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Published: Wednesday, April 18 2012 11:00 a.m. MDT

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Cedar Hills, UT

it will never happen...adding BYU to the Big12 that is. TCU already took BYU's place in the BIG 12. I really don't think anyone is interested in the Y will their sunday play ban and the restrictions the Y on TV contracts etc... BYU fans got their hopes dashed a year ago with the BIG 12 so I think this is a dead issue. BYU is stuck as an independent for the foreseeable future.BYU's new rival's will be Idaho and Idaho State going forward...

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

I love this quote from the article:

"Of course, BYU is considered a prime candidate to join the Big 12 should it decide to add more members."

What makes the author think that BYU is a "prime candidate" for Big 12 expansion? Did you forget that BYU already had a chance to join the Big 12 and blew it? Did you forget how BYU clung to their piddly ESPN deal throughout negotiations like a little kid hanging onto a lollipop while being offered an entire cake? Did you forget that a member of the Big 12's expansion committee called BYU's attorney "a real piece of work"? I guess not.

And I love how the author prefaces his erroneous statement with "of course", like we all know that BYU is clearly the frontrunner. Oh, the arrogance of that statement!

Charlotte, NC

You may be right Patriot, but we can still dream. If the BIG 12 wants to expand, frankly, I don't know who would be more appealing than BYU. Maybe BYU and the BIG 12 will have to compromise a bit. One thing for sure, this independence thing is not going to work out very well. I hope BYU can find a home.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Since it will never happen...I'm sure "patriot's" comments have gone directly to decision makers in the Big 12 and at BYU. The result is that BYU has quit considering moving to a conference and the Big 12 has shifted its focus to Idaho and Idaho State for expansion.

pocatello, ID

Its really up to Texas if BYU joins or not. They own the Big 12.

Farmington, UT

West Virginia is talking like my boss does--grow and expand, even though we can't even keep our foundation in tact.

Morgan, UT

Reading these comments is like listening the Presidential pundits...its all hot air and speculation...

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Give it up already BYU. You already showed that you are "too good" and should be treated like Gods in the football world.

Well, reality check.

Nobody wants you.

Give it up and start small. Maybe you could get back into the WAC (officially, I mean) or the MWC and build yourself up again. Stop whining.

Iowa City, IA

Slow day to bring this up again. The Big 12 has always said great things about BYU and their interest is still solid. However, it is more complex than saying, "Hey we will expand". I know that's hard for some (read red) fans to comprehend but those are the facts.

Utah fans should be more worried why their school is advertising for basketball teams that have na rpi of 200 plus.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

"Of course, BYU is considered a prime candidate to join the Big 12 should it decide to add more members"

The more the DN sports writers write stuff like this, perhaps the more they may actually believe it themselves. So, the obvious responses, and even coming from a Cougs fan, is "says who?" and "based on what?"

This sports writer is trying to pull a rabbit out of his hat w/ this. Yes, I'm a Cougs fan, but look at the entire Cougs program from afar. I like not being so close to Happy Valley. As long as BYU is "connected at the hip" w/ ESPN on the current contract that provides the Cougs all the "national recognition" they like, they're not going anywhere.

The next time I read about the Cougs "possibly" considering another conference, I'd actually like to see the article linked to credible sources-- not linked to the fishing expedition in this article.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I had to laugh at this. It doesn't take much to get these BYU forums to light up with news that an invitation is at hand.

Sanpete, UT

I am the biggest BYU fan around but even I have to say...Are we STILL talking about this stuff?

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's not notice that BYU wasn't mentioned in the article with West Virginia AD Luck...

BYU is on a list of candidates put together by the Big 12 expansion committee. The Big 12 wanted to be better prepared IF they decide to expand. That is a big IF.

Oklahoma and Texas are quite happy with the 10 team format. That allows them to play everyone in the league, and eliminates the conference championship game which more often than not has eliminated the Big 12 from BCS games. They are about to sign a television deal that will pay each member $20 million per year. As the ESPN poll question page notes "Selling expansion to the league's 10 members won't go over all that well if the league can't prove that the annual conference revenue paychecks won't get significant cuts."

BYU is on the list under the idea that they could join without much trouble (no conference exit fees). Other than that, BYU has nothing to offer the Big 12. BYUtv is the biggest hurdle. BYU would have to sign over six years of television rights.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We are BYU. The Big 12 should have allowed us to dictate the terms. They really messed up when they walked away from our ESPN deal. ESPN will do anything to keep byu.

Eagle Mountain, UT

"It doesn't take much to get these BYU forums to light up with news that an invitation is at hand."
It doesn't take much for the "insecure" to start with their rants about how nothing good will happen for BYU either. They are soooo afraid something good will happen. Then they won't be so special anymore.

Highland, UT

Let's see

patriot - utah "fan"
robin - utah "fan"
wacpadding - utah "fan" who also goes by a bunch of other screen names
ouisc - utah "fan"
ares - utah "fan"
henry drummond - utah "fan"
soonerute - utah "fan"
ernest t bass - utah "fan"

Hmmm....more than half the comments and all negative. What are you all so scared of? Oh that's right, utah being in the pac12 and BYU being an independent is all you have to give yourselves a false sense of superiority. Frankly I like independence but of course none of you know anything about any of this.

I loved cowardly robins claim that a BIG12 official called the BYU attorney "a peice of work". False, it was the big easts not the BIG12's and BYU turned down the big east.

But whatever BYU's future holds one thing we can all count on is that it is more important to these utah "fans" than utah's is.


Centerville, UT

I truly believe that the Marketing Department at BYU hypes up the program every Spring and Fall for ticket sales. Included in this hype is talk of conference participation, national championship or BCS bowling participation, etc, all to sell tickets.

It is getting old. I wish that BYU would do there talk on the field and beat top teams. They struggled against Florida, TCU, and other programs. But even after BYU begins beating those teams consistently, I would still not favor heavy marketing. Let the talk be on the field.

Springville, UT

All of the insecurity and arrogance flowing from 'the hill' is laughable.

Duckhunter, you are spot on... as usual.

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter, since you like "fan" in quotations, mark me down as Big 12 "fan".

I am not scared about BYU joining the Big 12. I just don't see the value for the Big 12.
What do they gain from such a deal? Conference stability? They have it now. National television? They have it. Expanded recruiting? Not really. I am at a loss. What could BYU bring that the Big 12 needs?

As a Big 12 fan, it appears to me that BYU fans are only interested in the Big 12 because they didn't get selected by the PAC 12. Who wants to be a second choice? "Will you take me to prom? I wanted to go with someone else, but they didn't ask me." Not attractive.

I agree with you that independence is best for BYU. They can scheduled a couple of name teams, then fill out the schedule against teams that allow them to reach a 10 win season. A 10 win season gives the program visibility that the church wants.

Spanish Fork, UT

"Hmmm....more than half the comments and all negative."
Yeah, you never troll Utah boards with any negativity. More than half the comments on any Utah board are all from you, with negativity. And please explain to us why you like being Indy over conference affiliation. I for one would like to see BYU join the Big 12, but it's a long shot and probably won't happen.

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