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Published: Wednesday, March 21 2012 9:00 a.m. MDT

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West Valley, UT

Just another step towards the eventual destruction of the middle class and a return to the Feudal system, where all means of economic growth are owned by the sociopolitical elite.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

It's OK, I've read dozens of posts from GOP supporters that claim Churches should and can provide all the charity, food, and shelter that lazy/needy/old people and children in America depend on.

Salt Lake City, Utah

There are certainly things that need to be done on the spending cut side, but to continue to treat the wealthiest of Americans like victims is only going to make the problem worse. Could someone tell me why the wealthiest of the wealthy who are the only ones to profit in this current economic downturn need a tax cut? They have made huge profits and haven't been creating jobs, why would one think they would start now? Ryan's plan will only make the rich richer and everyone else poor.

Cedar Hills, UT

define economic fairness ....

Is fairness unemployment for all? Is fairness 16 trillion in debt set to be 20 trillion in 4 more years ?

Liberals will not reign in entitlements (ever) and all the government hand out takers are used to living off the government so taking that away means they will have to work now. Not going to happen .... willingly. If you GIVE your kids 1000 a month in allowance for 5 years making them do NOTHING at all to earn it and then suddenly tell them they are going to have to start working for the allowance what do you think the reaction will be ? Very predictable outrage!!

Ryan is a SMART guy but nothing of value will EVER get passed in Congress until Obama and Reid are gone! Liberals live to make people dependent - it is how they keep power so giving people the chance at self reliance sort of shatters that agenda.

America will be like Greece unless a budget like Ryan's is adopted ...soon....and that is reality and then there will be screaming and burning cars in the streets as people protest about government bankruptcy! How fair is that????

Dart Thrower
Ogden, UT

The Air Force is currently developing a next generation fighter called the F-35. It is now years behind in development and over-cost. The total lifetime cost for this fighter is predicted to be One Trillion Dollars. That is a Thousand Billion Dollars. And why do we need this? In the last forty years or so, the US Armed Forces have lost fewer than 50 airplanes in combat, despite almost constant war. Our F-22 is the only fifth generation aircraft on the planet. Our F-15s and F-18s are still so good that Boeing is using them to compete for business in Korea and Japan. They are still leading edge. Yet, the military-industrial complex supported by Congress feel the need to obligate the US Taxpayers to spend a Thousand Billion Dollars for aircraft that will be another full generation of what anyone will have in the same time period. And the GOP wants to give the rich another Four Thousand Billion Dollar tax cut to the wealthy at the same time. Insanity.

Alpine, UT

It used to be that if you didn't work you didn't eat. When people are forced to pay for non-workers who are capable of working and then those same non-workers cry foul at the workers revolution is at hand. When people are assigned to be feeling and to do good they cannot do good but they can only fulfill their duty. 50% don't pay a dime in taxes. That means 50% shouldn't have a say where the tax dollars go. However, in society today the 50% have time to get on social media boards, picket, write up a storm and change policy while the others are busy providing for their family and the free loaders.
Take Ryan's budget or not. The hypocritical religious leaders will be facing a bankrupt country. Why isn't their message to get people to produce more so that there are more resources available for their indigent and handicapped people? There is another saying - To he who has 5 talents shall be given another 5 more and from him who hid his one will be taken even what he has.

West Valley, UT

@Dart Thrower; Thank You!

Military projects that should be scrapped.

F-35 fighter. We don't need it... buy more F-16s and F/A-18s to replace older airframes that are retired. They offer proven capability and can accept all the modern electronics upgrades at a fraction of the cost.

CV-22 tiltrotor. Expensive and useless. The blackhawk helicopter can do everything the CV-22 can and costs much less.

Ford class carrier: Complete waste. The Nimitz class carriers have decades of life left and do NOT need to be replaced on a 1 for 1 basis as they reach the end of their lifespan. We don't need ten aircraft carriers in service, 5 or 6 is more than enough to have several deployed to hotspots around the world and a couple held in reserve. With the presence of land bases for aircraft dotted all across the globe the value of carrier airpower is limited anyways.

Getting rid of those 3 programs would eliminate some $18 billion from the DoD budget.

America does NOT need to be the world's police force. Let our NATO and UN allies pick up some of the slack in keeping the world safe from terrorists and crackpots.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

8plex says: 50% don't pay a dime in taxes.

Please that has been proven False many, many times even thought your radio tells you otherwise.
... and if you mean income tax the wealthy that you worship don't pay it either, they pay capital gains like Romney at a whopping.... what was it almost 14% (of what he keeps in the light.)

8plex says: The hypocritical religious leaders will be facing a bankrupt country.

