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Published: Monday, Feb. 27 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Outlawing the appearance of evil, I'm sure glad our religious leaders are also out civic leaders.

washington, pa

Asolutely INSANE! UTAH went thru this type of lunatic assylum mentality about 80 years ago until it became the laughing stock of the country and they repealed the indoor smoking ban in a nite in 1925!

In fact it was this very paper that blew the lid off the smoking ban in 1925! Deseret its time to end the insanity going on with tobacco smokers and end it NOW!


"Local doctors testified that the public needs protection from secondhand huka and e-cigarette smoke containing nicotine."

Would the same doctors testify that the public needs protection from tail gate parties, because grilling meat uses kilograms of unregulated coals that are typically not wood, but somehow 1gram per Hookah represents a health crisis?

And people need protection from second hand nicotine? Why is it a non-smoker in a smoke filled bar would only absorb as much nicotine in 4 hours as they would normally absorb in 4.9oz of mashed potatoes. More direct exposure, an intimate lunch with a chain smoker, would only expose a person to as much nicotine as 1/3 of an ounce of eggplant. And this is cigarettes that spew side stream smoke, e-cigarettes do not. Besides, the Nicorette Spray suggests priming their bottles by spraying it away from you before you spray it in your throat.

Why are these doctors asserting we need protection from nicotine exposure when nature gives it to us? Nicotine is not covered under the clean air act for a good reason.

-"Relevance Of Nicotine Content Of Common Vegetables To The Identification Of Passive Tobacco Smokers," Domino Et Al, Med. Sci. Res, 1993; 21, 571-2; Similarly, New England Jnl Med, Aug, 1993

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