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Published: Friday, April 20 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Morgan, UT

I am glad to see the silent majority take back both parties...extremism on both ends of the spectrum is not good and does not represent the vast majority.

Two years ago, a handful of radicials controlled Utah politics, now they are going back into their closets...which is where they should stay.

newhall, CA

If Utahns want change, then send Hatch into a primary and then out the door. This man has served well and now it's time for him to retire and go write poetry and songs no one cares to listen to. His effectiveness has diminished. He is the new Frank Moss, the incumbent he defeated in 1976. It is time for Hatch to be voted out of office. His only reason for running is so that he can become the chairman of the finance committee. How unfortunate that he wants Utahns to believe that he alone is capable of heading that committee. Remember, he voted yes for the trade agreement. He voted yes for both Sotomayer and Kagan perhaps two of the most unqualified to ever sit on the bench and who are controlled by Obama. Where is his outrage for not demanding obama to release all his records from birth certificate to school transcripts and how and by whom he received financial support? No. it is time for Hatch to pack his bags.

On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

@sg, I agree. Let's send Scott Howell to Washington.

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