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Published: Friday, April 13 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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Layton, UT

Rosen stated out loud what many women tell themselves. But it's not supposed to be stated. It's supposed to be an eyebrow raise, or a turned up nose or implied by a list of moth-eaten diplomas and rusty awards.


Republicans pretend to care about stay-at-home mothers but then they want to yank the safety nets out from under them.

Highland, UT

So being a stay at home mother means you have to be on welfare?

Salt Lake City, UT

It's not much of a war if Rosen apologized and pretty much nobody is on her side.

Temecula, CA

Your Father teaches you to trust your mother. Your mother does everything to raise you, giving her life to you, especially when you are younger. To raise you! So I called my mother who raised 7 kids and worked full time for many years as well. Mom, I said which is harder raising all of us or working fulltime? Without hesitation: Raising the 7 of you! we were not difficult kids either so no break or non break there! I trust my mom's point of view. Even more so on this topic. Let me add as well. Mom helped run a business, knows what is going on in this country, loves America and accepted no guaranteed pension benefits, but did willingly offer to continue to help raise a multitude of Grandchildren! Comforting us in times of despair or defeat, cheering us up for the next battle in life! Always loving always giving and never ever in 50 years haveI heard my mother utter a ill word about another woman and not ever another person!

CHS 85
Sandy, UT


...or it was a statement by someone who didn't marry rich. Mrs. Romney seems like a great lady and has done a fabulous job raising her children. They all seem happy and well adjusted and for that she deserves high kudos. But for her to say that she can relate to a waitress who was abandoned by a jerk of a husband leaving her penniless to raise children on her own worrying every day about how her children will be fed that day is a little disingenuous.

Temecula, CA

Maybe I identify Ann Romney as a role model, she has 5 boys and so does my mom. Luckily my parents were blessed with 2 girls as well! Mom is a mom I see similar to Mrs. Romney. Mitt he may not be as polished, seen as caring, but his heart is quietly full of love and compassion! What shows like in my father is the business side, the one who dealt discipline the one who was working to make our future better because he loves and respects my mother! Mitt respects Ann and loves her immensely. He pulls her close, shows no embarrassement in a kiss in public and Ann recipicates by holding Mitt's waist tight when together! They are not ashammed of true love! Neither are my parents. They protect it and cherish it! Wanting to help America be a better place what I have seen in my father his entire life! I see that in Mitt Romney as well. Smart, Articulate, Organized, a Winner because he believes in his family and his country and because his wife shares their family dream with him! Just like my parents! Blessed no more could one be!

Salt Lake City, UT

Truthseeker, your comments are usually so much more levelheaded than that. Your comment was about as valuable as "Democrats pretend to be tolerant and champion womens rights, but only if the women agree with them."

Salt Lake City, UT

The Lawrence O'Donnell and Hilary Rosen outrages are part of the low road Obama re-election strategy. It is similar to saying something patently untrue in a court of law and having the judge instructs the jury to disregard the false statements and then admonished the attorney. The idea has been planted in the jurors minds and the damage done, regardless of how appalling. Jay Carney tried to separate Rosen from the administration however Rosen has been hired by the DNC and is a consultant to Obama's campaign. Change we can believe in?

Leesburg, VA

Was Hilary Rosen wrong in her statement? Probably Not.

Was Hilary Rosen wrong in making her statement a criticism of Ann Romney? Probably Yes.

The truth of the matter is that we cannot compare Ann Romney or any other wealthy staying mother home with an average middle class or low income staying home mother.

The Romney family is rich. Therefore can afford many privileges that many other can only dream about. Is their wealth a disqualifier to become the first family of the nation? It shouldn't be. They represent a family who could be considered the ideal family in this capitalist society.

However, It is naive to pretend that Ann Romney shares or fully understands what a regular family goes through. She doesn't and she doesn't have to.

Mrs. Romney has skills and experiences that make her an admirable woman, wife and mother in her own right.