Religious folk are now Hypocritical for trying to protect the sick the down trodden?
At least those saintly wealthy have the GOP to protect them from the "hypocritical religious leaders"

The tent gets smaller and smaller

Salt Lake City, UT

Hmmm. So far I've not seen any of the typical "Separation Of Church And State" comments that usually follow statements from religious types regarding the functions of government.

Most of those kinds of comments come from people who are usually regarded as "liberal" and/or socialistic. And, from my experience, I'd say that the more liberal the more vociferous is the protest against any expression about what governments ought or ought not to do by religious organizations or people.

But, as yet, I've not heard or read a word of protest! Why are they not mounting the almost knee-jerk condemnations that follow virtually any other announcement this type? What gives??

Could it be that they are agreeing with this particular group of religious organizations or people?



I agree, let's cut the entitlement programs. Including those to big corporations like Boeing, Chevron, Exxon, Big Pharma, the military-industrial complex, etc. These companies also receive numerous monies from the government. How many times have we heard of military contractors being over budget and behind schedule on their projects? Yet they continue to receive handouts. Oils companies also receive huge handouts from the government. In fact, many times their tax burden is zero, thanks to all the tax breaks they receive.

Newport Beach, CA

Christianity doesn't tell us what the answers are in politics. It tells us what questions to ask. The clergy quoted in the article may be perfectly fine clergymen but as political economists, they're perfectly fine clergymen.

I assert that the poor do better under a freer economic system than under an unfree one. I assert that it is immoral to advocate for the perpetuation of programs that, if kept on their present course, will bankrupt the country and make it impossible to pay for *any* aid for the needy. I assert that it is immoral to take one dime more in taxes than is needed to pay for legitimate public needs, which include aiding the needy but do not include "reducing income inequality" once the needy are aided, and that it is immoral to maintain a wasteful system of taxation when the same ends could be achieved with less cost.

How to achieve justice and mercy in the public sphere are matters for people's prudential judgments, and I am glad that the LDS Church, unlike these false priests, understands that.

Palm Bay, Fl

I believe in taking care of the poor and needy, not the lazy and greedy !! Take care of those who need help, not the people who WILL not work.

Orem, UT

What's immoral is confiscating the income of working people to redistribute to people who don't work. Any contributions to the poor should be voluntary on the part of the givers, not forced by the government. And anyone receiving such compensation should do everything they can to be independent and self-sufficient, and not mooch off of others. On the other hand, we should give generously to the poor, of our own free will and choice.

Any budget that works to end the dole, reduce taxes and get the country out of debt is a step in the right direction.

Orem, UT

And while we're at it, convert the income tax to a flat tax with no deductions and no exemptions, OR repeal the income tax entirely (since it's stupid to tax production), and institute the Fair Tax; and repeal income taxes for businesses, since it's just an expense that gets passed on to consumers. Also, no special incentives, programs or pensions for elected government employees, just a flat annual salary.

West Valley, UT

@Seronac: The only problem with eliminating income tax is that a national tax on goods and services would penalize the middle class and place on them the burdens of funding the entire nation.

The rich don't spend money, they save it... so you'd get virtually no tax income from them.
Much of the money the poor has comes from the government anyways, so you aren't gaining anything there.
The middle class average Joes are the ones out there spending 80-100% of their paycheck every week. They buy the electronics, they go out to eat, they see movies, they go on vacations. Three quarters of our economy is consumer spending, done mostly by the middle class. If you put a 20% tax on the stuff they buy you only erode their purchasing power further.

Cedar Hills, UT


Good point although the government entitlements I am talking about relate to personal welfare checks and all the other handouts which are unsustainable....unless you simply decide as a society that you are content to continue with the entitlements all the way to bankruptcy like Greece and the state of California. Not a good plan I think you would agree.

These corporations you speak of are critical to the US economy so having incentives for them is important. It is very important that all these corporations do well and that is where a SMART president comes in. What we need (and don't presently have) is a president who is pro-business, pro-capitalism and understands that in order for all of us to succeed we must have government / business partnerships (not government take over). You are correct however that those business partnerships must be monitored and controlled to avoid abuses and waste.

Tooele, UT


Liberal double standard. They love to shout "Separate church and state" unless the "church" agrees with them, then they become silent. There are YouTube videos showing liberal politicians speaking at churches and meeting with religious leaders. Where's the ACLU?

It's just like free speech. Liberal pundits can bash women all they want, but when a single conservative does it, the call goes out for him to be shut down and arrested.

Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

Remove earned income credit...

Getting it Right
Sunnyvale, CA

In my opinion, the government should start cutting expenses by removing Earned Income Credit. I do not see any benefit from this program.

Provo, UT

What is immoral is the womb to the tomb mentality and sense of entitlement among a growing percentage of the citizenry including these religious leaders.

Almost half of adults in this country pay ZERO income taxes. No wonder we have a huge deficit that is more a result of medicare, medicade and other entitlement programs than any other category.

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