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Published: Wednesday, May 2 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Can Utah Hawaii Alum just get a twitter account?

That way, when any old idea randomly pops into his head, he can tweet it, rather than wasting our time on a story about Drew Reilly with stories about the 1980's, his family background, and how he enjoyed college thirty years ago?

South Jordan, UT

You gotta love how obsessed these ute fans are Utah-Hawaii Alum chris b you all know who you are. it took 3 articles (Reilly, McKay J. and Nick E. ) to reach 161 comments and it took 16 articles to reach 113 comments on the utes side so who is irrelevant and I only counted the ones that have comments sad so very sad

Bountiful, UT

Way to go Drew. Looks like you Aimed High!


"Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX
When BYU recruited me...............YIKES! That meeting lasted less than 3 minutes.......a waste of my time!"

I'm guessing by your comments you were a 5 star DB that turned down USC?

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ WON84, no sir, I was a very gifted shadow boxer like jan Jorgensen and later went on to sell peanuts and cotton candy at Utah Jazz games like Max Hall does now. Thanks for asking though. Cheers!

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

@Utah-Hawaii Alum

What we want to know is how do you feel about Justin Beiber, and what are you eating for dinner.

BTW, Jim McMahon was a stud, so posting that was exciting, but not really more than "twitterable"....

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah-Hawaii Alum

"Big 10 games are in Utah's future!"

What you're really saying is that 2011 provided a reality check for utedom that perennial middle of the pac, losing conference records will be the norm from now on, so the only way Utah was going to qualify for a bowl was to schedule a bunch of OOC patsies. Now that the pac is forcing Utah to play a Big 10 team as one of those OOC opponents, there'll be lots of bowless seasons ahead for the Utes.

GOTTA love it baby!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Veritas, well sir, I have a poster of the Beibs on the ceiling of my bedroom. He also autographed my left chest.........I didn't shower for 4 months after that! I think I'll eat a can of Walmart brand Spaghetti-Os tonight.

And yes, Jimmy Mac was the real deal for sure!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

@ Uteanonymous, Jordan Wynn went down and we had to play a D2 QB for most of the season. Plus, 2011 was a rebuilding year for the Utes. Now, 2012 and the foreseeable future looks great for Utah.............We will crush BYU again this year.

Park City, UT

"Jordan Wynn went down and we had to play a D2 QB for most of the season."

Blame that on K-Whitless for converting all of his QB recruits to other positions and leaving his QB cupboard bare with nothing but an injured, injury-prone starter. If Chow hadn't been smart enough to see the gaping hole in K-Whit's QB roster, the Utes would have been stuck playing one of those pathetic QBs from spring practice.

btw, BYU also played their backup QB most of the season, but unlike K-Whit, Bronco was smart enough to have a well-stocked QB cupboard.

If BYU is such a pushover, why are the Utes running away from BYU to play teams like Northern Colorado?

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

9/15 will indeed be a very sad day if you are wearing red. At least it won't be a conference loss.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Utah schedules a cupcake 1st game every season, like most major programs do. Utah also has contracts with the second best program in Utah......Utah State. BYU is a struggling WAC mid-major, so why should we play them only every once in a while? Utah is getting ready to schedule a Big 10 home and home series. Oregon just inked a deal with Michigan State. That is why Utah will DUMP BYU. And, I am thrilled about it. Cheers!

Gilbert, AZ

"Utah schedules a cupcake 1st game every season, like most major programs do. Utah also has contracts with the second best program in Utah......Utah State."

It's good to see that you're finally beginning to accept reality that you're only the 3rd best program in Utah. Obviously, you've still got a few rationalization issues to work out before you're willing to admit that the Utes are running away from the Cougars with your redtailed feathers between your legs.

Spin it anyway that helps you sleep at night, but, unlike the Buffs who have extended their rivalry with CSU to 2020, the Utes are chickening out their rival.

San Diego, CA

If anyone is interested in a few highlights from his Freshman year at CSU check out youtube

San Diego, CA

I've seen this kid play since high school and he's a legit talent. BYU passed on him because they passed on his big brothers, AJ and Trevor, and we know what a mistake it was to pass on Trevor. He's up a the U killing it!

I'm glad to hear Drew wants into BYU and CSU let him go. I will say that I heard through the grapevine that his release was NOT unconditional. There were a few schools that CSU blocked, the schools on their schedule. So I'd back of Chow, if he doesn't want one of his former players playing against him I don't blame him.

Drew has the size, speed and passion to be a player at the Y. You don't call someone a quitter who is a starting DI safety and wants a better life for himself, you call him brilliant and gutsy - the perfect player for the BYU program.


Phoenix, honestly I'm not sure it's Utah who is pulling the plug. I don't think BYU wants to waste a valuable September slot on a small school when they could be playing a Texas even if it is on the road or on a two for one basis.

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

To the FLoridian (Pac12commish): You are too far away to see how the Utah schools match up. There are plenty of problems for you to fix in that state, aren't there? Do you have interschool transfers there? Is Central Florida taking over the football spotlight? How does that feel? For that matter, how about Urban's move to the midwest. He has already run out of friends with his antics there.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

Braxton, your comments show a very large gap in NCAA football knowledge. Have you never heard of other athletes transferring from one school to another? Have you never heard of RM's playing their entire career at schools other than Utah or BYU? How many do I need to list for you to stop putting your foot in your mouth?

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah-Hawaii Alum needs to take a deep breath and calm down. If the Honor Code offends you, you were not as pleased as BYU that you chose to attend another school. Thanks for taking the other side.


Hey Utah-Hawaii Alum, I didn't know Utah had a golf team. That was a good recruting decision!! BYU must not have really been interested, who would make the decision to play golf at Utah if they had a real offer from BYU

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