Mcallen, TX

Wow! Mitt gets bashed for his paychecks while his wife for not getting them.

Go figure.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

CHS 85

love to play class warfare, don't you.

Temecula, CA

Mr. President your being called out! For going on 4 years you have been called out and you have failed to step out of your Washington DC hideout! What good has it done to manipulate the labor employment numbers, or play class or race warfare? What single bit of good has it done to blame President Bush? Not any! Again, none! However, this is what you will be leaving us with. A age of defeat!

As a grown man now this is what I can say without hesitation about my father and my friend's fathers from all walks of life. They are the fathers who always had hope in America's dream. They were willing to sacrifice everything they could to make our lives better and our nation. That would include being the one in the family that went without the badly needed socks, or the doctors/dentist appointment, christmas present, or even food on his plate to give us a better life! Now fathers and parents are being taught that government will fix it and so what if there are no jobs being created! Jobs creation Mr. President that is what creates and sustains Hope in America!

Clearfield, UT

To Don17 (3;20 p.m.)

You said: Mitt he may not be as polished, seen as caring, but his heart is quietly full of love and compassion! If that were true, she would not be out on the campaign trail right now, nor would he be trying to make her First Lady of the United States.. She is in remission with MS, and the LAST thing she needs is a stress-filled life. If he truly loved and cherished her, she would not be where she is now. She appears to be a lovely lady. She deserves better.

Hayden, ID

If I had a daughter, she would look like Ann Romney!

David B.
Cedar City, UT

It's really a shame there are people that run their mouths and have absolutely nothing nice to say! Case in point Hilary Rosen,not only did she embarrass herself but she went to another level one should never go and that's an attack on somebody that's not running for a public office in hopes it will help a rival candidate.Well you saw what happened it blew up in their face. I feel the families of candidates should be off limits during the election season period. Then what really bugs me is that sorry excuse of an apology from Rosen.I don't think there's a rock big enough for her to hide.

Salt Lake City, UT

Rosen's comments were reflective of what many in the liberal/progressive/Democratic movement really believe. Obama distances himself from the comments because he knows they were controversial. But Rosen's comments are in reality very similar in spirit to those Obama himself made when he mocked conservatives who "cling to their guns and religion."

Obama and those who think like him just don't believe in the same tried and true conservative principles of traditional America. Obama wants "fundamental change" in the American way of life.


Before the matador enters the ring to kill the bull, there are the picadores who weaken the bull so the matador won't have a tough time finishing it off. Enter Picadore Rosen and Picadore O'Donnell to try to weaken Gov Romney so President Obama can finish him off. What the Democratic Party does not realize is that this candidate is much stronger and has much more staying power. Ultimately, it will be Pres. Obama who will be finished off in November.

Temecula, CA

To:Furry 1993:

In fact it was Ann who suggested to Mitt that he go into the 2012 campaign. In fact they have a relationship where Mitt stopped doing everything to help her! I am confident that Ann Romney can say to Mitt "I am staying home today!" But, she is out there I am sure because she wants to be! You are the one putting a limit on her. She has a right to choose what course she wishes to take. I will not tell Ann Romney what do. You as well cannot tell her what to do. Your telling her to be off the campaign trail and to give up? Why? Is it your business what decision she makes? Can't Ann Romney have her own CHOICE? Can't she make her own decisions. Please don't put her in a box. It is not our right. Are you saying because she has a disability that she shouldn't be out their fighting for America her way? Maybe this energizes her and helps her even to be more healthy? I admire her efforts and her decision.


The U.S. has higher poverty rates among working mothers than many other industrialized countries.

It is nice Ann and Mitt had the choices they did. They were able to start their large family while Mitt was still a student--and buy a house in Boston no less. I've never heard them publicly acknowledge or thank their parents who provided them the benefits they enjoyed. I hope my kids will not be remiss in appreciating the sacrifice and hard work that went toward their support and education.

So what policies will Republicans promote to support mothers?

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