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Published: Saturday, Feb. 25 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Let's use this to jump start next year. Decent defense, just need some scorers.


Such a fun game. Back and forth at the end. Stanford is a very good shooting team and made some clutch shots, but Hines, Wash and DJ responded very well. Pretty electric atmosphere, and some terrible second half officiating (zero fouls called through the first 15 minutes of the second half, are you kidding?) to keep them loud the whole time. Not positive, but pretty sure I saw old Cougar Luke Staley there. Interesting.

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm happy the Utes got another win. What a great way for them to finish up their home schedule. Hopefully it will give them something to build upon for next year.

This was a good win for a struggling team that is playing for nothing but pride.

Looking forward to next year.


Wow the blind squirrel and lame found a nut. And the great and mighty Pac 12 proves to be even more impressive then it was just a few hours ago.

Of course not to worry - Utah is a Football School.


Oh, and for the attendance trolls, I brought my abacus this time. Counted 8,933 in attendance.


BYU Joe, I don't know what you were looking for in this game (other than hoping Utah would lose, obviously). The conference only has two good teams, and Stanford is definitely not one of them. Still a good accomplishment for this team considering the disastrous season leading up to tonight.

Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

If a tree falls in the huntsman center but no one is there to hear it....

Franklin, IN

Hey Joe...
Nice win over them pesky Pilots! Oh yeah and the world famous SF Don's...and them Giant killers Pepperdone Waves...what a conference!!!

Clearfield, UT

Six wins is five more than BYU had a few years back. And yes the Y recovered enough to make the sweet 16. I am sure there will be plenty of posts on here from negative people who will try and find some way and put the Utes down. Way to go Utah.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

There goes any chance of Stanford's tree being seen at the NCAA Tournament.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

This team has tons of heart but no talent. Sometimes heart is enough to make up for the lack of talent. Last night was one of those nights....congrats, boys.

CO Ute

@byujoe - please remind me how many NCAA championships have come from the WCC? Also suggest you look at RPI, Sagarin, or any of the other credibile ranking services and will notice the PAC 12 is ahead of the WCC in every one. This is the worst year in a long time for PAC 12 BB and it is still a stronger conference than league affiliated with your school.

Frisco, TX

Congrats Utes. First win against a team with a winning record. Honestly, I didn't think U had it in U. But again, Congrats! Hopefully U will start the rebuilding process next year.

"The conference only has two good teams."

Who is the second team? PAC12 is a one bid conference, unless someone other than Cal wins the tourney. Cal is a lock, regardless of PAC12 tourney outcome. Anyone else has to win the PAC12 tourney to get an invite. I'm not trying to be critical, just factual.


Glad we were finally able to close it out at home.
@BYU Joe
And don't you worry. We all know BYU is a men's volleyball school


Congratulations, Utah! I do wish you well next year. I saw Loveridge play in the Great Western Shootout, and you're getting a great player. Good luck. I am impressed with Coach K, and do hope you come back to your winning ways.


CougFaninTX, the second team is Washington. They're actually a more talented team than Cal, but inconsistency at the beginning of the season really hurt their image. I think they've put it together now, aside from a slight setback a few weeks ago at Oregon, and have what it takes to win a game or two in the NCAA tournament, it's just a matter of whether or not they can find a way to get in. ESPN's Eamonn Brennan said of last night's win at WSU:

"The win keeps Washington on the right side of the bubble for now, but UW's marginal profile might not be able to survive a loss at either USC or UCLA going away."

Tonight's Cal at Colorado game could be a big factor in UW's bubble status, since the Buffs are tough to beat in Boulder, and a Cal loss would put the Huskies in the conference lead.

Thank you for the congratulations, though, much appreciated.

Where's Stockton ???
Bowling Green, OH

Despite being an alum of BYU and an avid Cougar fan I'm happy to see the Utes having served up this surprise win in the final week of thier Regular season. Even I don't enjoy seeing the Utes going through several season;s like they have been.

Iowa City, IA

"Who is the second team? PAC12 is a one bid conference, unless someone other than Cal wins the tourney. Cal is a lock, regardless of PAC12 tourney outcome. Anyone else has to win the PAC12 tourney to get an invite. I'm not trying to be critical, just factual."

That would be Arizona.

1) Cal is 23-6
Their three non-con losses were to ranked teams: Mizzou and UNLV (both blow-outs) and SDSU in a one-point road defeat. Their marquee wins were against Weber St., Denver and to a much lesser degree Georgia.
Conventional wisdom says they are probably in even without the tourney championship, barring losing their last two games vs Colorado and Stanford.

2) Arizona 21-9
They made it to 20+ wins despite a very good schedule. Losses to Gonzaga, at Florida in OT, and Mississippt St. Their two losses to Washigton hurt them most, IMO. Still finishing up with a win against the Sun Devils likely gets them into the tourney as a 11-12 seed. The last time they were a 12 seed, they went to the sweet-16, en route to beating my beloved Utes.

3) Washinton 20-8
Started slow but have improved as the course of the season has progressed. Two of their non-con losses came to great teams: Duke and Marquette, one came on the road in overtime vs Nevada. Their fourth was the "bad loss" (see also BYu vs USU) to South Dakota St which is 24-7. Quality wins lack, and they got blown out at Oregon. Finishing up with with wins at USC and UCLA would help, but conventional wisdom says they need to win the conf tourney or its the NIT.

Thing is, is it very likely Cal and Arizona will be in and it wouldn't surprise me if another team like the Huskies or Buffaloes win the tourney. The Pac-12 will be a multi-bid conference.

NW Coug
Provo, UT

Well done, Utah. Stepping up against a superior team down the home stretch for the season is a good thing for your program. I would be happy with that win if BYU was in that position so why shouldn't you be? Nice win in a tough season.



This makes at least the second time you have predicted that the Pac-12 will only put one team into the NCAA Tournament. You might be right, but it's unlikely. You are letting your heart overrule reason.

In the last 10 tourneys, the Pac-10 put 2 teams in the tourney once, 3 teams once, 4 teams three times, 5 teams once, and 6 teams 4 times.

It's true that the Pac-12 is uncharacteristically weak this year in basketball, but that doesn't mean that it is a one-bid conference.

I don't pretend to know how many teams from the Pac-12 will get an invite this year, but it is extremely unlikely that it will only be one.

Wait - you'll see.

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