledge.

I have just illustrated how the LDS understanding of faith is purely scientific and of absolute 100% sound logic. I have also illustrated how criticism is destructive and ignorant of reason.

Working together is a far happier approach.



I got a good laugh from your analogy. Well put.

Morgan Hill, CA

A Scientist: Nobody complains if Italian, Irish, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, or Moslem organizations want to buy and preserve historical sites related to their respective heritages. So why do people complain about "money when the Mormons do the same thing? Is the only good Mormon a poor one? Or is the one good church one that is "on the skids" financially?

Salt Lake City, UT

Whether the CoC or the LDS church owns it is irrelevant to me since I'm part of neither church, but I'm glad to see historical landmarks being in a position to be preserved and taken care of.


To Alon
SLC UT 11:03 am May 6th.

What a wonderful suprize to see your comments that Josiah Hammer was your gggrandfather.
He also happens to be my ggg grandfather. How can we further communiate to link our
genealogy lines?

Provo, UT


Any group that takes (or receives, depending on your perspective) 10% of its members' incomes and contributes back to them by building them temples that require 10% of its members' incomes better do well with that money.

Yes, the LDS church is very rich thanks to the faithful who pay their tithing so they can attend the temple and be in good standing with their leaders.

Cardston, Alberta

The LDS Church is extremely prudent with it's financial resources. There are countless examples of wise purchases which are the result of prudent fiscal management. It's only when you have no cash that you cannot take advantage of great business opportunities. Land, when purchased wisely, has always been a sound investment.

san angelo, tx

we need to calm down...scientist did make a reasonable comment..yes we do have money...and we means we the church..we are so blessed to know that our church belongs to we the people...we pay our tithing as we should according to the bible and what the Lord wants us to do..and because of that we have truely been blessed...in many ways and not just money...what better way to spend that hard earned money then to purchase land that belongs in a historical content to both the christ church people and the LDS people..this way its kept up..I also am sure we have someone at church headquarters who manages our money very well. we are the church ...I too am grateful for the sacrifice of the christ church people in deciding to keep it within the realm of our feelings about the sacredness of the areas....I truely believe in paying my tithing so we can have these kinds of blessings...God instructed us to do this and we obeyed..I am so grateful to our Fahter In Heaven and the Savior Jesus Christ for all our blessings...God bless

Winchester, VA

Unlike our federal government that spends all that comes in plus a few trillion, the Church knows that there will be hard times when tithing goes down due to lack of employment. The Church keeps reserves and invests them in areas that are safe - land being one of them. 6000 acres might be a bit more than an historical site needs, but there are always chapels and temples to be built. And if the need arises, the excess land can be sold. I don't think the Church will build there too soon, but some tasteful improvements to the historical site would be welcomed.
And there is always money for Haiti and other disasters.

Bakersfield, CA

Should the Church be prudent and fair with the Mountain Meadow property?

Should they replace the cross that was torn down at the rock cairn site?

What would Jesus do?

West Jordan, UT

With expenditures such as City Creek it seems axiomatic that the LDS Church has a lot of money. However, we do not know if the purchases are prudent since the LDS Church does not disclose its finances to its members who support it. I have no doubt the actual amount of these properties will come forth via the COC, since they do disclose their finances to their members. I have been surprised that many people view the COC negatively. They are fellow believers of the Restoration who have their own rich history apart from the shared history with LDS.

Provo, UT


How do you know the the LDS church is extremely prudent with its finances? How does anyone know except the Quorum of the 12, Presiding Bishopric and Monson?

They aren't audited by an outside entity, nor do they have any accountability for the tithing and other donations that their members give to them so the members themselves can attend the temples that are built.

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