Comments about ‘Herbert signs bill demanding feds cede public lands to Utah’

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Published: Friday, March 23 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Durham, NC

jfarker - what part of the constitution says the federal government can't own property? I don't recall reading that part - but it may be there.

Is it therefor your conclusion that the Louisiana Purchase, and the purchase of Alaska were illegal and unconstitutional?

Just wondering...... I want to read that section you are referring to.

O-town, UT

We don't need Herbie ripping on the Federal Government when we get more Federal dollars than we are pay, and when Hill AFB is being considered to close--which would have devastating results on Northern Utah jobs--yes even private sector jobs.

Governor, choose a smart and respectable way to voice your disagreement and quit trying to appeal to the far right to survive a primary challenge and quit wasting tax dollars. What's next another fluoride challenge--GOOD NIGHT, the bats are out tonight!

Manti, UT

Wildlife belongs to the State... much of the lands belong to the feds. Wouldn't it be nice is wildlife managers had the ability to manage habitat the animals need. The feds are a failure in doing what mule deer need to survive.

Provo, UT

jfarker, I know the Constitution very well, and I think you're less qualified to make such judgements than the state's own legal counsel, who have advised them that it's unconstitutional. Your claim that federal law doesn't trump state law is absurd. Just wishing that the Supremacy Clause didn't exist doesn't make it so.

Central, Utah

Interesting how things spread -

I just talked to a high ranking Air Force officer in Nebraska and he had just talked to others and all agreed that this sure looses their support for retaining Hill AFB in the next round of cuts. The comment was made to the effect that you would never know what those "utahns" would ask for next!

How to win friends & influence people !

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