Comments about ‘Romney cuts off question on Mormon scripture’

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Published: Monday, April 2 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

These comments leave me shaking my head. The article is not about health care or insurance. It is about Romney and his religion. Strings like this make me question the value of soliciting comments. I am more interested to hear why it is is OK for Romney to avoid talking about his religion in one moment, then talking about it in the next if it suits his purpose. As the campaign goes on, he won't be able to get away with this, particularly with the cumulative effect of everything being said and done in the 2012 campaign.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Observation Deck,

The broker that works with my organization is wrong? This company brokers for over 50 organizations in Utah and works with all the major insurance carriers in Utah and their statement on the cost of Obamacare come from the insurance companies as he receives their renewal rates. I highly doubt that they are wrong. Lets be factual and not use the scare tactics and misinformation of the far right talk show crowd. Health care in this country was killing the American worker long before Obamacare came to be, we need to end the demagoguery and solve the problem. We also need to end the government regulation demagoguery as well. My insurance is high because I pay for a large number of people who don't have insurance, not government regulation and that does not change with or without Obamacare. Its time for real solutions by real leaders not blaming the other side to try and win an election.

Salt Lake City, UT

I am honest, I'm in an age bracket that got health insurance under Obamacare because I'm under 26 but I'm old enough that without Obamacare I would fall off it.

You can move somewhere where Obama isn't president.

Yes, if Obamacare is repealed I will lose my health insurance. Of course I'll spent about 1,200 dollars to buy a new one.

@Utah Girl
Romney was an adult when the priesthood ban was still in effect, it's arguably a valid question to ask why he was in a church that had that policy in place, and a valid question if he thinks it was wrong for the ban to ever have been in place (Huntsman has renounced the priesthood ban saying it shouldn't have ever been done).


I had to wait months in America to see a specialist for a condition that required surgery to take care of. My father in Germany had to wait a couple days to see a specialist for a condition that required surgery to be taken care of.

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