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Published: Monday, Feb. 27 2012 11:00 a.m. MST

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Medical Lake, Washington

I think the point is: Is that after all has been said and done, a lot more has been said than done. There are a handful who actually jump in and do what they can - rarely get any recognition for their efforts (not that they sought it in the first place) and by and by, they make a difference.

The rest of us sit around and complain about the weather and how the weatherman said a 70% chance of rain when it should have been a 65% chance of rain -- what difference does it make in the end? Very little comes from just complaining. Perhaps errors are pointed out, but that does little to comfort the weary, or feed the hungry. In fact, more so than anything, it is the kind words and simple praises that re-energize the well intended and encourage them once more to their anonymous good works.

san angelo, tx

this is wonderful....I never knew this...thank you for letting us know about Anne Frank...I saw the movie when I was a child and it affected me so much...I think I read the book..Im so sad that it has come down to the jews worrying over work for the dead...becuz at the same time I wish they knew that the people who have passed on can accept what is done here or not accept it as we all have freedom to chose here on the earth as welll as in the spirit world. I know my parents are catholic and dont like the idea as well. I am praying though that some will come around...we only want to help and not offend as seen here with the senators in utah trying to help refugees and the children during those times as the united states held off in helping until it was way too late....God bless and thank you...for this article...

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