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Published: Monday, April 30 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Saint George, UT

Can we please stop comparing everyone and everything to Jimmer? Nick Emery will never be Jimmer. He may end up being better than Jimmer but let's understand that Jimmer Mania was a very unique situation. Even if Nick ends up being better, the odds of sweeping the country again with Jimmeresque mania will not happen again. "You got Nickered" just doesn't have the same ring.
Let's stop putting so much pressure on these young guys with too high of expectations too soon.

Veritas Aequitas
Fruit Heights, UT

Who was the next Ainge, Van Horn, Miller?

Agree with Dutgut.

Jimmermania was fun. It's over. Move on.

Frisco, TX

The future looks bright for BYU basketball! I haven't seen Nick play, but I have a few friends who have seen him play. Here's some adjectives that they use to describe his game - efficient, accurate, sound, and some have even said amazing.

It's great to be the team down South.

Bountiful, UT

However good Nick is, the Haws kid a year behind him is even better. BYU will have good basketball for a while. Coach Rose is the perfect guy for the job in Provo.

provo, UT

Efficient, no. Sound, no. Unless you think launching 5-10 30 footers per game is an efficient and fundamentally sound way to score. He is a good player, has A TON of talent, but he can lose a game for team just as easily as he can win it. I just wish he would try to improve his floor game (bball IQ, passing). If he can, he could be a great player for BYU.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah

Let the jealous rants from our Dixie friend and his buddies on the hill begin.

Even if Nick only turns out to be as good as his big brother, he'll be something special, but having seen Nick play many times, comparisons to Jimmer may be closer to the truth. One thing we do know is BYU's underclassmen commits Nick Emery and TJ Haws schooled Utah commit Jordan Loveridge in the Utah 5A State Championship Playoffs.

Sandy, UT

@Dutgut...totally agree!!!

Frisco, TX

How many years has Michael Jordan been retired? Any yet the comparisons continue.

Please save your energy - I'm not saying Jimmer is in the same conversation as Michael Jordan.

But just like Michael Jordan is one of the best NBA players of all time, Jimmer is one of the best BYU players of all time. I hope to continue to read about him for the next decade.

And if you don't like reading about Jimmer and Emery and all the other great basketball stars that BYU has in the pipeline, don't click BYU Sports - stick with Utah Sports and join the debate as to whether this was the worst Ute basketball team of all team.

Personally, I'm still a huge Jimmer fan. In fact, I just might order a pair of Jimmer's new shoes. They could be my first pair of Spaldings.

Baltimore, MD

Rising stars are always compared to the greats that preceded them.

Sarkisian was compared to Detmer was compared to Bosco was compared to Young was compared to McMahon was compared to Wilson was compared to Nielson was compared to Shiede.

Jimmer was compared to Ainge.

Some live up to their hype. Some exceed it. Some fall short.

There's nothing wrong with using comparisons until a player has established his own identity.

In fact, the greats relish the opportunity to be measured against the greats that preceeded them.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

I think it is hilarious the continual hype over James Fredette. Fredette will be out of the NBA after his rookie contract expires next year. He is pathetic, plays no D whatsoever and shoots 38%.

BYU basketball has always been a joke on the national stage. Their last 11 appearances in the NCCA tourney NYU has lost in the first round 9 times. And, have only recorded 3 wins, other than the ridiculous "play-in" game against lowly Iona, which was a miracle win at best. The only great bball player to play at BYU was Kresimir Cosic. BYU fans ALWAYS need something to cheer for..........?

By the way, the greatest player to ever play college hoops in Utah was Utah's Billy McGill........hands down, the best by far! His stats make Fredette look like a junior HS cager.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

I thinks it is hillarious that BYU-obsessed haters continue to cling to the desperate belief that a less than stellar career in the NBA will somehow detract from Jimmer's outstanding college career.

The only joke here is jealous Utah fans deluding themselves into believing that the rundown Utes are something more than an utter embarrassment to their new conference.

Jimmer was the CONCENSUS NATIONAL PLAYER OF THE YEAR, winning the Naismith, AP, Adolph Rupp, John R. Wooden, Oscar Robertson, and NABC National Player of the Year Awards, one of only 20 players in college basketball history to win all six awards.

Billy McGill, the "greatest basketball player in Utah history," didn't win a single national award and only lasted three years in the NBA.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

James Fredette won't be in the NBA after next year. Mark it! He is way too slow for that league!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

James Fredette = Adam Morrison = eastern Europe league

Orem, UT

Utah-Hawaii Alum

That's laughable coming from someone who claimed that Jimmer would never even be drafted into, let play in, the NBA.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Utah-Hawaii Alum

More lame predictions from the "fan" who claimed that Jimmer would never be drafted by the NBA?

No worries, Jimmer's 32-point first half, culminating in his 40-foot buzzer-beater will forever be a Huntsman Center classic. At least U were fortunate enough to be included in Jimmer's highlight reel.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

I never said that James Fredette wouldn't be drafted!!!! I have said he'll never make it in the NBA........which is true. He is awful in the NBA.


Jimmer was terrible this year, there is no doubt about that.

Alexandria, VA

Any idea how many years it took for people to stop asking if so and so is the next Danny Ainge? No one will be the next Jimmer.

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Billy McGill was a three time all-American, 1st pick in the NBA draft, who averaged 38.8 ppg(led the nation), 15 rpg his senior year at Utah. Those stats are very impressive considering there was no 3-point line or shot clock in 1962-3. And just for giggles Y fans...... he threw down 60 points at BYU that season! Cheers!

Utah-Hawaii Alum
Dallas, TX

Please excuse my 1962-3 error. I meant 1961-2. Just to add to my Billy McGill claims..........he also led Utah to a final 4 his junior year, a sweet 16 as a sophomore and shot 56% from the field as a senior..........now Y fans, please compare James Taft Fredette's stats against Billy "The Hill" McGill..............crickets?????

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