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Published: Friday, March 23 2012 8:00 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

How are they going to take the NuSkin tower out so it looks like the picture?

Sego Lilly
Salt Lake City, UT

the Boston Massachusetts temple is actually in Belmont, Massachusetts and the Washington, DC temple is in Kensington, Maryland.

Kaysville, UT

So.... where's the "emphasis" supposed to be placed on this new temple name???

(((Special punctuation added by this author, for clarification purposes)))

Is it supposed to be: Provo-City...CENTER...Temple ??

Or is is supposed to be: Provo...CITY-CENTER...Temple ??

Or would it be: Provo-City....CENTER-TEMPLE ??

Regardless, I'm the one who recommended (back in October) that they name it the "PROVO PIONEER TEMPLE", and I have to say I STILL think that would have been the best name for it.

Kaysville, UT

Joseph Walker wrote: "Ending months of speculation and thousands of name recommendations since plans for the new temple were announced..."

Really? THOUSANDS of name recommendations??? How did that happen, and I never heard about it?!! Why wasn't I invited to that party? Was there a public contest to "Name That New Temple!" ?

Did the Brethren set up a toll-free hotline so church members could call in their ideas and suggestions for names? ;^)

Last October, when I recommended on this comment board that the Church name the new temple the "Provo Pioneer Temple", another reader chastised me for presuming to tell the Brethren what to do. And now Mr. Walker tells us that there were "thousands" of recommendations made. Guess I started a hot new trend, after all!


Then the old Provo Temple needs a new name to differentiate between the two on an even level. Since they are both temples in Provo--Provo temples--then the old one needs a new name to set it apart as not just... *THE/a* Provo temple, but... *which* one of the Provo temples! Otherwise it would be like errantly implying that the Provo City Center Temple "isn't really one of the Provo temples."

So I propose that we rename that one as "Provo North Temple."

Neither is the "Atlanta Temple" in Atlanta. It's in Sandy Springs. Hmm... why not "Sandy Springs, Georgia Temple"? But at least it is in the Atlanta metro. area.


@Maxx: With the way the Provo MTC is growing lately, they might rename that one the the "Provo MTC Temple." ;)

Provo, UT

Oh my goodnes people, we don't need to list every temple that isn't named after the city it is in. That would be way too long. I for one am happy with the name of the Provo City Center Temple. I think it fits well with where it's situated.

South Jordan, UT

It seems the artist forgot about a few of the surrounding structures.

Saint George, UT

@ Town Crier

What a horrible idea! Everyone knows the Scera movie theater does not have stadium seating or THX sound.

Think like a moviegoer . . . for once.


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