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Published: Friday, March 2 2012 11:00 p.m. MST

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Something to think about
Ogden, UT

Not sure what the point of this article is?

Did anyone expect otherwise?

Romney will carry Utah because of what he is, LDS, rather than who he is (?) (fill in the blank).

RE Fitness Freak - 'Working out' your mind is equally important to working out your body.

RE JBQ - Enjoyed the level headed comments. Thank you.

Centerville, UT

It feels like I'm watching a movie where the whole nation is riding on a train headed for a cliff and everybody inside is arguing about the issues important to THEMSELVES. Some won't vote for Romney, despite his clear qualification, because he's too Mormon or not Mormon enough. He's too liberal or too conservative. He's too rich and out of touch. He's not charismatic enough. Meanwhile, our current locomotive engineer and his crew keep throwing more fuel into the engine and have no intention to change course.



Nearly all Bush's decisions were discretionary. He inherited a decent economy from his predecessor, except for a small, short-lived, recession. The projections were budget surpluses going forward. Instead of using the surplus to strengthen SS or Medicare, he put in place 2 tax cuts. Tax cuts which had an expiration period. Why? Because it was well-known they would dramatically increase the deficit if kept in place.

Iraq. Iraq was not an imminent treat. They did not attack us. They allowed UN Weapons Inspectors back in when pressure was applied. They didn't have WMDs. They were a counterweight to Iran.

On the other hand:

Much of Obama's spending has been targeted to help rescue the economy.

The Stimulus was enacted to slow the rate of job loss. To put a "floor" under the recession. And, despite Republican rhetoric it was successful in this function.

Obama has reduced taxes, something Republicans typically support, again to help the economy.

The deficit has grown not just due to increases in spending but also due to decreases in revenue.

Holladay, UT

Romney "is the most sane and the most reasonable."

Interesting comment from the article. However, I disagree.

Romney's support of the NDAA is hardly reasonable.
Romney's support of TARP bailouts that cost American taxpayers billions and violated the "Law of the Harvest" is hardly reasonable.
Romney's insistence with a pre-emptive attack on Iran is hardly sane; you think we would be more careful about WMD assumptions after Iraq. We must be sure they have these weapons before any action is taken.
Romney's lack of plan for government cuts (vs. his spending cuts) is no solution to our ballooning debt.

I could go on.

I hope people take a serious look at Ron Paul instead of dismissively waving him off as "crazy" or "unelectable". Like Joseph Smith said, I will vote on principle, even if I stand alone in it.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

"The Stimulus was enacted to slow the rate of job loss. To put a "floor" under the recession. And, despite Republican rhetoric it was successful in this function."

Here's where you are sadly mistaken. Even the CBO director himself admitted the stimulus wouldn't help the economy (it would be a drag on GDP, he said). In 2010 the economists said that the stimulus did not help. So, it may have been enacted to attempt such a feat, but you wrongfully conclude that it accomplished that feat. Evidence shows otherwise. Besides, it didn't work for FDR, why would it work for Obama?

"Instead of using the surplus to strengthen SS or Medicare, he put in place 2 tax cuts. Tax cuts which had an expiration period. Why? Because it was well-known they would dramatically increase the deficit if kept in place."

The way the govt finances work is that the government gets revenue from income taxes from individuals, business taxes, and sales taxes from the economy. Increasing taxes will increase revenue from income and business taxes, but hurts the economy in the long run because people have less to spend. On the other hand, decreasing taxes will give more people to spend, and the government benefits from a stronger economy.

Anyway, it seems that you are saying that Bush was bad partly because of lower taxes, then go on to mention that Obama is helping because of lower taxes. Perfect example of what I'm trying to illustrate: it's not the actions, it's the party affiliation.

Besides, why would Bush strengthen SS or Medicare? That money would have been wasted.

As for the wars, see the video "US Armed Forces - We Must Fight - Ronald Reagan" on youtube. Talking to the soldiers in Iraq will give you a COMPLETELY different view on the situation in Iraq than the media and Democrats are letting on. It almost seems as if it was a good thing when you talk to those who were there. It's also funny that he promised to end the war, then in 2008 he actually visits Iraq, and as a result he follows Bush's plan for withdrawal from Iraq (and he takes credit, too). Hmmm.... Actions speak louder than words.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah:

"As we watch Romney make gaff after gaff, ...... The pathetic misspeaking and confusion Mitt is so famous for, will be multiplied, replayed over and over, and brightly displayed for all the world to giggle at."

Hey dude, I'm reasonably sure Romney knows there aren't 57 States. giggle, giggle.

O-town, UT

The problem with today's GOP is that you have to go ultra-conservative to get the nomination and then try to go back to the middle in the general. A good example is that Romney said he wasn't for the Blunt amendment, and then had to claim he didn't understand it after. Moral exception? I guess an employer could say they have moral exceptions for MRI's because demons can enter the soul during the process--lol. Romney was right to say what he did, but for fear of losing the nomination had to flop again. He will weaken himself severely for the general election.

