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Published: Monday, April 23 2012 6:00 p.m. MDT

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Orem, UT

So what is next? Meeting with B4UACT, that group of mental health professionals who want pedophilia to not be demonized because it is an uncontrolled behavior they are born with and it isn't their fault?? Or that German couple who wants incest to be legalized, because they (brother and sister) want to get married?

People scream rights, but where is the right to marriage in the Constitution? 10 Amendment says it isn't even the Federal government's business.... The LDS Church members are part of the tax paying community. We ALL have a right to say what government tax dollars recognize, including the definition of marriage. That is just basic democracy. Not having a say in these basic issues is why that little tea party happened oh so long ago.

Here, UT

@Utes Fan;

Ultimately, it is going to come down to Equality Under the Law.

You oppose treating other Americans equally to how you are treated by the government. You oppose providing the safety to families you don't approve of. That sir, is the very definition of bigotry. It really doesn't matter if you don't like it. It really doesn't matter if you find it "icky". It really doesn't matter that your religion opposes it.

What is important is Equal Treatment by our government of all American Citizens.

@Deseret News Moderators;

You claim to want "civil discourse" yet refuse to print comments that say anything negative in the least about the LDS Church - but you will print very uncivil comments from Bill in Nebraska claiming that all other churches are false.

Please discontinue the hypocrisy. Either print all comments that may be "offensive" to LDS or print NO comments that other religions may find offensive, like Bill's "Testimony".

Salt Lake City, UT

"The real issue with the LDS Church will be if the day ever comes that same sex couples want to be Sealed in the Temple."

I find that most people who support same sex marriage, including myself, are against the idea of forcing churches to marry same sex couples.

"People scream rights, but where is the right to marriage in the Constitution? "

So, according to you, the legislature, if it so desired, could pass a law banning LDS temple marriages tomorrow and that'd be a-ok because there's no right to marriage?

salt lake, UT


Well considering that both pedophile and incest both have proven harms not really the same, but thanks for playing.

As to not being a specifically enumerated right, I would remind you once again that almost everything we take for granite as a right in our society is not specifically enumerated in the constitution unfortunately for your argument the courts have found that denial of marriage to gay couples does violate their 14th amendment rights to equal protection (which does fall under the role of the federal government) based on the fact that there is no proven harm to allowing them marriage, again the same amendment that protects your right to do many of the things you take for granite as your right to do everyday. If there is no proven harm then people have the right to decide for themselves if they wish to engage in certain behaviors and it really is no ones business.

Colorado Springs, CO

Breaking the laws of the land are a sin. Those of you who knowingly and intentionally drive over the speed limit, only to slam on the brakes when you see a police car (which I get a great chuckle out of, by the way) are sinning. If you want to put some sort of hierarchy on sin, be my guest, but you are a sinner. And I'd be willing to bet there is no repentence for that particular sin, and you do it day in and day out. What I find amazing is that people feel they need to do "God's" work. If God exists and is so amazing, I'm quite certain God can manage on their own. How about focusing on your own family; let others worry about theirs.

Murrieta, CA

"Love the member, but hate the church."

By changing the words, it is easy to see how disrespectful that tired saying is.


@Sorry Charlie!

There's even a bigger mountain of evidence that two gay people can't have kids. Turns out it takes a daddy and a mommy to have em. It only makes sense that a daddy and mommy are the right people for the job... the only people for the job. As Bill said, "The Family,A Proclamation to the World is not just for MORMONS. It is for the entire world because our Father in Heaven is speaking through his prophets. Whether you believe it or not doesn't matter. You will be held accountable for that." I agree with him.


So for us to keep it civil you have to be allowed to say negative and hateful things about other people and their beliefs. Yup... that makes a whole truckload of sense.


I don't need evidence to cast a vote. It's amazing how that works.


Mormons are voting and repaid with threats, terrorized with anthrax threats, and protested all for voting. If our votes don't count, we're the second-class citizens who will have lost our freedom to express our views (a real right)

The truth can't be hid.

salt lake, UT

@freedom in danger
funny thing a lot of gay people actually do have kids, seems it does not really take a mommy and daddy in a heterosexual relationship anymore maybe you should shed that mountain of 18th century evidence you are clinging too.

Here, UT


Prove that any of those things were from GLBT Americans. IMO, they came from Mormon Leaders trying to divert attention from their Sinful Acts against other American Citizens. My theory is every bit as valid as yours on this matter.

I didn't say that you can't say negative things about others. I asked the Moderators to be consistent in their moderating. Currently, they're allowing you Mormons to say negative things about other churches (implicitly calling them false and therefore of the devil), while refusing to print any negative, FACTUAL comments about the LDS Church. The moderators are currently being hypocrites, asking for civility but only requiring it of non-Mormon commentors.

Sorry Charlie!

@freedom in danger

with regards to your april 27 9:17 pm post to tolstoy, I suppose you are right you can base your vote on any flight of thought you may have if you are not interest in taking your civic duties serious, however, it does not mean that the law you voted for may not violate the constitution which is what happened with prop 8.

Lane Myer
Salt Lake City, UT

jskains: "We ALL have a right to say what government tax dollars recognize, including the definition of marriage. That is just basic democracy."


AND that is why we do NOT live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional republic. We are first govern by our Constitution. Any law that we or our representatives pass MUST be found to agree with our constitution.

Prop 8 in CA was deemed unconstitutional. To pass a law that treats other Americans as less worthy citizens cannot pass per our 14th amendment.

THAT is just basic civics.

Bountiful, UT

Religious freedom unless your religion and its beliefs upset a loud group.Free speech unless what you have to say might offend a special interest group. The LDS Church does not have to apologize for anything. I has its beliefs, just as gays have their beliefs. I am tired of the whole gay agenda being shoved down the throats of people who believe differently. In California, the whole marriage thing was put to a vote but because the gay community didn't like the democratic outcome we have to remain in this battle. I do not believe in hurting others or bashing another person's beliefs. Why can't the gay community accept the vote like everyone else. Seriously, this is getting real old.

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