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Published: Monday, April 23 2012 7:00 p.m. MDT

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Morgan, UT

I think I will sell my house and move into her district just so I can vote for her.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

A solid conservative, who is articulate and unapologetic about conservative beliefs.

I think we have a real winner here!

We need lots more like Mia Love to go to Washington and reign in the idiocy that takes place there.

No one I know will be voting for or against any candidate on grouns of race, gender or ethnicity.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

Mia Love will have an equally hard time putting Jim Matheson in a box. Unlike Utah's other representatives, Matheson pays more heed to his constituents than to the extreme elements of his party.

West Jordan, UT

@on the other hand

Matheson votes on the democrat line nearly all the time. That's all Mia Love has to say. Matheson can't disagree with that statment. Only once or twice has he parted with the party, and that's when his political survival has depended on it.

Washington, UT

Yes! Don't wait, eliminate the Dept of Education today! What a ridiculous waste of money and energy--and it has done nothing for education, nothing at all. Win and we also get rid of this flaming liberal who comes back to Utah every two years and bamboozles the voters into believing he's the conservative, cowboy Democrat. What a farce that has been.

Spanish Fork, UT

All ya' need is Love.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Matheson will continue his pattern of mediocrity and misprepresenation of his true record in order to try and convince Utahns he is a conservative. All Mia has to do is expose the games he plays with parliamentary procedure, voting all the way up to final passage and then casting a vote that his leadership allows him to do in order to protect his seat. It's a game he has played for many years.

We need to defeat Matheson and Mia can do. You go girl!

Centerville, UT

From the article, the only one who seemed to try to put Mia Love "in a box" was Mark Shurtleff. Mr. Matheson commented about two of her positions, but said nothing about her personally.

Indianapolis, IN

Pro gun. Pro conservative. Count me in.

Clearfield, UT

Matheson represents the interests of ALL people in Utah, not just those on the far right wing. He votes for what is right, not what is politically expedient. Matheson is a REAL conservative. He's just what Utah needs. I wish I was in his district so I could vote for him. Unfortunately I'm stuck with Bishop.

Santa Clara, UT

Matheson votes sometimes with the people of Utah in mind. But when Nancy cracks the whip, he is johnny on the spot. Retire Hatch, retire Matheson.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm in a bit of a quandary on this one.

I'm not a member of any party and have voted for both Republicans and Democrats in the past.

I like Matheson as a person and many of his positions. But, though I know much less about Love, what I do know I find very appealing. And, as I lean much closer to Republican ideals than Democrat, I'd love to see their party helped in a general sense.

Hmmm. I'll need to ponder this a bit more. Though, at this stage, I'd say I'm tilting toward Love.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Vote Matheson. Love should have run for Senate against Hatch, or even better, against Lee.

Springville, UT

Let's be honest, Shurtleff was right. I know the Utah County (and other insulated counties of Utah) culture and how they react to people from the outside who are different but come here and conform to the local society. It gives validation to the locals who have a persecution complex that goes back to the 19th Century. Love is a novelty candidate who only gets attention because she is not like the vast majority of Utahns. I could provide a lot of evidence of the cultural issues involved here, but it won't happen on the pages of this newspaper.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

Matheson may as well start getting his resume ready.

Maybe he could find a "support" position with the Democratic National Committee. He could advise them on how to "be a democrat, without actually looking like one".


How do you determine who is the best candidate?
Since the Constitution has served us well, when we have followed it, we will want to find the candidate who adheres to it and lives up to their oath of office to "defend the constitution."

If they have a voting record, then we need to check that record and compare it against the Constitution to see if they are following it. How do you do that? Who has the time to do all that research? Google "Freedom Index the New American" and you can download a pdf file and see the research someone else has already done. In viewing the latest issue, on 20 votes regarding constitutional issues and spending, Rep. Matheson scores 40%. In other words, he has voted only 40$ in terms of "defending the constitution."

If they do not have a voting record in Congress do they have a voting record somewhere else?
Look carefully at Mia Love's record as a mayor and the other positions she may have held. Go to her website and read the Issues to see where she stands. Or simply just ask her.

Its time to SOAR - Save our American Republic.

Te Amo
Salt Lake City, UT

As long as the people keep voting for Republicans and Democrates the problems won't be solved as they are the problem. With Independents making the laws instead of Democrates and Republicans the taxpayers wouldn't be paying subsidies and depletion allowances. There would be no legal business and corporation lobbies. We would have States Rights and Civil Rights. We wouldn't have the largest portion of our poplulation in prison of any nation in the world. We wouldn't have laws on the books just to make work for lawyers. The insurance companies would be put in their place. We wouldn't be imposing the highest corporate tax rates in the world. We wouldn't be running all the major job makers out of the country. We wouldn't be creating inflation and stealing from the elderly who have tryed to prepare for their retirements with double taxation on their savings. The parasites are Big Government, Lawyers and Insurance companies. We need to get rid of all we can and control what's left. One last thing, this country will never work again without Christ. Allow him back in the Schools.

Kearns, UT

"Esquire": Why can't you just admit that her stands resonate with how a lot of people already feel? Not all of us like what Matheson has done, generally. We want a change. We want someone who will take a clearly stated and strong stand on what we believe in. If you don't like what she says then vote for Matheson, and give us the respect of acknowledging we also are voting for views and principals and not as you say, because she "Gives validation to our persecution complex."

Springville, UT

@ Leesha, then don't vote for Hatch or any other incumbent in November. Will you say that you will gladly vote against Hatch or the Governor? I'm betting this is not about wanting "change" but wanting Republicans.

I will say Matheson should have been more of a Democrat than he has been.

Kearns, UT

"Esquire": Let's go over this one more time. It is all about a strong stand and clear communication on the side of issues I and many others have already taken; not just wanting Republicans in office. I strongly supported a Democrat candidate once.
You were right about one thing though. I will gladly vote against Hatch. I am glad he has to go to a primary. And I would vote against "Governor" (Herbert) too, if the alternative was David Kirkham.

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