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Published: Friday, April 13 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Broken Arrow
Draper, UT

I think a lot of Utah residents are so used to billboards that they don't realize what an eyesore they are for people visiting from outside our state. We should consider changing our state advertising slogan from "Life Elevated" to "Advertising Elevated."

I'm firmly in support of Mayor Becker on this one and would like to see our state legislators get behind him. It's not only a huge problem for Salt Lake City, but extends to other areas as well.

I'm sorry for Mr. Young and Mr. Regan, but you simply happen to be in a business that detracts from the beauty of our state.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake City, Utah --

About as tactless and trashy as other high class International cities such as;
Tiajuana, Mexica - Bogata, Columbia - and Bombay, India.

BTW - When I want electronic advertising, I'll turn on my computer.

Central, Utah

Just a couple of random thoughts.

An employee of the Young Sign Company stopped one day & helped me with a car problem. Thanks!

Like others have mentioned, I have lived and worked in various states, even on one job I traveled from LA to the outer banks of Maryland. I don't believe I have ever bought anything, even a motel room. because of a billboard. Obviously others have.

I think they pose a hazzard just as the flashing Thanksgiving Point distracts a driver from concentrating on the highway. I have personally witnessed a driver drift over when trying to read a billboard and some of them have too much or too small letters to read at highway speed.

Finally, beauty is in the eye of the beholder & maybe there are some who think they look nice. In the past I would make my travel route away from "ugly" places whenever I could. That includes junk, bad buildings and billboards. Missouri used to be so bad they would stack one on top of another, giving 4 billboard faces (2 each direction) that to me looked "ugly."

I'm glad we are not that bad yet.

Bountiful, UT

Listetning to talk radiio a while back, there was a business owner on who does remodeling of homes. He says he was able to grow his business by advertising on electronic bill boards. It is less expensive than buying space on a regular bill board he said and it lets people know of his service. It has worked well for him. I suppose one could say the same about radio or a regular bill board, they help business to get started and to grow.

I remember as a kid I hated advertisements on radio, they were interruptions to the music I used to listen to. I didn't understand economics then. I now see advertisements as the grease that helps a capitalistic system run smoothly. We all want beauty, but we also all want jobs and useful services. If its too difficult for businesses that employ people and offer useful services to get started or sustain themselves, we won't have as many of them.

The sign companies themselves provide jobs and they helo other bisinesses to provide jobs and opportunities for other people to start and sustain businesses. We need to keep this in mind.

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