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Published: Wednesday, May 2 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

@Chris B is now recycling comments. Have you made so many posts on BYU articles that you have run out of new material?

Cedar City, UT

@AZRods +1

Heber City, UT

Dear Crowntownl Don't confuse the state of Colorado with CSU. He didn't say he wasn't living the lifestyle he wanted, he just said it was difficult at a party school. It is always easier when you are surrounded with people who think and act like you.

When you attend a college and drinking is high on the priority list, with everyone encouraging you and inviting you to participate and lower your standards the wise person moves on. Who needs to listen to this type of talk and see this action on a daily basis. It sounds like he has better things to think about than what is happening at CSU. For most people an honorable mission does readjust your priorities.

Woods Cross, UT

Let's be honest here, the reason is SOCIAL. An RM in Colorado can find an LDS social scene, but it is still much better at the Utah schools. Also the U and Y both deal with the "older" students better, they understand that these young men are not 18 anymore and have some maturity.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


The truth hurts. Every time I bring it up. Byu does not have the talent to be among the elite(see undefeated seasons, BCS games, BCS wins....).

byu was good 30 years ago because of innovative offensive minds. Unfortunately, coaching has caught up and surpassed you many years ago and the "athletic disparity" shall we say is shown when byu matches up against speed(see byu's 0-8 record against good teams the past 2 years)

But let me say something nice about byu:

I have full confidence you can win another WAC championship this year.

O-town, UT

The CSU coach sounds like a class act. Good on him to have in mind what is best for the individual. Really, sometimes a change of scenery is needed. I think this will be good for Reilly, just as I think Heaps will do better at Kansas. I think the high expectations of Heaps at the QB spot (despite his inexperience at the college level) and the culture shock were too much for him. It's good to see coaches like that today. All the best to Reilly.

Lehi, UT

It's all about securing the right fit for the student athlete and the school. Congratulations to Drew, BYU and CSU for doing the right thing.

Jonathan Eddy
Payson, UT

Coaches can leave for other schools anytime they want without having to wait a year before coaching again. The NCAA treats students like unpaid slaves.

They should not be punished when the school they chose doesn't meet their needs.

If a student athlete plays below average, the school can take away their scholarship. Student athletes have rights.

They should not have to wait a year to play after their transfer.

I hate the NCAA and the BCS. Both 501c3's need to be declared for profit corporations and athletes should be paid if their skills can demand it.

Morgan, UT

Chris B

I'll take BCS athletes over sunday school boys anyday

You'll take anything you can get...character or not.

Sometimes things just go right in the world.

Kearns, UT

Good move. Too bad brother didn't go in and meet Bronco.

Virginia Beach, Va

The fans of both BYU and Utah could learn a thing or two from this story. Coaches like Chow could learn something from the CSU coach as well. Good luck to the kid.


This is really telling of his character. I would be cautious of this kid.

Highland, UT


So are you concerned about his borthers character as well? YOu know the guy that actually encouraged him to check out either BYU or utah? You know the kid that had already transferred to utah after his mission?

My guess is no.

Iowa City, IA

Drew after reading these comments by ute fans, aren't you glad you chose BYU? Welcome to Cougar Nation! Your brother is a class act too. Sad that ute fans don't recognize he's a "sunday school boy" too.

ogden, ut

The big picture is that these kids like Wadsworth, Nelson , Reilly and several others before them make it difficult for others to get recruited. What coach out side of Utah would want to recruit a kid who has a desire to fulfill a mission? The attitude is once they return, they will want to transfer. Way to set the stage ( sarcasm inserted). Just gives serving an LDS mission a bad rap with schools outside of Utah. Way to go Norm Chow who gets it. If there were more coaches like Chow, we would see a decrease in this behavior. I hope one day they will think about what their actions do to the future kids.

Salt Lake City, UT

Glad he was able to switch to BYU without the CSU Coach blocking him.

Once again, it is all about the student. We don't need more coaches and administrators manipulating the lives of kids.

They should be free to go without hoping the coach doesn't block them.

Satan had a plan that was all about control.

It is time to change these rules!

Murray, UT

Classy move by CSU head coach releasing Drew from his scholorship at CSU. Im happy for Drew, he seems like a good kid and he found a place where he will fit in and feel comfortable with the atmosphere. And of course im looking forward to seeing him play at BYU.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

This kid is great...........Provo, Utah is the greatest town on earth. I am going to move there ASAP........Dallas, Texas is too boring for me.

Mcallen, TX

After the hazing death in Florida, and bounty hunting in New Orleans, I'll take Sunday School boys and the honor code any day.

Cedar City, UT

@Chris B

What do you consider to be a good team? Assuming that you do not consider BYU to be a good team, then Utah hasn't beaten a good team in the last two years either (and they haven't played as many).

You do, however, seem to have a knack for losing to bad teams. Would you like to list that stat?

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