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Published: Friday, April 20 2012 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Korea, AE


You can either go to BYU and be seen on TV, play all over the country with lots of diversity, practice in state of the art facilities, play in front of 60,000 for a team that is consistently ranked in the top 25, and is consistently being talked about on national news...


play for a tam that MIGHT be competitive one out of every 4 years, that may or may not be on TV (based on what else is going on in the conference), has had two great seasons but has done nothing since, hasn't ended a season in the top 25 for??? Oh yeah, that's right play in the conference of champions (well sort of, not an elite, top shelf program0, and play for 45,000 (sometimes). and have fans who cannot let go of their rival even though they have moved on to "bigger and better"...


I wonder if Chris B is available to talk with the recruits....

Maybe Navel Vet can confuse them....

Utah has soooo much to offer.... 2 BCS wins, middle of the PAC, wow this is going to be tough.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Pac 12 vs. independent
Been to 2 BCS bowls vs. 0 BCS bowls
Won 2 BCS bowls vs. 0 BCS wins
2 Undefeated seasons vs. 0 undefeated seasons
2 recent top 5 national rankings vs. 0 recent top 5 national rankings
Pac 12 athletes as teammates vs. mixture of a couple athlets and many sunday school boys
1 game away from Rose Bowl shot last year vs. 5 games away from BCS consideration
Coach who knows winning is #1 vs. coach who thinks winning is #7

The future of football in Utah, is UTAH

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

And if a recruit wants to play in the NFL, I wonder which program is better at developing NFL talent?

I'd say Utah holds the trump card.

Not to take anything away from BYU's TV deal...they've clearly got the Tuesday night midnight ET slot locked up.

Cougars --Best Little Brothers
Irvine, CA

If you choose BYU, you will play in a game losing to your top in-state school: 10-54

On the other hand, choosing Utah means you will win: 54-10

10-54 (BYU) or 54-10 (Utah)?

Not a difficult decision, is it?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Academic achievement by Utah athletes is ranked higher than BYU by the NCAA. Love that Kyle puts so much emphasis on academics and life after football rather than the vanity (TV exposure) of being an athlete. Incidentally the U games this year drew a bigger actual TV audience than the Y (check ratings books) and the new TV deal will only increase that exposure. But what is important is the development of the young men in the program; the resources available to athletes to help them develop at the U is phenomenal. When so many programs (Boise State) lower academic expectations for athletes, the U continues to raise theirs. Feels to me like BYU is suffering an identity crisis...they need to focus on their core which is similar to what Air Force offers: not the biggest or the best, but men of character who win more than they should because of their work ethic and integrity.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just kind of wondering how many fans they were playing in front of from the 3rd quarter on, on 9/17/11 it definitely wasn't 60K lol.
Wonder how much those recruits will also like the November schedule of high school teams...

Utah current NFL players 25 per ESPN
Byu current NFL players 11 per ESPN

Hmmm recruits if you want to play at the next level you know where to play college ball. UTAH

Knoxville, TN

Hymn to the silent. You better check your numbers again. Nielson ratings on all BYU televised games were much higher over the past 5 years except for the Alabama game. How many times was Utah televised last year? Yes, I hear silence in the Hymnal. How many times will Utah be televised this year? Maybe once or twice if networks want to televise the might Pewks against USC, Oregon or ASU. Also, graduation rates for BYU are also higher and you need to do a little better research on that end. You forget that BYU has more RMs and that number does count against the statistics over a 5 year period which is how the GSR is calculated. BYU has actual GSR rate of 86 vs Utah The NCAA does mention that as well in the defined parameters.

One Big Correction, CHRIS B. BYU does have an undefeated season and of course, a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU pitch:
Come play in the WAC conference unofficially. We are pre-season national champions with "loads of talent" in their own ways. We have a cool shirt with the slogan of the year for you every year you are on the team. The players need to be either white or mormon.

Utah pitch:
Rose bowl possibility every season. Yet, even national champion possibilities aren't impossible as a member of a BCS conference. The players are top quality athletes. Kyle Whittingham has won coach of the year, amazing bowl record, Big 10 team every year starting soon.

