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Published: Sunday, March 11 2012 4:00 p.m. MDT

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Overton, NV

Glad the Cougars got in, but once again they get a lower seed than they probably should have. With an RPI in the mid 40s, they really should have gotten a 12 seed at worst. So they got knocked down 2-3 seeds. Typical.

And for Iona, Dayton is rather close to home. Yeah, scream "conspiracy theorist" all you want, but I'm convinced: the selection committee loves setting BYU up to fail.

Prove 'em wrong Cougars. Pound these Gaels.


With the youth on this team, it's great to see them get this oppertunity. Good luck in representing our great state.

highland, utah

Iona its church ball but BYU should get used to it!!

In Stitches
Provo, Utah

Congratulations and good luck!

Bloomington, IN

This seed looks about right. The good: really good odds of getting a post-season win. The bad: does play-in even count as a win?

Omaha, NE

Best matchup BYU could have possibly gotten! Iona is #1 in points scored and assists, but BYU is just a few behind them. What a great matchup!

highland, utah

a 1 and done in a play in game..another embaressing loss

New Haven, CT

BYU has a great, great draw. Iona just lost their last game, and BYU matches up well against Marquette (the only 3 seed I'd want to face).

Spanish Fork, UT

Better than a sharp stick in the eye, I suppose.

highland, utah

well announcers on espn saying saying BYU doesent belong haha it will be embaresing!!!

highland, utah

BYU in the bottom 4 how funny is that??

Cinci Man

Good luck BYU. I'm a fan, but... I wish you all luck and please bring your A game (no threes).

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

First, congrats to the Cougars for a chance top play themselves into the tournament. That makes 3 teams from the WCC to make it. Funny thing is, 4 teams from the MWC made the tourney.

the boonies, mexico

The "Y" getting into this tourney shows what money, power and politics can do for those that are not qualified just like our national republican campign we are presently experiencing can do with help. It's wrong.

Orem, UT

Congrats Cougars on another well-deserved honor!

Sixth straight year that BYU will be dancing.

Iowa City, IA

And all this in a rebuilding year and after Jimmer. Nice! Go Cougars!!

Spanish Fork, UT

Phew. At least they got in and actually have a chance of winning ONE game. After the way the guards have been shooting, this is as good as BYU could have gotten. And even the most loyal true blues have got to be taking a sigh of relief and know that it will be one and done and glad for it.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Way to represent the state of Utah. Go Cougars!

Mesa, AZ

BYU is not representing the State of Utah, they are representing the school. Most of the players are not from the state. Get over it.

Orem, UT

Wow, the trolls are out in full force. Guess y'all need something to do since your teams are DONE. Have a happy off-season and better luck next year!

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