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Published: Monday, April 23 2012 4:00 a.m. MDT

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southern son

Well done...from a little seed grows the mighty oak...

Aurora, CO

What a fine example,Brother Boye! You rock!!

Saint George, UT

I love the Alex Boye singing solo's in the Tabernacle Choir. I love the Brother Boye whose testimony matches his singing.

christian woman
Hereford, AZ

Yay! That is completely wonderful! Way to go!

Florissant, MO

Red Corvette, Alex didn't have the prompting to give it for naught, maybe Prince Charles read it, maybe someone else will read it, but I have no doubt that copy of the Book of Mormon will touch someone's life.

Midway, UT

Kudos Alex. You're an inspiration on so many levels.

South Jordan, UT

Amen, Brother Alex!

medford, MA

What a sweet story. The courage some of our youth display in these latter days is refreshing and their example should be of great meaning to others. BRAVO!

Olalla, WA

Love it, great story! No excuse for being nervous about passing on a Book of Mormon now.

Maybe the possibility of Romney has made necessary a liitle understanding about him. Any leader would check out what makes another leader tick.

Kearns, UT

Let's hope some day Prince Chuck reads it. Maybe the bride of Chuck also.

Pullman, WA

Good example for the rest of us. Way to go Alex. You inspire me.

Mount Pleasant, UT

Well, that certainly brought some tears of joy. What courage and desire was shown by Alex risking all to give the greatest gift you could give to someone of his stature. I do believe someday Prince Charles will read that book and the spirit will take over and bless his heart and life more than anything else could. If more of our youth had that kind of desire and courage to risk for something like the Book of Mormon.

Christmas Carole

This story brought a HUGE smile to my face! This goes to show that when the Spirit is behind us, what need we fear. If something is Father's will then it can be accomplished....kings, presidents, or dictators aside. The key is humility and worthiness which Alex must have had for this all to have happened.
I'm very proud of you, hon. You were humble enough to be in tune and go with the flow of the spirit to put self aside and do what was asked of you...who knows what wonderful repercussions will come from this?
Way to go, Brother Alex!

Roy, UT

"Oh that I were an angel...and could have the wish of my heart," words that at least for a moment, Alex Boye must have felt as he handed The Book to the Prince, and taught the first discussion on national tv. Love what he did, love the words and the song.

Cedar Hills, UT

We may never know in this life what happened next with that book, but it certainly impacted Alex in a great way.

Bend, OR

Tears in my eyes :-)

Provo, UT

Great story.

I wonder if he read it and if he took Moroni's promise to heart.


Can you imagine the stir and controversy if someone in the Royal family actually converted to the LDS church? Particularly the prince, as he is to become the Trustee for the Anglican church someday.

Sterling Heights, MI

I could only asume that he would read the Book of Mormon from what you said.What you did was great, being the great missionary.

Lehi, UT

Alex Boye is no ordinary person.
He has turned my life upward, and many many others.

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