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Published: Thursday, March 1 2012 10:00 a.m. MST

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Powell, OH

$1.5 million??? Didn't even LDS church folks say it was getting over $3 Billion?

Lehi, UT

While I appreciate some of the new stores coming in, I'm completely underwhelmed by the stores that they have announced on the whole. What a disappointment.

A voice of Reason
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm very excited about the Mall. While Dining, Disney, and Deseret Book are the only 3 things this mall really offers for someone like me, I'm still very excited to see such a great development and investment into our city.


That line of text may have meant a specific portion. However, the Harmons store alone cost far more than $1.5M so obviously this can't mean the entire project.


It's funny how, according to LDS, this project is going to cost around 3 billion and take a couple years. LDS also reported giving 1.5 billion to humanitarian aid since 1985 ... which took 27 years.

3 bill = 3 years for business. 1.5 billion = 27 years for helping the poor.


What's so sinister is putting more money and effort into business than doing Christ's work ... how can you not see that?

Las Vegas, NV

So, will the restaurants be serving alcohol? Will the mall be open on Sundays?

South Salt Lake, UT

What? Still no Neiman Marcus? Nearest is in Denver.

South Jordan, UT

Stores are not open on Sunday and Liquor is not served, Therefore, Gateway still has a chance!

wyoming cougar
Green River, WY

re: L Valfre;

seriously, you're going to compare the church's business interests to humanitarian aid and complain that they're not doing enough to promote Christ's work? how ludicrous.

By the way, there's much more being spent on "Christ's work" than just humanitarian aid efforts- there's also fast offering dollars being spent in each local congregation's area to help the local poor and needy, $ for the missionary efforts of the church, $ for all of the temples built in that time frame, $ for translation and publication of several church books, magazines, and movies, etc.

I guess some will complain about anything, but I'm pretty sure 1.5 million on humanitarian aid has done much good in this world to help those that truly need it, but someone puts some money into a business venture and all the critics come out.

Keep grasping for straws, bud.


"Keep grasping for straws, bud."

I'm going to put this very simply. A church is a non-profit organization. It doesn't get into for-profit ventures. Doing so through separate 'business arms' is still business ... a place where religion is supposed to have no part. It's a conflict of interest.

Also, fast offerings and all that jazz is great. What about the tithes? How do enormous and expensive temples, PR, and marketing campaigns equate to justified spending of millions of tithes? Why the need to keep finances secret from everyone?

Are you telling me in this day and age, with our levels of critical thinking now, that you won't even question this?

American Fork, UT

I was hopin' for an ABC store, like the fashion show or miracle mile in vegas. That way the average guy could grab a beer and maybe some macadamias while waiting for her to shop.

John Q. Patriot

I don't understand the outside mall concept/fad. Here, they're too hot in the summer, to cold in the winter, retractable roof or not. I'll take an indoor, comfortable, climate-controlled mall anytime. Still, for those that don't mind being chilly or sweaty, I hope they enjoy the experience and restore vitality to downtown Salt Lake City, and extend a feeling of safety after dark beyond Temple Square.

Above commentators: this project was paid for by proceeds from businesses owned by the Church - not by "the Church". These are for-profit businesses investing in a for-profit venture. On the other hand, Church services and gifts (of which humanitarian aid is a percentage) are provided entirely through the donations of members and friends of the Church.

South Jordan, UT

Thought there would be more (better) restaurants... Pretty excited for the stores.

Brigham City, UT

The economy is coming back; perfect time to open. All organizations in the world need money and don't need to apologize for that; Deseret Management Corp. makes money and loses money just like all institutions. If I were to say how much $$ they lost in 2008 from their insurance arm (which they since closed) this probably wouldn't be an accepted comment. Times change and companies need to change with the times or go under. Some day there may be 25 million LDS and Salt Lake City will grow more and more to accomodate people flocking to the "Mecca" of the west.

Salt Lake City, UT

Will the stores be wheelchair friendly? Meaning will a person be able to move about freely in the store. Will they be able to get into the stores without having to wait for someone to open a door for them if they are by themself?

Gateway is NOT wheelchair friendly.

Heber City, UT

The new mall sounds great -- and very spacious. I'm proud to have such costly apparel so readily available.

O-town, UT

I was hoping they would bring back the Tiffin Room (restaurant with the piano). I liked the atmosphere.. The music nice and you could make some requests and tip the player. Oh well, I guess a chain store eatery replaced that, too bad.

Hamilton, IL

It's always amazing that there are always those who will find something to complain about. Whether you shop there or not, it is a beautiful addition to downtown. There were jobs for those building, jobs for those who will work there, jobs to help the economy.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

LValfre, how much money have you donated to humanitarian causes? How about your church? What kind of car do you drive, and how come you haven't sold it in favor of a cheaper one and given the difference to charity? Apparently you pay for internet access because you're posting comments on this website...why haven't you cancelled it and given that money to the poor?

My point here is not to put you on the spot, but to point out that none of us is getting rid of every material thing in order to provide more charitable aid. You are not in a very defensible position unless you're doing everything you're criticizing the LDS Church for not doing. And the evidence suggests you're not.

Altamont, UT

LValfre...and just out of curiosity, how much have YOU donated to humanitarian aid lately? What portion of your income? Yes, it is a church, and should be expected to give, but like was stated...you have to MAKE money to be able to give it!

I think they are just being provident.

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