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Published: Monday, April 23 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

For those of you living in the 4th District the candidate will be subjected to:

Long form birth certificate, please.

Has she ever apologized for anything?

Is she a Christian?

Does she approve of judicial activism by Republican leaning judges?

Exactly where did she go to school?

What were her grades?

Did she have any socialist professors?

Who were her parents?

What are the details of her parents lifestyles, education and various places of residence?

Does she have a gun rack in her vehicle?

Has she ever been to Chicago?

Has she ever vacationed in Hawaii?


Murray, UT

it's time to start voting third party.

Hyrum, UT

This woman may shake a good hand and talk a good speech, but she has shown she is completely ignorant on important Congressional issues. Insider trading, anyone?

Murray, UT

Mia love is in a box; one custom made for her by the Utah republican party.
The question is how can Matheson win in such a gerrymandered district.
regardless of the party gerrymandering is dishonest and unethical.
Shows the true colors of the republican party.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Provo, UT

I have to agree with Ernie above.

Love could have won the GOP nomination outright had she gone against Hatch for the Senate.

However, have to disagree with Ernie that she should wait to run against Lee. Lee is one lawmaker who we need more of in Washington to reign in the uncontrolled spending by both the GOP and the Democrats.

Dixie Dan
Saint George, UT

The best thing going for Mia is that she made Carl Wimmer unemployed! He can now join Chris Buttars and Dave Clark and get a job.

Syracuse, UT

Doing away with the Dept of Education would be a wonderful thing. It certainly isn't a way out idea. They do nothing for for education except create a huge debt. If I were in her district I would vote for her. I like Matheson but I'm for change any time we can come up with a good candidate. Change is great. Hatch should be changed as well. I like him but he has been in too long.

Red Smith
American Fork, UT

Jim is a fine person. It is time for change. Let's see a woman can do. We've seen what a man can do and won't do.

m.g. scott

Wow! like others have said, I just wish I was in her district and could vote for her. I really think she has a good chance to take out the Democrat in a year where I believe there will be a continuation of what was begun in the 2010 election. From what I've read about her,she would be a great addition to the Congress and a great Representative of the State of Utah.

Spanish Fork, UT

Mia Love is exactly what Utah needs. She is an outsider who has the best interest of Utah citizens in mind over Utah special interest. We can only hope that she stands strong as now the special interests in the Republican establishment begin their attempts at manipulating her into yet another pawn.

Kirkham said. "But what is the tea party? The tea party is, 'quit spending all our money, be responsible.'"

Sorry David Kirkham but you hurt your standing with me as a true Tea Partier when you backed Herbert at the convention.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

Mrs. Love is not "a person from the outside". To make such a bizarre claim is just to miss the truth. It is just plain racist to describe her as such. She has lived in Saratorga Springs for longer than most of its residents. In fact she has been in public office in Saratoga Springs for most of that communities history. While being raised in New York and Connecticut might not be the most common in Utah County, I would guess the majority of non-students in Utah County between the ages of 30 and 40, the age range Mrs. Love is in and a very important voting demographic there grew up at least in part outside of Utah. This demographic, which Mrs. Love is in, is key to Utah County because the population drops off much over 40 (due to effects of large-scale population growth) and under 30 voting rates drop off.

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

If Sharon Haddock was right in her article "Political novice lovin' it: Councilwoman is first black woman to serve in county" from the Deseret News, Sep. 27, 2004, than Mia Love has been in Utah since 1997. What is less clear in that article is whether from it we learn that Mia Love married no sooner than 1997 or no latter. I have always read the article to assume that the They that moved to Saratoga Springs "seven years ago" (calculated from Sepetember 2004, thus about Sep. 1997) was Jason and Mia Love. That is my guess still, but the sentance before had mentioned that initially Mia tried to set Jason up with her roommate, so it is not 100% clear what the antecedent of they is. It still seems a little odd that someone in a community for seven years is described as a newcomer. The article at times also displays the dangerous practice of assuming change in phrase is worth while. That is the only way to explain the sentance that mentions her one-year-old daughter and four-year-old child. She was first elected to office in 2003.

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