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Published: Saturday, May 5 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Florissant, MO

So you people that defend porn and smoke your weed while you look at your porn, all will be well with you. You will never commit adultry, you will never ignore your family, you will never be a pedifile, you will never rape, you will never think about what you view except when you view it. And while your smoking your weed, you will never lose brain cells, never be curious about other new and "interesting" drugs. No you will just sit hidden in a room, munching on chips and looking at vulgar pictures or videos, but it won't go any further then that. Yep, you will walk out of that room and have a clean pure mind and have a healthy relationship with your family, cause you are so above being destroyed by that. Yeah, Steve and Josh are prime examples of that, porn didn't destroy their lives or the lives of others. Well, I need to go find chocolate, but it won't make me fat, oh wait, I am already fat, thanks to chocolate.

Far East USA, SC

This is certainly NOT a defense of porn, but sometimes there can be an unhealthy line drawn.

In Italy, there are beautiful works of art and statues everywhere. Some depict the human body in all of its glory.

Is that Porn? Do we shelter our kids from that and cover their eyes? Do they walk away with the idea that it is "dirty"?

How about the Rodin exhibit at BYU? They certainly had every right to show what they wanted.
But, were those statues pornographic?

How about an add for Victoria Secret?

"Dirty magazines" are one thing, but when we put ALL depictions of the human body in the same category I believe that we instill an unhealthy concept to children.

Provo, Ut

Part of the problem with the attitude represented by those such as MoJules, is that they like to characterize the issue as a binary matter. Either you are preaching against pornography, or you are advocating it's use. I can list a number of things that I find objectionable about pornography. The conclusion that it causes sexual violence is not one of them. That it IS often sexual violence is what bothers me about it. Again, however, the article didn't just imply pornography as the motivator, but that also Steven Powell became increasingly distrustful of the Mormon Church. That somehow his progressive apostasy caused this behavior. That is absolutely bogus. Furthermore, nobody has tackled the polygamy issue. It seems that, as per the article, Powell was progressing in his sexual deviance, his fantasies had Mormon polygamy context to them. Still, we can make the apostasy connection, the porn connection, but not the polygamy connection. That is a bit of a convenient analysis.

San Diego, CA

Was this article -- sourced exclusively from court filings and an estranged daughter -- meant to read as a "Scared Straight" screed? Steven Powell seems to be an unloveable nut, but I am stunned by the messaging here, unsubtle even by the standards of the new ("more Mormon," in the publisher's words) Deseret News.

One comes away from Mr. Reavy's work with the impression that Steven Powell's pornography-viewing and LDS-disenchantment were proximate causes of Susan Powell's and her children's deaths. Amazing.

Sugar City, ID

Re Mormon Cowboy: "What sort of irks me about this article though is not the overt "blame it all on porn" tone of the report, but the included "it was because he left the Church" bit. Certainly this man is a menace with problems, but to suggest that it was because he left the Church, or indulged in pornography is pathetic."

But the fact is that if Steven Powell had lived true to his LDS "covenants" none of this would have happened. His porn addition was a violation of his covenants. He then decided to blame the LDS church and the rest is history. That's a reason why the covenants are so important. They are a great protection against so much that is wicked and sordid and tragic in this world.

Far East USA, SC

"That's a reason why the covenants are so important. They are a great protection against so much that is wicked and sordid and tragic in this world."

You mean, like, Coffee?

Tooele, UT

Re: "One comes away from Mr. Reavy's work with the impression that Steven Powell's pornography-viewing and LDS-disenchantment were proximate causes of Susan Powell's and her children's deaths. Amazing."

But true.

Provo, Ut

Ouch JSB - I suppose by that logic, had Josh just obeyed the ten commandments he would have never murdered his sons, right? Sort of misses the point though, doesn't it? The only way you comment offers any real insight is to assume that pornography caused all of this. The data just doesn't bear out that conclusion on aggregate scale. As for the particulars of this case, we still don't know enough to start deriving causes, which is why I object to this article. It has jumped to the conclusion that pornography and apostasy were the causes, not on the basis of clear fact, but out of a desire to use this case to serve a religious agenda.

Henderson, NV

The link between adult and child porn is observed globally,
and it is nothing new. Sixteen years ago, at the 1996 World
Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children,
Margaret Healy stated in a paper titled “Child Pornography:
An International Perspective” that “with the emergence of
the use of computers to traffic in child pornography, a new
and growing segment of producers and consumers is being
identified. They are individuals who may not have a sexual
preference for children, but who have seen the gamut of
adult pornography and who are searching for more bizarre

Muireann O’Brian also observed this in her
work with child sexual abusers. She heads the Bangkok office
of End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism,a global organization that helps police and lawyers target child molesters. She
pointed out that “arrests have shown men with perfectly
normal sexual proclivities become seduced, then involved
and finally addicted to child pornography.”

To those of you who say, “tsk tsk Nobody is harmed by my porn use”, I say, your ignorance and self-absorption is showing.

To others who want to understand this addiction, go to morality in media dot com or pornharms dot com.

Las Vegas, Nevada

While MormonCowboy may get an intellectual "kick" out of splitting hairs over the pornography and its effects/non-effects issue, I will unequivocally call pornography evil in all its forms. What the article seems to insinuates is: it was his pornography addiction that started him on the path to his departure from the church; or, as Elder Maxwell noted "..I saw a few leave the Church who could then never leave it alone. They used often their intellectual reservations to cover their behavioral lapses."
At least according to Steven Powell's ex-wife and Greaves' opinion, this seems possibly the case.

Sugar City, ID

Mormon Cowboy: "had Josh just obeyed the ten commandments he would have never murdered his sons, right?" Yes, that's right. He wouldn't have gotten close to doing the terrible things he did. He would have been a decent husband and father and stayed that way. It's not too complicated.

Mesa, Az

There is a direct correlation between pornography and sexual abuse. Does this mean that everyone that views porn committs seuxal abuse. No it doesn't. But people who view porn like to act on the things that they see. Just because you don't hear about it, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. I have personally investigated many child seuxal abuse allegations and the perp usually starts off by talking about their addiction to porn. Pornography is very dangerous, it is counterfiet and for those addicted to it, it is a drug that they can not get enough of. I find that people who embrace the church then fell off can become like the Zoramites of old. Powell is no diffent.

Salt Lake City, UT

Just in case you hadn't noticed, this is one --seriously-- messed up person.

To say he's had an evil effect on his family is to say cyanide can make you feel, "icky".

I hope he's put in a place where is sickness can be treated and, most importantly, isolated.

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