Comments about ‘Lawrence O'Donnell apologizes for offending 'a great many Mormons'’

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Published: Thursday, April 12 2012 1:00 p.m. MDT

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I don't watch Lawrence O'Donnell - I wasn't impressed with him when he guest hosted for Keith Olbermann before getting his own show, and the only time I've bothered to watch a clip of his own show was when he interviewed Michael Moore. I am bothered by his remarks about the church every bit as much as I am bothered by Romney's remarks about those who do not profess a religion. The right to not worship should be just as sacred as when the character of Charles Dalton was "exercising the right not to walk" in that scene from Dead Poet's Society.

I am LDS, and I won't be voting for Mitt Romney, not because of the fact that he's LDS, but the fact of his record at Bain Capital, and I find those facts demonstrate him to be anti-family and anti-middle class. On the whole, I find conservativism to be anti-family and anti-middle class, which is why I will never vote for any Republican ever again. And if a Democrat claims to be a "conservative Democrat," I will instead vote for his opponent in the Green Party.

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