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Published: Thursday, April 19 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

A deposit based can and bottle recycling programme would do wonders in itself.

Hank Pym

Here's a radical thought or two

Moderate your purchases. After all, I have yet to see a U Haul being pulled behind a hearse.

one old man
Ogden, UT

We say we do, yet we don't.

We're just living up to Utah's environmental motto: Multiply, multiply and pillage the earth.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

Typical liberal survey...decide what you want to say then gear the questions and those surveyed to get that answer.

South Jordan, UT

Recycling is like dotting the i and crossing the t while ignoring the weightier issues.

Recycling, for many materials is already a successful venture. Most landfills are already sorting everything that is thrown away. There is big money in recycled materials.

If you want to tackle the big items and really make a difference, cut your gasoline usage in half, divert some of your power bill to the Rocky Mountain Blue Sky program and stop prevaricating about climate change!

Farmington, UT

Just look at the name of the outfit who conducted the survey and the results shouldn't surprise anyone.

A lot of cities are into recycling with the blue garbage cans. It's a pity they charge you more to do that; they're letting thet garbage people get rich by citizens paying a fee to colllect the things that are recycled so the consumer pays double. The recyclers should pay you for your stuff if it's really all that profitable. I remember when aluminum cans started to be recycled decades ago and a person could collet a couple tons of cans and make less than $15 for all their effort.

A major thing about recycling is that it COSTS, it doesn't pay. Green is expensive and largely a warm fuzzy that doesn't make one bit of difference.

If you wanted to help the environment you'd insist that a gasoline powered vehicle cost more and a natural gas powered vehicle cost much less. That would solve the air pollution problem overnight. But it makes too much sense to implement.

Corn Dog
New York, NY

We need to rethink our curbside waste collection and recycling programs.

We should be collecting and recycling those materials that we don't want in landfills because of their potential for causing environmental harm - ewaste, spent CFLs, batteries, etc. Consumers have a hard time recycling these things because they aren't collected curbside, it's not widely known where or how to recycle them, they are recycled only a few times of the year, and require special trips (how do the increasing number of people without cars recycle these things?). Because of those difficulties, consumers are more likely to throw those things out with the regular trash. Paradoxically, curbside recycling programs typically collect those things that aren't harmful if placed in landfills - things like glass, paper, plastic, etc.

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Sandy, UT

I am in favor in Recycle program but I worried to get rid of my Electronics that has some information I don't want anyone to retrieve. Sure you can pull out hardrives from pc but what do you do with that hardrive and same with cell phones.

Manti, UT

Not me...

Colorado Springs, CO

@Wayne Rout: What, do you favor not doing more for the environment?

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