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Published: Tuesday, March 6 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

Very sad, that this is one of Utah's top agenda in the year of 2012.

Clark Griswold
Cedar City, UT

This bill needs a rider so that not one penny of tax money is spent on medical care for the "abstinence only" educated students who get pregnant. Make their parents completely responsible for their medical bills, and they'll be calling for comprehensive sex education in one big hurry.


As an adult who went through sex ed in davis county in the last 10 years, I find this bill totally unacceptable. Now kids will learn even less than I did when I went through the class. Lets just go with abolishing school altogether. The students who graduate are as dumb as if we had anyway. Sheesh.


Utah had a relatively low teen pregnancy rate before this bill. I don't know why anything needed to change. Parents could've opted out of comprehensive sex education right?



A report released Thursday by the Utah Department of Health shows the number of chlamydia cases rose 50 percent in the past five years to a total of 23,166 Â making it the state's most frequently reported communicable disease. The number of gonorrhea cases doubled during the same five-year period, totaling 3,451.
( Deseret News 2009)

Uh, well maybe the "abstinence only" route will decrease the STD rate?

Ya think?

Oahu, HI

I do not think that withholding information is going to help in the matter. Ignorance is Not Bliss. Ignorance is walking around PG when a little information about protection would have help. If good information is not given by trusted people then Urban or Rural Myth will rule.

I think people who come up with ideas like this are silly, other terms come to mind. This kind of lack of education can lead to more Abortion not less. They will most likely not do it any less also good Sex Education can prevent life threatening medical problems.

You are not only all shook up if you Daughter comes home PG (please do not throw her out of the house to set an example for her younger sisters)Punishing a scared girl like that does not help the situation. If you need clues then watch Juno and observe her Dad and Stepmother.

They get the needed information anyway sometimes the wrong information and sometimes after the fact.

It is up to the family to teach Standards and Sex Ed but some of you won't and in part because you don't yourself know.

Oahu, HI

Truth seeker: What does that tell you. I can't tell you what it tells you because this is a soft board and there is no way I can say it without getting my post toasted.

However read what truth seeker said and then use you head and then if the State wants to repress Sex Ed then you teach it your self.

You have a right as a parent to know what your Minor Child is doing. Talk to you kid, listen to your kid and she won't come home singing "Pappa Don't Preach".

Anon 64
Oahu, HI

Boys that have good Sex Education go on more Missions then Boys that do Not. Girlfriend of Boys On Mission who have had Sex Ed do not have to Talk to the Bishop 3 months into the Boys Mission and the Bishop does not have to call Mission HQ and get his Elder back.

Ignorance is Not Bliss, Where the Truth is not told Urban and Rural Myth Rule.

Arlington, TX

I do not like sex ed done in a school class room, but it has to be done and at home is best. As a former Bishop I know not enough families are doing it. It has to be done. Your children are going to get the information from some one, it needs to be from YOU. Protect your children and give them the information NOW

I was asked when you start teaching them sex ed at home. and my reply is the moment you pick them up the first time. It is more than words, it is respect, it is modesty and it is INFORMATION about how their bodies work. Get with it. Your kids deserve it.

If your daughter gets pregnant or your son fathers a child, ask your self why you didn't talk to them more, why you didn't give them more information both about their bodies and about your standards. It is not an option it is a Requirement of being a parent. If you can't do it then why did you have kids in the first place. Itis part of taking care of them, like feeding them, and praying with them. DO IT NOW.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re: Knightwolf 9:20 p.m. March 6, 2012
"Now kids will learn even less than I did when I went through the class."

Yes, some parents fail to step up to the plate and teach their children basic concepts regarding morality and chastity. Others criticize the Boy Scouts of America for advocating the concept of morality. Why would any conscientious parent want to abandon their responsibility at the school gate to some teacher that may be confused about their own responsibility?

Cache, UT

This bill is an embarrassment.


Although I can see some elements of why the congress would pass this type of legislation, it is clearly not a good choice to simply avoid the complete issue of sex education altogether.

It seems reasonable that the two options should be to teach sex education (including BOTH abstinence and planned parenthood....many states in the union are on the opposite side of the spectrum teaching planned parenthood only) OR decide as a state that the issue should be taught only at home and schools shouldn't touch it. This balancing act of cherrypicking topics to teach in school only paints an incomplete and unrealistic picture of the issues to the children and doesn't address reality. It is not a sin to discuss the entire topic of sex education and it has been proven several times that these school discussions don't encourage sexual promiscuity, but only inform the students about options - actually improving the chances of helping prevent STDs and other unwanted outcomes by the student.

Obviously a delicate topic, but this bill just doesn't seem to reach the goals that it is intended to reach.

Kaufman, TX

Abstinence only works well here in Texas. My state is in the top five states, consistently,in the nation for teenage pregnancy. My wife teaches kindergarten and several of her student's mothers are not yet 21. Only seven of 22 students in her class are from a two parent home.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Only in Utah.... sad day.

Eureka, UT

So the Senate sponsor wouldn't even yield to questions about this bill. I wonder if parents will yield to questions if their child asks about something other then abstinence only and sex.

ute alumni
Tengoku, UT

hawaii needs to worry about what they teach there and not what is taught in Utah. Education should be a local thing, but hey, thanks for injecting yourself in Utah matters.

salt lake city, ut

I agree parents don't always feel comfortable talking with their kids about sex However, the best kind of education about this is from the home. Let's wait a year and hopefully we'll have some medical records (hopefully about SIDS as well as abortions) comparing our state with others and see how we come out. Unless pregnancies and abortions are on the same page, there isn't a good comparison with those. I would hope our state would have less abortions than others regardless of sex education in schools or in the home.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah ranks dead last (50th) in out of wedlock births as a percentage of all births.

If mom and dad slept around before getting married, or if mom has never bothered to get married all the class room sex ed in the world isn't going to make any measurable difference in the world. You smoke and the chances are your children will smoke. You sleep around and the chances are your children will follow your example.

With very few exception in my neighborhood teenagers with parents who taught them chastity have followed the example their parents set for them.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

If you are going to hold teenagers responsible for their actions then you have to insure that they are educated. It makes no sense to me that the same people against abortion are often the same people against sex education.

salt lake city, ut

To Griswold: Why should gov. pay for those that do receive sex education in the schools and still have to deal with STD's, pregnancies and abortions? I've never seen a study done on those states that have sex education in their schools and those who don't in regards to STD's and abortions.

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