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Published: Friday, May 4 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Highland, UT

Nothing about you is "reality". You're not a BYU fan for starters and that makes everything after that false as well. I do enjoy reading it however, I really do. Seeing a utah "fan" go to the lengths you go to try and convince BYU fans of BYU's supposed inferiority and utah's supposed superiority is borderline manic. It simply proves Max right and supplies me with constant hours of amusement.

I never realized how much fun it could be to litterally watch someone descend into madness right before my eyes.


Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Please continue to post your lies . . ."

Oh Ducky, you're a little too forgetful.

In comments to the June 1, 2011 DNews article about Utah's then-scheduled 2011 TV appearances, willary correctly stated:
"The Pac-12 Network will be national off the bat. Every Pac-12 football game will be on either ESPN family, Fox family or Pac-12 Network, all national stations."

You posted this on June 2 at 11:20am:
"I'm willing to wager that is not going to happen."

You posted this at 12:12pm:
"I am willing to wager that the pac12 network WILL NOT be available nationwide next year as williary asserted. No chance at all that it will be. I'm willing to wager it will take years, if it is ever available nationwide, for that to happen."

When called on your "wager", you backslid:
"The pac10 network will not be available nationwide next year. . . . But to give you a fighting chance let's say if it is avaiable in just 75% of the households in the country"

Belatedly adding the 75% qualifer--meaningless when satellite comes on-board--doesn't get you off the hook.

Quack-up, ducky. LOL!!

Highland, UT

Uh johny....would you please tell me what channel I can find the pac10 network on? I have Comcast. Then would you please be kind enough to tell me on what channel it can be found on any system, cable or sattelite, anywhere in the country? Thanks in advance for helping me to keep my part of the wager.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Sorry duckie, I'm not going to give you cover to parse your words yet again. But I will help you remember, as that seems difficult.

When willary correctly stated that every Pac-12 football game would be shown on either ESPN family, Fox family or Pac-12 networks nationwide, your wager was based on your confident boast: "That is not going to happen."

It is. Give up. See ya' next year.


Highland, UT


No that is not the wager I made despite your desire. You know what I really love about this? It is that you are so desperate for me to not post on utah articles that you will go to any length, tell any falsehood, make any demand, to make that happen. LOL!

I love that I have this affect on you. LOL!


The pac12 network is currently not on any system anywhere and there is no date as to when it will be.



"The pac12 network is currently not on any system anywhere and there is no date as to when it will be."

Not throwing my hat in the ring of this useless argument, just inserting some news to clarify misinformation. From Broadcast Engineering: "MIRA Mobile Television will provide remote television production services to the new Pac-12 Networks when they launch in August." A logical time to look for when a sports network will be on air would be when the sports it covers begin their year; for college sports, that would be August.

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