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Published: Monday, April 30 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Hank Pym

per David King 10:32 p.m. April 30, 2012

"then you will get exactly what you desire, a general election between two candidates who pretend to represent vastly different views and philosophies of government, who actually agree on a host of fundamental issues such as: individual mandates, bailouts for banks, government stimulus bills, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, fighting undeclared preventative wars of agression, protecting the Federal Reserve, and in short, growing both the size and scope of government."

Agreed. I hate to beat the same drum again yet when the 2012 candidates for Potus are IVY league Grads what do you expect?

per Aggie238 11:20 p.m. April 30, 2012

Could not have said it any better. Dr. Paul is that lone voice in crying out in the political wilderness. I'm tempted to make a biblical analogy but won't. Until a candidate (a Libertarian or Independent with strong Libertarian leanings) rises up and shakes both major political parties to their core nothing good will come of American
politics. You think things have been strange since 1988; they are about to get even more ridiculous.


Well, no doubt about it - we are definitely winning the War on Drugs! NOT!

We have thrown billions at this problem and are not making any headway, unless you count filling up our prisons and making the drug business very lucrative for the drug lords.

Why don't we handle the drug problem like we do the "other drug problem" we have in society?
That of course would be alcohol. Did prohibition stop alcohol use? Nope. Did the money to be made in it go up? Yep. Did crime go up? Yep.
Take the big money out of it and a huge part of the problem will disappear. The cost of producing these drugs is not that much. What makes them expensive is that they are illegal and some people will do anything to get at something that is illegal. Passing laws usually doesn't stop them.

Make them available in a state regulated store just as alcohol is. Take the big money out of it.
About 3% will partake and then we will have to deal with the health issues it creates. We already do that with alcohol. Not a perfect system, but much better than now. Your ideas?

Tooele, UT

Re: "People are already beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors of the mainstream candidates."

I've seen no evidence of that whatever. The vast majority of Americans are on political autopilot. Plodding on, projecting their own beliefs onto whatever candidate seems most attractive to them, caring little for the effect of their vote on our Nation.

Politicians are counting on the fact that, only the unusual voter takes the time to analyze the positions of a candidate, look hard at the people and advisers he surrounds himself with, or examine the actions the candidates take when they think no one is looking.

That's what sadddest about this, and pretty much every other election -- the only choices are between bad, and not as bad.

Modern American politics would be a much more palatable and honorable pursuit, and would attract more decent people, if it weren't so heavily populated by politicians.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Dear Tenx,

There are hundreds of other countries for you to choose to live in. Take your pick.


I would no more vote for Romney because he is a "Mormon" than I would vote for Nancy Peolosi because she is a "woman" or Obama because he is half black and half white. In fact I tend to agree with those Protestants who see Romney as Mormon but insufficiently so.

Reading the statements of successive presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on the subjects of War and Provident Living I see a far greater similarity between them and Ron Paul than they and Romney. In fact they are similar to Paul and dissimilar to Romney.

I usually snigger at those who say that "you can do anything you really want to or that you truly believe" envisaging users of hallucinogens jumping out of high rise buildings truly believing they can fly and hitting the sidewalk like flies on a windscreen, and candidates who mostly say they are "the next president of the United States of America" when obviously only one of them can be.

Somehow their infallible beliefs and dreams disintegrate at the possibility of a Paul presidency, something definitely still possible if somewhat unlikely given the fatalism and defeatism of his countrymen.

Joe Moe
Logan, UT

I hear a lot about Ron Paul's "crazy" foreign policy ideas. But when I hear him talk about war, and just causes for war, it sounds a lot like what I read being taught in the Book of Mormon. To wit, we may use violence to defend ourselves, our homes, our families, our freedom of religion; but not otherwise. Is this "crazy" talk?

Of course war policy is distinct from foreign aid, offering to help people suffering deprivation -- but shouldn't that help come from voluntary citizens, rather than being mandated by Congress and enforced by the IRS? Is the latter not the definition of socialism?

