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Published: Sunday, April 1 2012 5:00 p.m. MDT

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Kaysville, UT

President Uchtdorf did talk about his airplane job when he was made a Stake President, just not about the aircraft themselves. He had to make choices and he made the right choice by listening and feeling the Spirit, just like flying.

Trusting the instruments of God.

the greater outdoors, UT

It's interesting to note that some people (LValfre) think revelation works up instead of down. That's contrary to how the Lord works. Which makes the answer to your first question moot. Whatever is delivered in Gen Conf, especially by the prophet, IS what the Lord defines as sacred.

Actually, I'm stunned that you really watched conference 1) you aren't a member and 2) your angry posts about the LDS church on a regular basis on these threads.

Good for you if you watched it.

@brahmabull: you are similar to LValfre regarding your comments on things LDS. The responses to you are correct: if we aren't doing the simple things that we have been commanded to do, why would the Lord see the need to reveal anything else, let alone whatever it is you deem "deep doctrine".

What is stopping you from gaining any knowledge that you seek? How do those who have shared "deep doctrine" in the past learned it? I believe the ball is always in our court regarding our learning of the gospel. So, go for it and see what you get.

Colchester, CT

I would ask that people refrain from calling on others to repent over a message board. As we learned repentance is a very sacred and personal process which should be initiated by the sinner him/herself. Please, if you feel the need to call others to repentance...better just hold on to the thought, even if the opinions found on this message board don't agree with your own thoughts.

Centerville, UT


When conference starts to get repetative, that is probably when we should listen a little more carefully. Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith 3 times in one night with essentially the same message and then again the next day.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Brahmabull
"This year we heard the same old things said."

There are those who would like to read the sealed portion of the Golden Plates but who have not read what is currently available to us. Likewise there are those seeking new revelation who do not follow that which has already been revealed.

Perhaps if we listened more carefully we might have received greater understanding which can only come through the spirit.


>I want to hear the deep stuff

I heard the "deep stuff" in every session.
I heard talk of the Atonement over and over again during conference. There's nothing pertaining to what we need during our experience here on earth that is deeper than the Atonement. The core doctrines are the deepest. As Joseph Smith said, "Stay close to the trunk." Conference isn't to tickle our ears. It's to give us the strength and guidance that we need to follow the Savior and partake of the blessings of the Atonement more deeply and more effectively.

What we get from it specifically is based on our degree of humility and how well we are attuned with the Spirit. What the Spirit teaches us might not even be related to what is being said. It's up to use to humble ourselves, soften our hearts, and approach conference (and sacrament meeting, and every other of our Church meetings) in meekness and submission to the Lord. If we don't do that--and particularly, if we try, in a sense, to "steady the ark"--the Spirit won't be able to teach us the "deep stuff."

Heber City, UT

@ Shuzzie53 - and I assume that you will be attending the services of churches where you have issues.

I'm not LDS but often listen in to see what is being sold. For the most part pretty generic and positive. Can't help but compare it to the various MLM conventions that take place in Utah - good speakers, decent content, promises made that can't be kept...yup, just about the same right up to telling everyone to go out and sell it their neighbors.

LValfre - refreshingly honest and insightful.

Pocatello, ID

And we shall hear the same things again next October because I can't imagine that 14.4 million of us will have conquered the difficulties we find in living this life. There won't be any new revelations or deep doctrine until we have learned what is here for us. But, brahmabull, I'm pleased that you listened to the entire thing so you would be able to discern those things you stated. Sometimes don't you think we just need the feel-good messages in order to greet another day?


>No revelation

Those who listened in humility and with the Spirit received revelation. That's how it works.

Salt Lake City, UT

It is the same old stuff, having to breath everyday. Why do it? For me, I just can't continue without breathing air or hearing General Conference. I guess time will tell whether inhaling what I heard was good fom me.

layton, UT

Re: Rita52, we spent a couple of minutes talking about Christ and how the LOVE of God gets lost in some Christian churches. So True, How do you see Jesus? Is He a shepherd, a carpenter, is he healing teaching or walking on water or surrounded by a crowd gathered with children?
If you want to see Jesus as He really is, as He Himself would like to be seen, then see him on the cross suffering and dying for the sins of the world. There, His LOVE for you is most real. Do you want others to see Jesus clearly? Show them the cross.

small town, Nebraska

Loved conference. Was shocked there were no new temples announced. I loved the talks esp by Elder Eyring as it was so timely to the situation that my husband and I have been through just recently. So grateful for technology that we can watch it back here without cable. Conference is one of my favorite weekends. Would love to attend conference sometime but that will be a dream.

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