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Published: Tuesday, April 17 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Spanish Fork, UT

Utah will be sitting in a much better place the day that Hatch and Herbert are no longer in office.

Hatch is a typical politician who on one hand championed a balanced budget amendment while on the other hand voted for unpaid increases to Medicaid. His defense? The bill didn't cost as much as predicted? So instead of 23 billion more in debt its only 17 billion more. Thanks Hatch. We cannot afford to send leaders to Washington who seek to mislead by speaking out of both sides of the mouths.

Herbert allowed HB116 to pass without a veto, an unconstitutional bill that rewards illegal behavior at the expense of tax paying Utah citizens. And in a very shady move he paid off a company who was threatening to bring a lawsuit against him over the unfair bidding process related to the I-15 project. The pay off was to the tune of around 14 million. That's tax payer dollars folks. How can we forget or give a pass to these failures in leadership and honest governance.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

All I ask for is a chance to vote yea or nay on Hatch in a primary election. Hopefully the delegates will send the matter to a primary

newhall, CA

I hope that the delegates will open their eyes and minds to the fact that Hatch is done. I watched the Dixie College debate last night online and I wasn't impressed with Hatch at all. He came across as 'begging' for a last term. Folks, it you give Hatch what he wants, not what he deserves, then you have just elected a lame duck senator who can do whatever he wants without any reprecussions. Frankly, it makes me sick to think that he will have a better retirement package then any of us when it's all said and done. For the good of the state of Utah don't give Hatch the required 60% to avoid a primary. He looked and sounded tired and old. The problem today is that Congress has created the atmosphere for career politicians. It's all about seniority and clout. Really? Too bad. Let's change this process. Term limits so that no longer is the country beholden to career politicians who make laws based on seniority. It is time to vote Hatch out and sent him home. Let sit at home to write poetry and songs no one cares about.


Illegal immigration costs Utah taxpayers approx. 400million per year.

Gov. Herbert has had numerous chances to help curtail the flood of illegal immigrants.

Instead, he votes for amnesty provisions.

WHY would ANY (legal)taxpayer vote to let him keep his job?

As far as Hatch goes; the ONLY thing he can point to as a reason to vote for him is his seniority.
That issue was OVERUSED 3 terms ago. Now its just silly.

Delegates: PLEASE try to find alternatives to these two. Utah deserves better!

Kearns, UT

I am surprised this article was about avoiding the primary. I thought it would be about the chances of getting on the ticket for a primary. Isn't that the real worry?


Years ago as a Utah resident I voted for and supported Hatch. But I began to have my
doubts after having a short talk with him about defending our borders and I was amazed at the excuses he came up with for not doing so.
Since Senator Bennett was dumped at the last convention, I have watched Hatch's votes and
I see no improvement. He is at 70% in the last Freedom Index for voting in step with the Constitution and while that is a lot better than too many others, it will not restore our
lost freedoms nor bring us back to following the Constitution.
We must do better!
We are told to vote for good men and honest men, but if they make "unwise" political decisions, then they will not keep us free.
I read Hatch's comments at Cleon Skousen's funeral where he mentioned that Skousen repeatedly asked him - "Why did you vote that way?" and Hatch mentioned the same in his biography when Ezra Taft Benson asked him the same question. Going along to get along just like Santorum - being part of the team.
Its time to change the team!

Bluffdale, UT

If they meet the requirements of the Republican party than they should be on the ballot for an all-republican primary.

Delegates fixing the primary election is not what elections should be about.

What, are you scared the republicans will vote for them?

slc, ut

It is good to see Mia Love out polling Carl Wimmer. After his vote on HB477, his big hug for Rep Kevin Garn, And his unsavory connection with the "free capitalist " I feel Mia is much more qualified to lead.

Clearfield, UT

Why would anyone think the delegates would vote out Hatch. Hatch has been a waste of space in Washington since the day the unthinking people of Utah elected him. He is just like all the rest, if you send me back I'll do something this time around. Kick him to the curb and let him see what "his economy thinking has done for America". He can't even grasp simple math "you can't pay your debts by cutting your income.

Kaysville, UT

Well, 7 of the nine commenters so far are AGAINST Hatch and all nine commenters seem to want a primary. Add me, that's 8 against Hatch and 10 for a primary. It does make one wonder who is getting delegate assignments (the retired folks who had time to attend?) Let's have a primary. I couldn't make it to a caucus, but I'd like my say in the booth.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I am hoping Love makes it in for the Republicans. She is a class act.