But I personally am not nearly as concerned with the aid issue (it is humanitarian, and it is a tiny fraction of the budget) as I am with the war issue, and the massive military-industrial complex.

Spanish Fork, UT

Romney should agree to appoint Ron Paul either the director or secretary of the Federal Reserve or the Department of Education. And give him carte blanche.

That I'd like, but, these Orwellian Paulatrons are a bit hard to stomach. They need to "wake up" and all those other cliches they love to throw around after their seance in planet UnObtainia.

You are now either part of the problem or part of the solution, guys. You've had your fun with Ron Paul but now the election is strictly between keeping Obama or not. Romney is on the ticket and you will not be. So, will you throw a snit and stay home or vote for Obama or vote from Romney.

Life must always be "compared to what."

Fern RL

What Romney did in saving the 2002 Winter Olympics from their economically disastrous beginnings is more important than anything he did as Governor or any other thing that may sound like he is going to indulge the nation in continued extravagant spending. He is not. He has the ability and the desire to curb the spending and allow states the power to enact their own solutions to more local problems. No matter how idealistic Ron Paul may be, he just doesn't have the expertise with economics that Romney has. The only concern I have about Romney facing Obama in the fall is that too many Americans don't feel like they can trust Romney because they have been taught to distrust all Mormons. This prejudice is far worse than it was for Kennedy in 1960.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Unlike Santorum and Gingrich, I think Paul's continued candidacy is about getting out the ideas of Libertarianism. Paul has energized younger voters with Libertarian ideals. Yes, Romeny will be the nominee but Paul has played an important role in getting younger conservative and Libertarian type voters engaged again in politics and thinking about these issues. This is a good thing.

Lehi, UT

Ok, let me make the most basic argument about Romney besting Obama. And this is why I will pick the former over the latter - even after the latter’s three years of being president. And anyone with a fair and functional brain will make, at least start, with this comparison. Strip Obama and Romney of their positions on issues and things, strip them of their achievements, in business and politics (though Romney will also outdo Obama in that category 8 to 1). Let’s look at their core qualifications pertaining to the POTUS as an executive post.

Obama when he ran in 2008 had almost no applicable experience. And such ineptness has shown in his three years as president. Using that as our most basic premise of being successful (as president), Romney will have done a much better job. And considering the mess America is in now, economically, Romney becomes even more relevant. Common sense should at the very least remind America who the better man is at THIS VERY TIME to lead our country. Romney trumps Obama. Case closed. As for Ron Paul, sorry, next time!

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

I'm not selling my soul by voting for Obama or Romney. Ron Paul has my vote no matter what.

The only thing Obama and Romney will bring is more of the same. Real change will never happen with these bought and paid for clowns in cahrge.

Montesano, WA

Ok to all the Paulbots out there yes he has a five state plurality. How ever Rick santorum and newt will pledge their delegates to Mitt. By may 22 Mitt will surpass the 1,444 count and so there will be no brokered convention. To trigger rule number 40 subsection b in to motion. Then what are you going to do? Run turd party? just so you assure a victory in November for Obama? If you write in Ron Paul it is a vote for Obama if you sit out and pout it is a vote for Obama. If Ron Paul really loved this nation the best thing he could do right now is check his ego and support Mitt. and encourage his minions to support Mitt.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC

I just find that Ron Pauls ideals embrace gospel principles a lot more than Romneys. There are many people out there who draw near the constiution from their lips but their hearts are far from it when they support things like the patriot act, TSA groping, attacking foreign countries with no clear goal in mind and Cybersecurity. All of these thing have more in common with Nazi Germany than the constiution.

