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Published: Sunday, March 11 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA


You wanna talk about ute basketball now??

Salt Lake City, UT

"BYU doesent belong haha it will be embaresing!!!"

two words ducky: spell check


btw, the so-called "play-in" games, are officially, the 1st round of the NCAA tournament.

Virginia Commonwealth 2010-11 NCAA Tournament Record: 5-1

Southwest Region - 1st ROUND AT DAYTON OH

Wed, Mar 16 vs (11) USC W 59-46

Southwest Region - 2nd ROUND AT CHICAGO

Fri, Mar 18 vs (6) Georgetown W 74-56

Southwest Region - 3rd ROUND AT CHICAGO

Sun, Mar 20 vs (3) Purdue W 94-76

Southwest Region - SWEET 16 AT SAN ANTONIO

Fri, Mar 25 vs (10) Florida State W 72-71 OT

Southwest Region - ELITE 8 AT SAN ANTONIO

Sun, Mar 27 vs (1) Kansas W 71-61

Sat, Apr 2 vs (8) Butler L 70-62

Frisco, TX

duckhunter - what's embarrassing is to spell embarrassing "embaressing". You should ask the U for a refund on your tuition.

PAC 12 loves U
Sandy, Utah

@ LonestarRunner & CougieFaninTX

This is a sports thread not a grammar class. Correcting someone's grammar only points out that you have no argument.


VCU had a great run last year, but BYU is not VCU! The odds of BYU making a run like VCU did last year is slim to none. The cougies are more likely to forfeit a game than make a Final Four appearance.

Salt Lake City, UT

PAC12 hates U

Get over your petty jealousy.

BYU 2012 may not be VCU 2011, but BYU 2012 is still light years ahead of Utah 2006, Utah 2007, Utah 2009, Utah 2010, Utah 2011 AND Utah 2012...

and, at the very least, tied with Utah 2008.

BYU is dancing!

Where will U be?

btw, it embarrassing to call something embarrassing if you can't even spell the word; that's just plain embarrassing.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

The most salient point for U, Sandy, is BYU 2012 has an infinitely better chance of winning the National Championship...

than U.

Sammamish, WA

And Congrats to Colorado for winning the Pac-12 in their first year! CO and Cal will bring their rich respective hoops histories to March Madness. I see the PAC-12 as a real up a coming conference down the road ... somewhere. They got really close to maybe landing 3 teams in the Tourney.

Tooele, UT

Let me translate all the BYU hating trolls into one simple sentence.

"We're jealous of BYU."

Now, whenever someone rips on the Cougars, you know exactly what they're saying.

Tooele, UT

PAC 12 loves U

You said - "Correcting someone's grammar only points out that you have no argument."

Care if I make an argument?

BYU = 20+ wins
Number of WCC teams in the tourney, including BYU? 3

Utah = tough season considering how much Larry Krystowiak had to clean up Jim Boylen's mess
Number of PAC 12 teams in the tourney? 2


You said - "I see the PAC-12 as a real up a coming conference down the road ... somewhere. They got really close to maybe landing 3 teams in the Tourney."

Was this comment intended to be serious, because I found it quite hilarious.

Highland, UT


Please read the screen names before you post.

As far as the tourney, love it, they're in. When you're in you have a chance. When you only win 6 games you have no chance because you're not in. When your conference is decent it gets 3 teams in. When your conference is bad you only get 2 teams in. It seems the committee got things correct.

Murray, UT

Dear Duckhunted,
No where near as funny as the Utes!!!

Tempe, AZ

Let me get this straight¦..

U won 25 games in high school gyms and only got awarded the play-in game? Either you still have little to no respect on the national stage or your conference has little to no respect on the national stage. ItÂs probably both! I can assure you that Cal fans are not bragging about playing in the play-in game like you guys are.

I know, I know the PAC-12 only got 2 bids this year, but some perspective helps. This is arguably the worst the PAC-12 conference has ever been, but it still got 2 bids. In, arguably the WCCÂs best season ever, you got 3.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Let me help you understand the respect-o-meter.

BYU, 3rd place team in that conference of high school-size gymnasiums, received MORE respect than the regular season winner of the "conference of chumpions"!

In BYU's first year, the WCC receives the most bids in conference history.

In Utah's first year, the PAC 12 receives the fewest bids in conference history and was perilously close to being a one-bid conference.

There's no question which team improved their conference and which team added absolutely NOTHING to their conference.

Only NCAA teams have won 25+ games in each of the last 6 years, and three of those teams, BYU, Gonzaga, and Saint Mary's, are in the WCC.

Try dealing with reality, instead your fantasy.

The supposed PAC 12 "power conference" is a national laughing stock.

Park City, UT


Sorry, you've misread the tea leaves.

BYU fans aren't bragging about being a 14th seed first round team, BYU fans are bragging about BYU playing in their sixth straight NCAA tournament, despite having a rebuilding year.

NOBODY in the PAC 12 can match that record, although there is a school in the WCC that exceeds that record.

Try to keep up!

Highland, UT


How's this for perspective. utah is not in the tournament. utah is not in any tournament. utah has not been in any tournament for many years. utah will not be going to any tournaments for many more years. utah only won 6 games. utah is terrible. Perspective.

Layton, UT

Devlish Ute:

The Cal Bears are in a play in game. So by your own definition the PAthetiC 12 must not be very well respected.

No one here is bragging. There is a difference between bragging and being exited. But since according to you there isn't then that must mean that U fans are "bragging" about a six win season.

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