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Published: Monday, March 12 2012 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Thumbs up on this. If Romney dropped his mormonism he might be a viable candidate. He has flipped-and-flopped so many times in the past-- so it is a possibility. What the pastor speaks is true and all should take a good hard look.

Pullman, WA

Oh my word. Get a clue. Sounds like some congregations need to denounce their pastors. Why can't thesemen do a little research before they make such remarks. Please.

Lehi, UT

As a Christian I try not to judge others. I love all people, and know there are good Christians everywhere, especially among Catholics. I know Dozier is a Santorum supporter. And, if Obama does play race cards, he would have a better hand against Santorum. The Catholic Church has called upon Santorum ¦to stop perpetuating ugly racial stereotypes on the campaign trail.Â
And, a simple internet search shows that SantorumÂs Church does struggle with racial issues today, MittÂs Church has few issues.
And, if Obama were to look at the past, the Mormons have a mere mote, compared to a giant beam in SantorumÂs eye. The United Nations has determined that the racism of mainstream Christianity led to the enslavement and genocide of maybe a hundred million people. And, anti-Semitism was much more a mainstream Christian and Muslim thing, than LDS.

Even ObamaÂs mostly white Congregationalist/UCC Church had some more serious racial issues than Mitt's. And, if heÂs Muslim... welll...

Dozier has grossly misrepresented LDS teachings.
My racially mixed family (Black, Native American, etc) feels more at home in the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS than anywhere else.

Roanoke, VA

I truly get embarrassed for people who pontificate on subjects about which they know nothing. If one absolutely must criticize the Church, one should at least come up with something new. With allegations of racism, they are not only kicking a dead horse, but they're spreading the ashes of its decayed bones. Read Church material or visit a ward meeting; that should dispel any myth about racism.

The pastor says we discriminate against black people, Jews and native Americans. He forgot to mention women and, probably, left-handed people like me. Any self-respecting critic would have included those.

Bruce T. Forbes
Kearns, UT

This guy works for Santorum? I guess Santorum just lost my vote. Until now that's who I thought was the better choice, but not if he has folks like this working for him. Glad I read this before the caucus.


I wonder if this might encourage someone at the church to put together and circulate more stories of the Saints in Harlem and other predominantly black congregations around the world. I saw a piece on the "world report" awhile back that was very eye opening.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

I think the Pastor is right.

Springville, UT

The irony is that Mormons have gotten into bed with the religious right, and these are the people who keep bringing religion up as a wedge issue, whether relating to Romney or Obama. The issue of religion was not a factor really in the second half of the 20th Century. It has become a controversy the Republican Party has become more conservative. The continuing affiliation of Mormons with conservative politics is not in their interest and Mormons will never convince these people. Moderation in all things, not conservative in all things.

Layton, UT

So this guy's not only a pastor of a church that clearly would benefit by giving Mormons a smack-down, he's also a republican leader representing Santorum...

Can't imagine why he'd want to make ridiculous inflammatory remarks about Mormons and Mitt.

Bluffdale, UT

There are always outliers.

But Dozier is too late. Alabama and Mississippi are more wise today than their historical reputation of ignorance.

Charlotte, NC

How conveniently he forgets that those good ole southern Christians used to enslave blacks and even murder them. That sounds far more racist to me than anything the LDS have done. This guy is about as uninformed as they come and is an embarrassment to the Santorum campaign. I would think that Santorum would back away from him immediately.

Orem, UT

I think that we only need to look at racism among Southern evangelicals in our history to see how disingenuous these remarks really are. Perhaps the good pastor should look at his own church before he spouts these over-the-top epithets toward the Mormon Church. We certainly did not participate in the gross injustices during the Jim Crow era nor did we don white robes and burn crosses.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

BO has Jeremiah Wright, Santorum has Dozier.

is this not the same story in yesterday's DN?? Why duplicate stories? if not a duplicate, why another version of the same story?

Reality Chequers
Kennesaw, GA

Just because the church now calls the doctrinal racism, "folk tale" doesn't take away from the fact pattern.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Many religious people hate other religions and since theirs is the only true religion they go to war.

the hawk
Sandy, UT

Maybe he's partially operating off the fact that the entire black race was discriminated against within the church for a good hundred years. The LDS church claims to have the mouthpiece of god working for them yet the originator Joe Smith, gave blacks the preisthood. It was only after him that blacks were denied the preisthood (principally by Brigham Young, followed by all prophets until 1978) having not recieved revelation from god that it was necessary. Seems that many mouthpeices of god were quite content to discriminate and follow in the tradition of discrimination without cause. Maybe before so many here in Utah claim that others are being bigots towards them they should pause and think of the bigotry that their church participated in that some of them may have even upheld. Glass house indeed... No pulling the victim card here for the Mormons the victims are speaking out against them. Tell me how I'm wrong.


It is absolutely amazing what some people will do and say to get their names in print. This Pastor evidently did not to his homework before opening his mouth OR does he have an ulterior Samtorum agenda. As a famous jury once said, "trash in, trash out".

Draper, UT

It's all a matter of market share for these mega-churches. You won't find any of these so-called Christian preachers having anything good to say about the Mormons because of LDS proselytizing efforts. Mormons take members from the churches and dollars from the collection plates.

BYU Papa
Cedar Hills, ut

I think that Santorum and Doziar are just trying to do President Obama's job for him. Are they secretly really Democrats. Their ridiculously stupid comments which they know are not true just serve the weaken the Republican Cause a

Manti, UT

This minister is fueled by high emotions based on inaccurate and contrived information. This ranting is a pro-Santorum, anti-Romney soliloquy and nothing else. He wants to sway the populous, especially the ignorant, toward his candidate and away from Romney. There are those who believe everything which comes forth from the mouths of their lying ministers without ever questioning or doing research on anything they say.

Conversely, if Romney were to denounce his religion as this Âpastor requires, he would inadvertently be renouncing his bid for the presidency. I believe many are looking past RomneyÂs Mormonism, seeing instead how very capable he would be as president of these United States.

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