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Published: Monday, April 30 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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St.George, Utah

Voters across the US should read the comments written by "LDS" members following these political articles. That could certainly give a new meaning to the word "delightful".


Second that ThornBirds. If they read LDS comments on here they'd have a better feel for them. A Voice of Reason, among several others, stand out in my mind as great examples of true Mormon beliefs and thought patterns.

Beaverton, OR

After long-term discussions with LDS about their doctrines,it is quite clear that they often do not know what is in their own doctrines. I have heard answers that make it clear
that some practices are demanded in some wards and not at all in others.

That would make the entire doctrine to be a "myth".

Explanations of "what Joseph Smith really meant" abound when modern LDS realize how
much of their beliefs do not match those of Jesus the Christ.

It is altered, glossed over and "softened" for PR purposes. Having this Mormon Myth
exposure is the best thing that has happened for Christianity in a very long time.

Jeanie b.
Orem, UT

Yes, reading comments after political articles would give some a view on Mormons - and also a view on those who seem to target anything LDS with anything negative that pops into their minds. It would seem to me a person could be much happier if they didn't feel a need to have a target to shoot at - almost daily.

By the way - how clear is the average Christian on basic Christian doctrine? I have noticed it changes quite a bit from church to church. Seems to me there are many interpretations of the same scripture passages. Does this make Christianity a myth?

layton, UT

Re: M.G. Scott, you know all of the doctrines(Mormonism) of Jesus Christ. Well, you don't. Most Christians who read only the New Testament would find it hard to agree on the different teachings. Baptism for the dead. True,

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can Destroy both soul and body in hell (Mt 10:28)

Mosiah 2:39,”And now I say unto you, that mercy hath no claim on that man; therefore his’ Final doom’ is to endure a never ending torment.

(Mosiah 3:25)…to shrink from the presence of the Lord into a state of misery and endless torment whence they can’ No more Return’; therefore they drunk damnation to their own souls.

grandma sus
Central, UT

Amazing the amount of "anti" readers of the Deseret News. A lot of rascals who want to shake our faith. It only shows their ignorance of the facts.

Central, UT

Isn't it wonderful that some columnists actually try to print good factual information? Bless them for their effort and integrity!


How interesting. The religion you were born into is the most correct and true religion, all others are wrong.

Salt Lake City, UT

As more Mormons are asked about their faith, they will become more deft at answering the questions. It has always amazed me how Mormons feel they have to share the most sacred information and are subsequently shocked when they are dismissed or mocked. Hopefully, they'll learn not to cast "pearls before swine" and allow other people to find out for themselves through their own study, pondering and prayer.

That which is sacred and "hidden from the world" was meant to be, until the individual really is sincere in his search for truth.

Provo, Ut

"A Voice of Reason, among several others, stand out in my mind as great examples of true Mormon beliefs and thought patterns"

I suppose that depends on what we mean by "true Mormon beliefs and thought patterns". This comes across very Orson Scott Card'ish to me. We would like to be the authorities even over Mormon people, to say who is representative of the whole, vs, who is not. It would be far more helpful to point how a person can recognize this, in a meaningful way that allows everyone to reach a reasonable concensus. The primary challenge in Mormonism is that there is very little concrete doctrine. Everything beyond a general belief in Jesus Christ and Mormon authority, is fluid in Mormonism. From there we get these authoritative sounding statements from people with no institutional authority.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


I was not born into the church. Nor was my spouse. Our children were.

If there is a true religion, then it only stands to reason that some will inherit that destiny. Others will have to find it on their own.


@Twin Lights,
My comment was a little generic. Although it certainly applies to Mormons, it also applies to most other people on the planet with a religion. Just food for thought.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Hopefully, they'll learn not to cast "pearls before swine""

1. That's insulting.
2. This is why people think the LDS church tries to hide stuff since you're expressing encouragement for withholding some information from potential converts.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


Understood. Thank you.


I think that "true Mormon beliefs and thought patterns" are quite easy to determine. Simply review General Conference.

As to concrete doctrine. I suppose if you were raised in the church it might be harder to recognize how concrete the doctrine of the church is (this not meant as a put down, just an observation reference when we are familiar with something from a young age).

For me and those I know who have come into the church, nothing could be further from the truth. There were points of agreement and disagreement with prior faith and many points that simply were never addressed except within the church. To me, it seemed far more concrete in doctrine than the other faiths with which I was familiar. In fact, a lack of concreteness was one of the reasons I left my prior faith.

Jeanie b.
Orem, UT

Alt 134 - Are you a potential convert?

A potential convert is interested in knowledge about the church. There are those that are only interested in arguing and poking at the church - somehow because it exists they are offended. (like Joseph Smith said - something to the effect that those who leave the church cannot leave it alone.)

Would you share special and personal things with someone who hates you and jabs at you every chance they get? Would that be with holding information?

Potential converts aren't referred to as "swine". Angry, bitter people are.

Disco Vega
MoTown, CA

I think articles like this are great...let people see and read what the LDS faith is all about...nothing to hide. Once those who have a real interest learn, they will come away with an honest opionion. -- those who throw hate, bigotry around will always do so regardless of what they read, listen to or learn.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"This is why people think the LDS church tries to hide stuff since you're expressing encouragement for withholding some information from potential converts."

Have you taken math classes? When did you realize that they were "hiding stuff" from you about mathematics? How about we just start teaching number theory in elementary school! There's nothing to hide, kids!

Roanoke, VA

A Mormon critic, frequently here to insult, complaining about being insulted. Beam me up.

Jeanie b ... Keep Proverbs 1:22 in mind when you read the venom here. Special emphasis on 'delight in their scorning'.

layton, UT

Re: Disco Vega ,let people see and read what the LDS faith is all about...nothing to hide?
The “pale” of Christianity believes the birth of Jesus was a unique miracle by the Holy Spirit/Ghost, same Greek word(Pneuma).

Joseph Fielding Smith, ”They tell us that the BoM states that Jesus was begotten of the Holy Ghost. I challenge that statement. The BoM teaches No Such Thing! Neither does the Bible!”(Doctrines of Salvation.

A precious and chosen vessel, who shall be overshadowed and conceive by the power of the Holy Ghost and bring forth a son yea, even the Son of God. ( Alma 7:10)

The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.(Luke 1:35 KJV).

The birth of the Savior was as natural as are the births of our children; it was the result of natural action. He partook of flesh and blood was begotten of His Father, as we are of our fathers. (JoD 8:115). Which do you believe?

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT


I suppose I must have offended you. All I can say for it is that I am sorry.

I stand up for what I believe and know. But if people want to know what constitutes as "Mormon", they should read the Book of Mormon- not the commentary of a sinner, an imperfect human being with flaws. The spirit of God bears record of the truth and those who read your commentary and my own will know that truth and have a chance to accept it or deny it.


Whenever I read the Book of Mormon I feel inspired to be kind to others and a better person. I often don't do as I should, but God's Church and His work is untarnished because of my imperfection.

If people want to know what "Mormon" really means, in the Book of Mormon we find a plan of happiness, a path of repentance and forgiveness, and most of all the way to return to our God who loves us to be with our families forever. The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and a great and literal tiding of Joy.

That is where visitors should look.

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