Wimmer on the other hand scares me. His total disregard for minorities when suggesting pairing Browning with MLK Day never sat right with me. It is a shame this man could actually represent Utah.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Are we so illiterate that we can't read? Are we so uneducated that we can't comprehend?

Senator Hatch is a disgrace to the State of Utah. He has made promises that he has not even attempted to keep. He has openly voted to violate our liberties while sitting as one of 100 Senators. Anyone who votes for him in the nominating convention is violating their duty to help preserve our Constitution.

Clearfield, UT

Such vitriol directed at Senator Hatch. Sorry Tea Partiers the people are on to your tactics. The tea party is over. It's time to return to mainstream conservatism. Unlike Senator Benett Hatch will survive. Maybe face a primary but he will survive. Just like Senator Bennett would have won over Lee if the people were given the choice to vote in a primary election. As far as the flood of illegal's check your facts. Illegal immigration has dropped drastically. I support the Utah compact, Atty Gen Shurtleff, Chief Burbank and the LDS Church's effort to bring civility back to the immigration debate. I am also supporting Peter Cook for Governor and would vote for Matheson if I had the opportunity.

Provo, UT

I like Liljenquist instead of Hatch.

I like Herbert over his unqualified and unimpressive rivals.

Shurtleff is a complete joke (nominating himself for President of the University of Utah? Seriously?)

Winder has no place in public office until he can sort out his own identity and ethical values. And Mia Love is a solid candidate.

I think Bennett would have been better than Lee.

Civility regarding immigration is one thing. But amnesty in any form is completely unacceptable no matter how civil or uncivil the debate gets.

That's how I see it, and I'm sticking with it.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Whom do we want to represent the State of Utah?

Do we want someone who tells us, every six years, that THIS TIME, he will actually represent the State of Utah, or do we want to continue to elect someone who has voted to take away our liberties?

Senator Hatch has learned that the people of Utah are too lazy to read about his voting record. He has learned that all they do is listen to his well-scripted advertisements. He has learned that his money makes a difference and that honesty, integrity, and performing the duties of a Senator mean nothing.

He will continue to tell us that THIS TIME, he will make a difference. He will continue to ignore the fact that ALL of his previous terms were failures. He will continue to ignore the fact that he was more aligned with Senator Kennedy than he was with the principles that made us a free people.

If you want the government to lock up anyone without telling them why they are being locked up, if you want to keep them from having an attorney or a trial, then vote for Mr. Hatch. He is YOUR man.

Idaho Falls, ID

Please Utah, do Senator Hatch a favor (and the rest of us) and bring him home.

West Valley City, Utah

If a reasonable conservative like Hatch is kicked out just when he is in a position to do much good in the Senate it is a sad statement of the harmful unrealistic expectations of what a rookie Senator could do. What a crucial blow to the Republican party by the ideologues of the republican far right wing. They have short memories of what Hatch did to stand up for conservative vales in classic battles that kept our country from sinking into bankruptcy a long time ago. It took compromise. Today hardline fall into the liberal stereotypes of conservatives as being rigid, merciless with a hardline stance that doesn't take int account that we actually do need be compassionate towards other human beings without becoming "bleeding heart liberals" who wildly overspend.

Spanish Fork, UT


Last time I checked my facts, a drop in illegal immigration still doesn't make it legal. The issue isn't about numbers, its about the act of illegally immigrating, the felonies that go along with illegally obtaining a job, and the rewarding of the behavior by those who seek to benefit from it.


I went to my precint caucus meeting. The majority of the people supported Hatch and Herbert. The only dissenting voices were from people that supported tea party candidates. I would say the polling reported here represents my voting precint very well.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

I sent an e-mail to the delegates from my precinct asking that they consider the input from members of the precinct when voting in the convention. I suggested if the input was not heavily in favor of one candidate over the other that they consider splitting their votes; if the input was solidly behind hatch, both should vote for him.

As candidates for delegate, both indicated an inclination for hatch; one said he would listen to input from precinct members. When I contacted him and made the above suggestion, he responded that since both had indicated they favored hatch and were elected, he considered that as all the input he needed from the precinct.

The weakness with that argument is we do not know the tallies from the caucus. If the pro-hatch garnered 52% and the anti-hatch 48%, the precinct would not be as solidly behind hatch as this delegate believed. Were the tallies 68% hatch and 32% opposed, I could more readily accept his response.

Thus I would prefer a primary where my vote counts to the non-committal caucus system.

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