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Published: Thursday, April 26 2012 10:00 p.m. MDT

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Iowa, Iowa

It would be nice if they came right out and said she was lying.


This is the one of the hazards of teaching: false accusations from students who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. I surely hope he will be able to recover from this terrible event. It's every school employee's worst nightmare.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

If he is guilty then nail him to the wall. BUT if he is not and the girls are just trying to get back for something then they need to be charged with something serious and kicked out of school. A message needs to be sent either way. Teachers can not do this and students can not make up stories.

Looks like he is not guilty but I hope the truth comes out and they take care of the guilty party.

Salt Lake City, UT

This should have been the FIRST news story in this episode; NOT the "breaking news" last week that accused him of underage shenanigans. The local media is reckless in its disregard for truth and fairness--they're basically the National Enquirer who don't care what personal tragedies may come from pre-mataure, clumsy "reporting" as long as it's salacious and makes people buy the paper or click on the story.

deep in thought
Salt Lake, UT

I feel so sorry for this guy and his family. What a horrible thing to go through.

Saint George, UT

This is not "the" story.

"The" story is what is going to happen to the girl(s) for crying "wolf". A precedent for fibbing of this type must be established NOW! You can't mess people's lives up like this. It poisons people's minds against the coach - right or wrong.


The media and school district owe this guy ------ huge! .......They lynched him before they even knew he was guilty.... His life, career, relationships will be negatively impacted for a very long time. He deserves to be compensated -- big time!

Louisiana Cougar
Pineville, LA

Good Human Resource Management practice demands that you always protect the accused -- as well as the accuser.

This pattern of 'playing the sexual harassment card' is a classic ploy that the HRM profession warns its members to be sensitive to in protecting people against life-destroying claims that are made against them.

Shame on the School District for bungling how this whole issue was handled. Anyone with a brain in the HRM business knows that, although zero tolerance is the standard, you always protect the accused as well until you know ALL the facts.

Tooele, UT

This reminds of an incident that happened in another school in Utah. A girl cried wolf on a teacher because she didn't get the grade she felt she deserved. That poor teacher ended up losing his job and then left this state. Something definately has to be done about these selfish students who cry wolf on these teachers..because if nothing happens then teachers lives will keep on getting hurt.

Lafayette, IN

There is not enough information in these stories to make any conclusions. We don't know what happened. We don't know what was alleged. We can draw no conclusions.

Manti, UT

If he had inappropriate contact with a female student, whatever that means because there are no specifics in this article, then he should be charged. But there are so many vindictive people out there who make false accusations such as this for a multitude of reasons. This should be a two way street. If someone accuses another of inappropriate behavior and is proved to be a liar, then charges should be filed against that person. That poor coach is going to be scrutenized because of her allegations and his life will never be the same. That female should be punished for ruining that coach's reputation.

Highland, UT

A decision to not file charges does not necessarily mean the girl is lying, it could mean they do not feel they can get a prosecution with the evidence they have. It will be interesting to see how the D.A. phrases his decision not to pursue a prosecution when he makes his formal announcement. If he says somehting along the lines of "not enough evidence for a prosecution", or "we didn't feel we could convict him with what we had", then you will know they think he probably did it and they simply aren't confident they can prove it to a jury. If he says "we found no merit in the allegations" or something along those lines we will know they think the entire charge was false.

If the charge is false then something needs to be done to the girl for making a false charge like that. This guys life has been changed forever by this. No matter if he didn't do it there will always be people that will doubt him. If it is false it is as terrible a thing as can be done to a person.


pete 1215, when did you come to the conclusion that the media needs enough information before putting something out there?


Pathetic. This man has already suffered severe verbal abuse from the public. If it was truly all a lie, the girl or whoever perpetuated it must be punished. It is sick to think that there is such little regard for a person or their family. Punish the girl or whoever the liar is!

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Somebody should be expelled, grounded and forced to attend counseling. Happy for coach.. let's see what you can do with your own staff and players! Go Cottonwood!!

Me, Myself and I
Blanding, UT

I have a friend who had his teaching/coaching career destroyed by a false accusation. The bad thing is he actually did six months at the Point of the Mountain before he was exonerated. No legal action was taken against the girl who accused him of misconduct. Another friend of mine shortly after taking a job teaching high school P.E. had two female students approach him and tell him they weren't going to participate and he was going to give them an A. He chuckled and told them that's not how it works. To which they replied they would tell school administration he had done inappropriate things with the first girl and the second one witnessed it. This friend was a bit luckier as he wasted no time and contacted the principal immediately and told him exactly what had happened and the girls were removed from the class. Just like with other things many young people only think for the here and now. They rarely think about how their decisions will affect them and others in the future or long term.

JP Skillet
Murray, UT

good thing. i told you it would play out. Desnews has shown integrity and dignity by reporting everything. Hopefully he didn't do anything but we'll have to see. She probably made it up but obviously there is no evidence for a criminal thing. His name will be cleared no doubt about that.

Springville, UT

No charges? Huh. This after the Deseret News served as judge, jury, and executioner?

JP Skillet - please explain how "Desnews has shown integrity and dignity". If you'd been accused of something you were innocent of, would you want the DesNews to publish your name, picture, and the accuser's side of the story? I doubt it.

"Dignity" and "Integrity" would have exercised restraint, which the DesNews did not show.

Smithfield, UT

I'm happy to read that Coach Lyman was exonerated. However, as other writers have previously expressed, his life has been forever changed. How unfair and intolerable! Where do young people get the distorted ideas that they can manipulate adults with false accusations of supposed abuse? What kind of a society do we live in? I have taught in public schools for several years, and so, I know something about how adolescents think. My question is, "Does this type of manipulation go on with Mom & Dad, so therefore, the adolescent thinks, "well, it works at home, why NOT at school!" Parents, supervise your childrens' TV viewing and be examples of the virtues you want to instill in them. Too much unacceptable behavior is presented in the media, and maybe that is where some of this anti-social behavior originates. I agree, the coach has already paid with his reputation being questioned. What about the accuser? What will be her punishment? Too bad, we did away with the stocks! I'm for you, Coach Lyman! Hold your head high, and walk on!

Salt Lake City, UT

This happens more than people know. I have a close friend who had his teaching career destroyed by a false accusation. Nothing ever happened to the girl, but he was a good teacher and his life was ruined. He too was never prosecuted, but the state put a substantiated abuse hit on his permanent record so he could not get a teaching license again.

I hope this coach has a good support group. He will need it after this.

I am also a little angry at the media. They pick up a story like this, publish the accusation, then the comments on these boards light up with people who have already condemned him. I remember a few days ago when the comment boards were filled with people who had already marked this guy as guilty. Maybe the media should wait to publish such a story until they know if charges are going to be filed. This coach will now forever be under the suspicion of the public.

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