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Published: Monday, April 16 2012 2:00 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"We need to act quickly in passing these stimulus funds(first "stimulus plan" of 787 billion) to prevent unemployment from reaching 8%

Unemployment soared to over 11%

Unemployment is STILL over 8%




lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

too soon to get excited, but we have room for optimism.

Farmington, UT

The only poll that counts in on election day in November, cast by actual voters in the booth. That would be the best time for Romney to lead Obama.

Farmington, UT

Why do we continue to hear that "Gore won the popular vote" when there were a million ballots that were not counted in California? No one knows for sure who won the popular vote but they do remember that Gore didn't want to count absentee ballots from our militray servicemen. (And he didn't carry his home State of Tennessee, either, if you were wondering.)

Kearns, UT

Good thing they left out the CNN poll released today. Obama leads by 9, 5 with Ind. Voters.

And these polls mean little. Mitt has a huge amount of ground to makeup in the Electoral College map. He’d better focus on Florida because if Obama wins that, the race is over before polls even close across the country. Then he can start worrying about Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico. Tall task ahead for Mitt.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Intrade has the best track record at predicting presidential elections because people actually put down money on their positions. Intrade currently gives President Obama a 61% chance of being reelected.

Trivia note: If Obama is reelected it will be only the second time in our history that we have had three consecutive two-term presidents. The last three were Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.

Sandy, UT

I forgot that only Republicans create jobs, so it is a good thing Romney is leading in the polls.

The stimulus should have been bigger and have not included 300 billion dollar worth of tax cuts and 100% of it should went to infrastructure projects.


It's difficult to imagine that people can't see what a disaster Obama has created for America. His lack of loyalty to true American values and pride are disconcerting at best. I find Romney to be by far the superior candidate in every way. Romney has the business experience and the love of America that Obama doesn't have and can't buy. I'm standing behind Romney 100%.

Tooele, UT


Even though I'm a registered Republican, I agree with you.

When one sees what states Romney did and did not win in the Republican primaries, he will definitely have his work cut out for him in the south.

I have a brother who lives in North Carolina and personally knows more than a couple people who have already said they plan to stay home on Election Day. They hate Obama, but they'll eat pig swill before they'll vote for a Mormon.

@Roland Kayser

Another Trivia Note: The longest period in our nation's history in which a President did not die in office was from George Washington's inauguration to W.H. Harrison's death which was 51 years and 1 month. Currently it has been about 49 1/2 years since JFK's death, so that's another record which will likely be broken too.

Of course, if you include Nixon's resignation, that drops it down to almost 28 years since a President left office early.

And "NO" I do NOT want to see Obama leave office early by ANY means. Vote Obama out? "Yes" Anything else? "NO!"

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

If Obama managed to win reelection, it is more telling about the stupidity of Americans than anything else. This country is doomed. Bush's problems will need fixing. However, Obama opted to ADD to the problems rather than fix the problems (record high deficits, national debt increasing at an alarming rate).

People can't come up with a good reason why Obama is better than Bush; they'll mention job creation (yeah right; ask the soldiers how that's working for them, and look at unemployment rates), or the wars (which cost much less than Obama, and Obama has followed Bush's war timetable anyway), or "women's rights" (while ignoring babies' rights). But no real reason that shows that Bush was bad and Obama was good. The most telling facts show Bush was bad but Obama is way worse.

Cedar Hills, UT

"Respondents were slightly more likely to trust Obama and much more likely to think Obama was smarter and more optimistic."

HA!!!! This is too funny. Trust Obama?? Who trusts Obama? This man has proven to be about as un-trusting as any president since Nixon. Holy cow I am guessing any poll based solely on how much do your trust Obama would be in the tank - bottom of the tank!! Smarter and optimistic?? Again - what a joke!! Smarter in what - the NCAA basketball brackets?? As far as optimistic - does that go along with his class warfare banter and name ONE thing that Obama has shown optimism other than arrogantly bashing the Supreme Court for even considering overturning his health care law. I think Obama was given high marks in 2008 for smarts based solely on his smooth teleprompter speeches but the one thing the past 4 years have revealed about Obama is how "uninformed" and "over his head" this guy really is when you drill down to specifics. Smart?? Sorry but I don't think anyone paying attention to the man is going to buy that. A better description would be inexperienced and very deceptive.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I hope the Obama Campaign keeps up the mis-steps they have been making the last several weeks.

After taking such a beating during the Republican primaries, Romney should be way down.....but he's NOT. Great news for the Romney Campaign and I hope they can keep it up.

Go Mitt!!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

The best possible result for this election would be for Mitt to win the popular vote and the President to win the electoral college. Then the best guy would be President AND we would get rid of this stupid system of voting since both parties would have been bitten by in within a 12 year span.

Salt Lake City, UT

"It's difficult to imagine that people can't see what a disaster Obama has created for America."

We were losing 700k jobs a month when Bush packed his bags and yet you consider gaining private sector jobs 24+ consecutive months to be a disaster? You must work for Bain or some other corporation that feeds off of devouring failed companies.

"His lack of loyalty to true American values and pride are disconcerting"

And this is where I stopped taking you seriously.


Which Mitt Romney? He changes his positions so often it's hard to tell who he is this week.

Holladay, UT

Romney will lose big, probably 15 points, he's just got too much baggage and the incumbent is too strong.

the boonies, mexico

This will be another "total" landslide! When the big business sides of Mitt is "really" exposed he will go down like the titanic. The only thing he hasn't changed on in his whole life is his religion, and that will not get him elected for sure. Another republican jokester thats all.Doesn't one of the 10 commandments say something about not lying? Go figure!

Cedar Hills, UT


Remember the 2010 mid term elections? Yes that was the GOP landslide resulting from peoples discontent with Obama. That discontent has festered some over the past 2 years for most folks.. especially independent voters. Obama is deploying the politics of distraction and deception for 2012 - how long do think that is going to hold up?? The man's record is a disaster and with gas prices set to hit $5 a gallon by fall I would say Mr Teleprompter is in BIG trouble with everyone with the obvious exception of his loyal clueless zombie base.

Salt Lake City, UT


Romney won't lose by 15. At this time I think he loses by 2 +/- 5 (obviously he wins in the -0.01 to -3 cases).

Right now RCP has Obama strong/leaning in 227 electoral votes, Romney in 170. That leaves the following as tossups: Arizona, Colorado, Florida Iowa Missouri Nevada New Hampshire North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Virginia.

salt lake city, utah

Gallup, Rasmussen, and Fox...really?? Another poll today showed Obama winning over 230 electoral votes with Romney at 170 something. Obama wins Florida and it's over.

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