As for those saying Obama has added debt. It's true he's added debt, but at least he is honest and put the wars on budget unlike the Bushee. For the recession he's inherited, he's actually done pretty good. Most economists will tell you to not cut government spending in times of recession. The GOP would rather lay off teachers, firefighters, cops, Federal workers, than let the Bush tax cuts expire and go back to the normal rates--shows where their interest lies--with the fat cats and their pocket books!

one old man
Ogden, UT

As it now stands in Congress and elsewhere, ANY Republican winning the White House will be a total disaster.

Obama again in 2012!

Kaysville, UT

This is one of the funniest articles I've ever read. So it's a huge surprise in Utah, where anytime Romney wants more money he comes to Utah and collects.
This is a state where lies and rumors about Obama are automatically accepted as absolute truths.
I don't need a poll of any sort concerning who will win Utah in November and I'm not even a genius. I can tell you what party will have the majority in the State Legislature and Senate. I can tell you what party the Governor will be from.
In Utah it doesn't matter who you are or what you have been if you have an R behind your name you more than likely will win. If you are a Democrat and run as a Republican you stand a much better chance of winning.
I predict a landslide for Romney in Utah, however Obama will be elected for another 4 years.
Orrin Hatch will be defeated in convention but the Republican nominee to replace him will be elected no matter who it is.
We don't care about political facts, we care about the R. Nothing else. Just the R.



CBO Doug Elmendorf, 2009 stated:
"CBO estimates that this Senate legislation would RAISE output and LOWER unemployment for several years, with effects broadly similar to those of H.R. 1 as introduced. In the longer run, the legislation would result in a slight decrease in gross domestic product (GDP) compared with CBO's baseline economic forecast. [CBO, 2/4/09]

CBO: Economic Stimulus Raised GDP. The CBO report (2011) estimated that the recovery act "raised real (inflation-adjusted) gross domestic product (GDP) by between 0.8 percent and 2.5 percent."

A poll of economists from the leading universities, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Chicago, Berkeley found 4 out of 5 agreed that the unemployment rate was lower with the stimulus than without and that the benefits of the stimulus outweighed the costs.

The end of the Iraq War was negotiated by the Bush, called the "status of forces" agreement. In the fall of 2007 Military experts and others were calling for commencing troop withdrawals as was Obama.

Tax cuts aren't as stimulative as other measures. But Obama had few other options due to Republican opposition. The Stimulus consisted of 1/3 tax cuts to attract Republican support.

Nearly all economists agree, tax cuts do not "pay for themselves" ie do not stimulate growth enough to offset the decrease in longterm revenue caused by the tax cuts.

Burley, ID

Anyone considering voting for Romney needs to google MittVsMitt and see how many, many times this guy has flip flopped on issues.

If Republicans nominate Romney, Obama is going to eviscerate him with his "own words" during the Presidential campaign.

We need real change in Washington and that sure isn't Romney.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

"...Anyone considering voting for Romney needs to google MittVsMitt and see how many, many times this guy has flip flopped on issues...".

He just didn't understand the question, each and every time he flip flopped.

Clearfield, UT

Stop bashing Romney for healthcare in MA. His healthcare plan has been successful, two thirds in M.A. have a favorable opinion of it. I would prefer a candidate who is willing to change his mind as opposed to a rigid ideologue who won't budge an inch. That is the problem with the far right. Political ideology trumps all. When someone is willing to reconsider their position it tells me they can think for themselves. America has become way to partisan and polarized. Right now we have nothing but partisan gridlock in D.C. Our political dialogue has become toxic.

Well Read

I would expect that to be true in Utah. I do not believe it will be true in the nation. Romney has been hurt bad by the primary season. His opponents have exposed many weaknesses which would not have been ex[posed if the election process had been more gentlemanly instead of being vicious as it has been. Also Romney has exposed a viciousness that is unbecoming a member of the LDS Church. That will also hurt him in the general election. It is and has been my opinion all season long that the Republican party because of their wide swing to the right has and will continue to turn off the mainstream moderate voter. Romney will lose big in November. As I have said before - I liked Romney when he rescued the Olympics. I do not like the viciousness I have witnessed in the primary season.

Saint George, UT

If one was to study The Mormon Prophets and their stand on foreign policy, they would see that Ron Paul is spot on. visit the Church website and read the conference talks dealing with foreign intervention of other sovereign nations.

What is it about the "constitution hanging by a thread" that LDS members don't get? Romney has a record of big government and big spending. He grabbed millions of dollars in federal money to pull off the 2002 Olympics. Yes he will continue to spend this country into oblivion. I wish people in Utah would wake up and stop being blinded by rainbows. Romney is not a conservative.

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