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Published: Tuesday, April 17 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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Boise, ID

I hope no water spilled on the organ! Seats and TV screens and cameras can all be easily replaced...

Highland, UT

I've been up in that control room. The floors are metal grates so the water would just pour right through them to the actual conference hall below. Glad to hear the damage is minimal and the sprinklers did their job.


I was more worried about the pulpit that was made from President Hinckley's tree. Any word about that?

Montesano, WA

I was thinking the same thing!

Salt Lake City, UT

@mmd and Dadof5sons, from some other reports I've read that the pulpit is OK, it just has to be carefully dried out. I believe that the electrical circuitry and television inside of it might have to be replaced, but the wood itself is very hearty. Overall, I think it is such a wonderful miracle that everything went as well as possible. The CC did not sustain even close to the extensive damage as it could have. Those sprinklers basically put the fire out before anyone knew it had started and long before the firetrucks arrived. Interestingly enough, I was downtown inside the JSB on the 10th Floor taking photos of the temple at the exact time those fire trucks must have been arriving. I never heard a thing! Proof how well the JSB is insulated, I guess. I didn't hear details about the fire until this morning.

Sandy, UT

I do not understand why the conference center would have a UPS system. A backup generator is really the only thing they need.


I love the Conference Center, and am so glad the damage is minimal. Thank goodness this happened a few weeks after conference!

Mesa, AZ

The tribune is saying the pulpit was spared and went undamaged. It did not indicate if the pulpit was anywhere close to the falling water or if it got wet in any way.

Central, Utah


Sandy, UT

I do not understand why the conference center would have a UPS system. A backup generator is really the only thing they need.

I don't know about the one in the conference center, but ours has about a minute delay before it really gets going. Sitting in the dark with 20,000+ people could cause some concerns for some.

At another conference center in another state, the lights went out and a lot of people reached in their pocket and got their lights out. I heard the fire deparment wasn't very approving of that method of emergency lighting.

Additionally some electronic equipment may have a hard time with either delays of static as things sync up.

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