I wonder.

Ann Arbor, MI

"Nielson ratings on all BYU televised games were much higher over the past 5 years except for the Alabama game"


Hmmm, sounds like you have some top secret Nielsen rating information not shared with the general public. Would you mind sharing some of the data regarding bYu's bowl game viewership?

I wait for your response....this should be good.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"BYU’s Super Elite function." I love my Cougs, but how many "Super Elite" signees do they get? I'm guessing a "Super Elite" would be a 4 or 5-start recruit. That actually made me laugh when I read it.

Also "Harrison had to leave the function shortly after the tour of the building due to a family commitment." I appreciate the blow-by-blow detail of the entire day, but was this detail needed?

Sandy, UT

You could go to Byu and play Idaho state, San Jose State, Idaho, and New Mexico state or you could play USC, Oregon, UCLA, and Washington. Hmmm.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

So a recurit that is part of BYU's “Super Elite Day” is only getting "interest" from Utah.

Ummm, intersting!

@southerncougar: "You better check your numbers again. Nielson ratings on all BYU televised games were much higher over the past 5 years except for the Alabama game."

TV Ratings:

Utah-GT 2.71
BYU-Tulsa 1.43

Utah-Boise 3.26

You welcome!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

My, they sure are in love with their TV facilities there in Provo. Did the "Super-Elite" recruits get to sit behind the wheel of the HD truck, too?

And just what WERE the viewer ratings for those November late-night games against Idaho and New Mexico State? I suspect it was everybody that had left LES or had tuned in after the Sham-Wow infomercial was over.


SoCal Reader, that's exactly what I was thinking. If I was Bronco, I would be embarrassed having everyone know one of my elite recruits couldn't reschedule a picnic to attend an annual recruiting function.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Did Jake Heaps speak to the recruits in Provo today?



When I read your post, I though at first you were joking. Then I realized that you were serious about boasting of playing in front of 60,000 (where were all of these fans during the 2nd half of the Utah demolition of BYU last year?) Also, how exciting is it to play against the lower tier of the WAC for half of your schedule? And how is your uncertainty as an independent, with nothing to play for, something to brag about? Yes, you do have some nice HD facilities to broadcast your games with, but is that really your whole selling point as a football program? Ouch.

Compare that to playing in one of the premier conferences in college sports, a conference with more NCAA championships than any other conference, including the SEC. With the upcoming TV agreements that the PAC 12 has signed worth multi-millions for the Utes, coupled with the chance at playing in the Rose Bowl or national championship each year, I'd say that there really is no competition any more between the two schools.

Lehi, UT

@ hymn to the silent 1:44pm:

Re: your claim that Boise State is among schools lowering academic expectations -
Fyi - * last year NCAA recognized that BSU's multiyear APR was in the top ten percent of all FBS
* Coach Petersen has the best APR average the past two reporting years for all FBS head
Now I'm not saying that BSU is the academic equivalent of U of U but how many Ute football players are enrolled in law or medical school? I know it must be frustrating that your Utes cannot hold a candle to the Broncos on the football field. But if you must resort to snobbery re: academics at least do your homework.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

So at what point in the process do the players recruit BYU?

hymn to the silent
Holladay, UT

Southern Cougar:

Nice try, but I look at Nielsen ratings everyday. As Uteology pointed out, you don't. Academic achievement = GPA. Utes are higher, something "that concerns Bronco." And no, I'm not a BYU hater...I have actually been employed there in my long media career. But I got a much better education at UofU than I would have gotten South; mostly because of the program I chose. I just find it interesting that BYU folks can't accept the achievements of the good people on the hill. BYU is a fine place to get an education; it's a very different experience from what you get at the U. So let's stop with all the hyperbole.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Ute fans, talk a good fight, finish middle of the PAC. You got scoreboard, yuck it up, see you in September. If I were U, though, I'd spend a little more quiet time trying to reconcile the team that totally humiliated their rival in their rival's house with the same team that got hosed at home by the worst college road football team in the universe. When a shot at the conference championship was within grasp.

There just is no explaining it.

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