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Utah among 26 states suing government over 2009 legislation

Published: Wednesday, March 21 2012 3:00 p.m. MDT

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On the other hand
Spanish Fork, UT

One Sunday last December, my daughter, who was uninsured at the time, smashed her finger in a door at church. Her doctor sent us to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, where we saw an emergency room physician assistant. He ordered an x-ray to see if any bones were broken (none were), gave her some anesthetic, cleaned her nail bed and gave her about three stitches. He can't have spent more than 30 minutes with us, though I'm sure he spent some additional time out of our presence performing work related to her care. The bill for his services came to $538 (non-negotiable, according to his billing people in Michigan), an amount that does not include the cost of x-rays, supplies, the services of nurses, radiologists, and other hospital personnel, or use of the hospital itself. Medicare values these same services at $160.08 when performed in a hospital by a physician assistant. They say Medicare undervalues this stuff, but $160 for an hour's work or so sounds pretty reasonable to me; charging $538 for these services is pure price gouging.

If Gov. Herbert has fixed the runaway health care cost problem, I missed the memo. Apparently, so did UVRMC.

Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

"On the other hand" Your story is not unique at all. You need to realize your emergency room bill ALSO pays for the illegal immigrants seen by the hospital free of charge. The hospital simply passes the costs on to those of us who do pay.

You should have just told them you were an illegal alien.

Its free to them!

Springville, UT

The GOP has nothing. And the states rights argument is a canard, intended to lead to nothing. I know of a young man from another state, working temporarily in Utah. He is on his parents policy. But because he is "out of network", it was cost prohibitive for him to get adequate treatment for an injury. This is one of many examples of why a state-level solution does not work in this day and age. Maybe it would have worked in 1797, but not now. The health care reform helps, but it actually did not go far enough. I have yet to see anything serious from the GOP. When they talk about their proposals, they cannot be believed.

West Valley, UT

We need health CARE for all... not health INSURANCE for all.

Insurance is the second biggest scam in human history.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

so who pays for "health care"?
your ignorance regarding insurance is astounding. if you want to make an argument make one that is coherent.

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