Farmington, UT

@IdahoStranger--You are right to put Ron Paul's foreign policy here in black and white for clarification. It still looks to me like it can be summed up as isolationism. In a perfect world, isolationism is a reasonable and appealing approach to life. In reality it's leaves us dangerously exposed and vulnerable to the bullies, despots and empire-builders of the world. Bullies don't refrain from building alliances. There are plenty of corrupt governments who are more than willing to listen to and collaborate on power schemes that will allow them access to the world stage and fill their coffers. Bullies tell lies and make compelling promises in order to muster their coalitions.
Because we know the corrupting nature of power and money, and because there will always be evil leaders, it behooves us to be wise and proactive in forging alliances of our own, not only for assistance when attacked, but also to serve as a deterrent to the world's aggressors.
Ron Paul preaches isolationism because it appeals to our peace-loving nature, but his willingness to ignore the lessons history has to teach us is his Achilles heel.

Burley, ID

Aren't we all tired of:

Undeclared Wars
Deficit Spending
900+ overseas military installations.
Businesses which are too big to fail.
Laws that are passed before anyone reads them.
A government too willing to "spread" our wealth.
A Federal Reserve that doesn't want to be audited.
Candidates who don't live up to their campaign promises.
A Federal government that doesn't follow the Constitution.
Spying on U.S. born and raised citizens without a court order.
Candidates who flip/flop their positions in order to win votes.
Bank bailouts even while they foreclose on hundreds of thousands of homes.
Huge bonuses for Fannie Mae and Freddi Mac executives while both lose money.

As Americans, we know that the above things are wrong! And yet, we keep electing the "same types of individuals" who keep leading us down the same pathway.

America needs a change in direction, and that isn't going to come from Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama; both are just flip sides of the same coin.

Ron Paul is the only real change, left in this election.

Sandy, UT

Ron Paul has some very great ideas if you believe in freedom and understand prosperity. However, he will not be the nominee, and will never be president. But for ANY of his supporters to say that if he doesn't get the nomination, they might as well vote for Obama--shows just how naive some of these folks really are. Romney isn't perfect, and I don't agree with all his stances on everything past or present. However, he's so far ahead of Obama that they're not even in the same league. Obama is all about government running everything, jacking up deficits, increasing taxes, introducing burdensome regulations on every facet of business or innovation, letting invaders flood in here and take everything they want, putting incompetent and corrupt people in positions of authority and even calling them "czars," pandering to big campaign contributors and special interest groups, opposing anything tied to Christianity or any other morale foundation, etc., etc. Romney is basically the opposite.

Logan, UT


Isolationism? No, North Korea is isolationist. I don't think you know what you're talking about. You probably heard something about isolationism in your high school U.S. History course 20 years ago, and now you feel like you can throw the term around. Non-interventionist more accurately describes Ron Paul's position (which you obviously do not understand anyway). It's the difference between North Korea and, say, Switzerland. Also, who, pray tell, is going to be the big bad "bully" to the United States? China? We've already sold our economic souls to them, so that's already been done. Oh, you mean Iran...yeah...SO scared of little old Iran. Let them cross the Atlantic and do something to us and see how that works out when we have secure borders, and a strong military at home.

Florissant, MO

There is a guy who sings in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir who looks just like Ron Paul, I think Ron Paul has more of a chance to be that guys double, then he does to become president. Oh, he would have to become a Mormon, and that was in my factoring of his chances to be the GOP candidate or President. But I do like Ron Paul and do feel he has some very good points.

Anti Bush-Obama
Washington, DC


I agree 100% Well said. People have to learn to accept change outside the bounds of mainstream conservatism and liberalism if they truly want this country and our freedoms back. But yet they cling to insanity by voting for the establishment republican or democrat and expecting different results.

Hank Pym

@ RockOn 11:16 a.m. May 1, 2012

"these Orwellian Paulatrons are a bit hard to stomach. They need to "wake up" and all those other cliches they love to throw around after their seance in planet UnObtainia."

And there are no partisan hacks (Limbaugh, Carville, etc...) or goofy cliches trotted out by either major party?

"You are now either part of the problem or part of the solution, guys... So, will you throw a snit and stay home or vote for Obama or vote from Romney."

Paul is the beginning of the solution. Having 2 Ivy League grads as the candidates for POTUS again is the problem. I plan on voting for Former NM Gov Johnson who should get the Libertarian nomination.

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