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Howell wins Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate race

Published: Saturday, April 21 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Roberts, ID

I will be coming to Utah to campaign for Dan Liljenquist. Orrin Hatch is what's wrong with the Senate, arrogant, entitled and compromising with the other side of the aisle. Getting the SLC news it is disappointing that his campaign is, "what he is going to do", not what he has done in 36 years in DC. Hill Field AFB is a straw man, it is not going to close if he is defeated. I was told "if not for Sen Hatch, Hill Field would have closed and operations moved to Georgia", sorry I don't buy that for a minute. Georgia does not have any bombing ranges. In Idaho we have less seniority in the Senate and Mountain Home AFB is still going strong and that is because of the proximity to bombing ranges.

Also if Dan Liljenquist wins and the Republicans win the Senate the new Senate Finance Chair would be Sen Mike Crapo from Idaho. Go Dan, Go.


I am writing a check to Dan Liljenquist first thing.

salt lake city, UT


Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Too bad. Liljenquist destroyed many lives here in Utah with his work in the legislature. He destroyed any decent retirement for police, fire and educators. He played on the fears of a couple bad years of the economy to completely wipe out the chance to ever get really qualified candidates for very important jobs.

Now we are going to have 80 year old teachers.

Glad to see him out of our state legislature at any rate!

Provo, UT


You seem to have ignored the Sen. Crapo has strongly endorsed Hatch and what Mike wants to do is Chair the Banking Committee. That is where his real expertise is and he has targeted the Oxley-Sarbanes and the Barney Franks legislation. Bob Corker (Tennessee) would get that instead of Crapo and he is not a real conservative. But don't let the facts get in the way or your emotion.

By the way, Hill AFB is on the BRAC list again, just as it was last time. It is not about bombing ranges but dollars and cents.

Kaysville, UT


I'll get to have my voice in the booth. With it I'll shout with my tiny dot, or x or punch, "Thank you, Orrin, for 36 years, and godspeed, Dan!"

Centerville, UT

Career Politicians Ye Be Warned...


80 year old teachers and an 80 year old Senator - what's the problem? They both will have a
lot of experience which I suspect is one of your arguments in favor of Hatch. If its good for the Senate it should be just as good for the classroom.

Elk River, MN

What great news!!! Orrin, it's time for you to go. I know one of your first priorities when you're finished with "public service" will be to write your memoirs. I have a working title for you: "Asleep on the Watchtower."

Tooele, UT

"80 year old teachers and an 80 year old Senator - what's the problem? They both will have a
lot of experience which I suspect is one of your arguments in favor of Hatch. If its good for the Senate it should be just as good for the classroom."

line of the day. Love it! LOL

David L

Seems like our best chance to get out of our federal debt crisis is to get the people into the right positions. If we don't, we all are in for extreme difficulties.

Romney seems to be one of most successful turnaround executives in the U.S. Hatch could be in the critical role to help Romney with the financial turnaround.

I don't see this a typical election. I see this as the most important election to-date. We have no idea how close we are to economic disaster. I'm hoping enough of us see the situation as the same.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Let's not rush to judgment. Can Liljenquist ever write a song about his hero Ted Kennedy...I think not. Can Liljenquist ever speak at the Democrat convention or at least ask to do do...I think not. Can Liljenquist praise extreme lefties for the Supreme Court like Hatch can...I think not. Senator Hatch is almost like having a Democrat as senator. Besides, we know that Liljenquist would have more energy and effort to make changes...and who would what to change anything?

Burlington, WY

Those who caused governmental cancer say they can now cure it. Time for new medicine.


Unfortunately Orin Hatch embodies all that is wrong with career politicians and represents reasons why we desperately need to mandate term limits. Our Founding Fathers never intended Congress to be composed of representatives whose entire lives, or a majority thereof, was spent in D.C. While I have all the respect in the world for geriatrics our Congressmen and Senators should not be included among them.

Mesa, AZ

The retirement of arrogant career politicians like McCain and Hatch is what the tea party movement is all about. No more compromise. We need term limits. Get in, do the job, get out.

Kirkland, WA

So glad about this ... I plan to write Liljenquist a check and to campaign AGAINST Hatch. It's time for him to go ... he should have gone gracefully and by his own choice.
Glad this was the outcome today.

Farmington, UT

I can't help but wonder how many of these folks that are so happy the Republicans now need a primary, and are thus singing praises to the Caucus System in place, have changed their opinion since Bob Bennett was retired under the same system. Mr. Bennett surely showed everyone the true side of "term limits" and for less than one percentage point Dan L is sure singing a happy tune. I hope he is as positive if he loses the primary.

Idaho Falls, ID

An April 8, 2010 article in Deseret News entitled "Hatch faces voter anger at town hall meetings" states:

"[O]ne man suggested a constitutional amendment to ban Congress from exempting itself from the laws that it passes for others — and the audience roared with cheers. When Hatch said that would create more problems than it might solve, several booed and yelled out catcalls." Another paragraph states "When Hatch was giving a long comment about health care reform, one man interrupted, yelling, 'Will you repeal it?' When Hatch said, 'I favor repeal, but it isn't that simple,' many grumbled in the audience."

Orrin Hatch also supported the nomination of Cass Sunstein who said "We don’t need any more laws passed by congress, we can do everything we want to do with regulation."

This is why Orrin Hatch is no longer qualified to serve Utah. He has Potomac fever in its advanced stages. I don't believe the majority of Utahns find these statements and positions by Hatch in harmony with their views. You're one step closer. Utah, Bring Orrin Home!

Highland, UT

Every time I hear one of Hatch's scare tactic radio ads I just laugh. What spin. As if new senators and new ideas wouldn't work. I have voted for Hatch many times, but when will congress of the last 30 years take their blame for the financial mess we are in. They are all to blame!

Neither the republicans nor the democrats have done nothing wrong, it was the other side. That is what is wrong. We need better representation across the board.

In Utah we need more voices than just republicans.

Brigham City, UT

Prayer works! Vote for the businessman every time; not the career politician. We all need to get to work, in June of 2010, I think a total of 15,000 people voted in that Primary in a state of almost 3 million. Many people are too busy in June to vote.

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